Your 2019 Content Strategy: 5 Trends You Can’t Ignore

 Your 2019 Content Strategy: 5 Trends You Can't Ignore

As a digital marketing expert at Altimeter, I’’ ve been tracking the ever-changing world of material marketing because 2013, however this is the very first year where the modifications have actually been genuinely significant.

When I fielded the study for my newest research study report ““ The 2018 State of Digital Content,”” I anticipated to discover little technological advances in the method we develop, provide, and step material marketing , however very little else. Rather, I discovered an essential shift in the whole practice of material marketing.

Companies are now utilizing material to do more than develop awareness or brand name health. They’’ re utilizing it to straight drive profits, end up being more cost-effective and customize the consumer experience . Which is to state, they’’ re utilizing material marketing to do much more than marketing.

Here are 5 crucial findings from the study that highlight this shift. We released the study in August 2018, with 400 participants throughout North America, Europe (France, UK and Germany) and China, from business with a minimum of 1000 staff members.

.Material Trend # 1: Most Companies Can Prove business Impact of Content.

Despite the appeal of material marketing as a practice, business have actually typically had a difficult time showing its favorable monetary effect, relying rather on softer metrics such as brand name awareness and brand name health. In our study, 81% of business concurred or rather concurred they were able to straight connect income produced by material.

 material marketing maturity research study

Furthermore, when we asked business about their leading difficulties, just 9% stated they had trouble showing the effect of material.

 material market research: leading obstacles

These findings raise the bar on expectations of all material marketing groups, due to the fact that they now need to show conclusive influence on profits, and can’’ t pay for to continue concentrating on brand name awareness and health. The bright side is we’’ re creating much better methods to determine the effect of material, and much better tools to do it with.

.Material Trend # 2: Interactions Are Better Performance Metrics than Reach.

When we very first carried out the study in 2016 , reach (37%) and engagement (36%) were the most popular methods to determine the efficiency of material. In 2018, while engagement (specified as remarks, shares, or clicks) is still preferred as the leading metric (30%), reach (12%) is far less popular. Rather, business are utilizing more financially-focused metrics such as performance (23%) and conversions (23%) to determine the success of their material techniques.

Engagement is the # 1 most popular method to determine the efficiency of material. Click To Tweet

 material market research: efficiency metrics

This is another indication of the greater expectations of material, and the methods business are releasing it to conserve loan, create leads or drive individuals closer to acquire, instead of just utilizing it as a method to disperse brand name messages at scale.

.Material Trend # 3: Product-Focused Content Outperforms Thought Leadership.

In news that will be troubling to a great deal of marketing and interactions specialists, our study discovered that product-focused material (29%) surpassed all other kinds of material, consisting of believed management or subject knowledge (25%), brand-focused material (18%), or company-focused material (17%) developed to promote openness and commitment.

 finest content types: material market research

.Due to the fact that it would show that consumers choose the one type of material that is least most likely to be produced by a PR or material marketing group, #ppppp> This is significant. The outcomes did alter when we divided the findings by market. Idea management carried out much better for service markets such as financing, innovation and health care, whereas makers and sellers discovered product-focused material to be the very best. This indicates that business with physical items must focus on content about their items, while business that offer services can win by supplying valuable material that develops them as a market authority.

These outcomes must require every material marketing group to assess its technique and ask itself if it’’ s really serving the consumer ’ s requires with material, or if’it ’ s serving the needs/or predisposition of a single department.

.Material Trend # 4: Short-Form Video Is the very best Performing Content Format.

It’’ s not a surprise that video is an extremely appealing format for material, however our report revealed that it was the very best carrying out material (in regards to engagement) throughout every location and every market. In specific, short-form video, which is less than 2 minutes, was the leading entertainer, followed carefully by fixed images. It stresses the point that purchasing visuals is a strong bet for material in 2019, offered how common it has actually ended up being on social networks channels and mobile.

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.5. Information and Technical Expertise Are Preferred Over Creative Skills.

Despite the high-scoring engagement of video and visuals, we were amazed to discover that innovative abilities, such as video modifying (16%) and graphic style (22%), were at the bottom of the list of preferred skills. Rather, information analysis (41%), task management (39%) and marketing automation competence (37%) were the most popular abilities for brand-new hires in 2019. Could this indicate the wholesale replacement of Mad Men with ““ Math Men ”?


Data analysis is the # 1 most preferred ability for brand-new material group employs. Click To Tweet

 material marketing abilities

Part of the description might be the oversupply of imaginative, relative to the specialized functions of information expert and marketing software application operator, which drives need for the latter. Furthermore, big business are most likely to have firm partners to which they can contract out imaginative work while concentrating on the technical procedures internal. Regardless, it reveals the shift of material marketing from being a practice that resembled marketing and PR (extremely imaginative, no direct earnings attribution), to a practice that’’ s commercially focused, and significantly advanced with its usage of information for customization.

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