Using Video to Turn Website Traffic into Leads

I’’ m a huge follower in utilizing video as part of your digital marketing program. Over the previous 3 years, we’’ ve done over 150 videos at PGi and I’’ ve discussed our video technique at numerous conferences. Not to beat my own drum, however I’’ m normally talking to a jam-packed space —– and it’’ s not due to the fact that I ’ m a fantastic speaker. Due to the fact that the subject is now incredibly appropriate to online marketers who are attempting to discover brand-new methods to drive their service in competitive markets, it ’ s.

In this chaotic media landscape, video offers online marketers a chance to break through and engage consumers. Research study from DigitalSherpa reveals that 80% of website visitors will enjoy a video, while just 20% will check out material. If your site doesn’’ t have any videos, you might be missing out on a huge chance to inform your story.

Customer Behavior Today

To comprehend the significance of video in the sales procedure, we need to consider how consumers act today.

Sales Call In the past, a sales associate would merely get the phone and sales call to present a brand-new service or product to a possibility. Today, nobody wishes to get sales calls. If we wear’’ t acknowledge the number, we simply wear’’ t response. Clients today put on’’ t wish to speak with a sales associate unless they are all set.

According to research study from Sirius Decisions, they are taking a lot longer to be all set. Potential customers are currently about 70% of the method through the purchasing procedure prior to they even consider speaking with a sales rep. As an online marketer, you need to ask yourself, ““ what are they doing that 70% of the time?””

A Google/Compete research study reveals they ’ re doing 2 crucial things:

First, they ’ re utilizing online search engine to do research study(wear ’ t you like how Google researches to inform you that individuals are utilizing Google?). Second, they ’ re going to business or brand name sites to get more info.

That suggests your site is playing a much bigger function in the purchasing procedure than it did formerly.

I like to consider a site as a virtual sales rep. And, I put on ’ t desire my sales representative to be quiet. That ’ s why video truly ends up being a requirement for our digital existence. It provides us a genuine voice and enables possible clients to get a real feel for who we are as a business and find out more about our services and items.

Does Video Actually Drive Leads?

Several months back when I was providing my video discussion at a conference, somebody asked the concern: “ Do your videos truly drive more leads? ”

It was a fantastic concern, and at the time I didn “’ t have a fantastic response. I reiterated”a great deal of the reasons that you must utilize video and tossed out a great deal of statistics. I spoke about all the video views we were getting on and the increased time on website we were seeing. I actually didn ’ t understand if that was equating straight to leads.

After the conference, I chose to put my theory about video to the test. Utilizing Optimizely, we ran an A/B test on among our item pages with and without videos. My hypothesis was that the page with videos would carry out much better and drive more leads.

Website Leads with Video

Here ’ s what we discovered after 30 days:

The page with videos had a 2.79%conversion rate.The page without videos just had a 0.47%conversion rate.In genuine numbers, we got 65 leads from the page with video and just 11 from the page without video.

That ’ s a 492%boost on simply one single item page! Can videos drive leads? Yes.

It actually goes to reveal you the power of video on your site. It ’ s far more than a method to engage visitors. It ’ s an essential method you can drive more leads from the traffic you have.

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