Phil Ivey, Ethernity Chain and Impossible Brief Team Up to Release NFT Collection

Deep-pocketed poker fans of popular professional gamer Phil Ivey will have an opportunity to acquire NFT (non-fungible tokens) antiques developed by Impossible Brief, a video designer and NFT developer, and marketed by NFT market platform Ethernity Chain. Ethernity Chain, whch has actually partnered with numerous other prominent professional athletes and celebs to develop NFTs, has actually released an Ivey-themed release in this brand-new field of digitally-signed virtual antiques. Called the “Ivey Collection,” the brand-new series of 5 various digitally-signed video developments includes an included twist — — the possibility to play poker with Ivey in an unique setting later on this year.

 Phil Ivey NFT X Card

Screen image from the 10 “X” card NFT video from the Ivey Collection. (Image:

It’s the current company endeavor for Ivey, the Poker Hall of Famer, 10-time WSOP bracelet winner, and current champ of the WPT Heads-Up Championship . Ivey has actually belonged of service endeavors relatively beyond count, all sustained by his poker success, yet there’s been a significant shift to the virtual world in current months. Simply last month, blockchain-based online poker website Virtue Poker went live with Ivey as its leading spokesplayer, and this virtual offering brings Ivey’s footprint into another virtual market.

It’s likewise simply the 2nd substantial NFT using to date handling the poker world and its gamers. Previously this year, the Word Poker Tour teamed with Theta Labs to provide a rather associated offering of digitally-signed WPT virtual trading cards and video minutes .

.Marketing the Ivey Collection by means of ‘‘ The Royal Flush’.

The plan behind the Ivey Collection release is to use a small variety of NFT videos, enabling possible financiers and collectors to select their purchase and bidding levels. 5 various cards are offered — — the X( 10 ), J, Q, K, and A, which together make up the release’s “Royal Flush”. Starting with the X, the most typical card with 100 various NFT copies being developed, the cards end up being gradually scarcer as their rank grows greater. The ace is the scarcest of all, with simply 8 NFT copies developed.

That results in the 2nd half of the marketing principle. Investors and collectors can purchase the X, J, Q, and K straight , either utilizing the Ethernity Chain crypto coin (ERN) or Ethereum (ETH), however the scarcest of the cards, the 8 “A” editions, are offered just by means of auction. The X is the least pricey card, at about $213 for any of the 100 digital copies. The K, the scarcest of the 4 that can be bought straight, has actually had actually 20 copies developed, each with a rate of about $2,100. The 8 copies of the A to be bid on will begin much greater, with the very first of the 8 having an opening quote start at about $4,600.

In order to put together the royal flush, the collector needs to win the hoped-for bidding war for among those 8 “A” NFT cards. And, presuming that the fortunate winner of among the 8 “A” cards has actually currently gotten the other 4 cards, finishing that royal flush certifies the holder for that unique personal video game with Ivey, to be held at some point later on in 2021. The Ethernity release website explains this is the “Master Incentive” — — “By accomplishing the Royal Flush you get to play poker face to face with 7 other collectors versus Phil Ivey in an extremely curated reality poker video game aboard a high-end private yacht in Miami this coming fall.”

.Phil Ivey signs up with Ethernity Chain’s elite lineup of atheletes, celebs.

Hosting platform Ethernity Chain has actually tattooed a outstanding however little lineup of popular stars to comparable dealerships. The platform has actually currently launched comparable problems including star NFL QB Patrick Mahomes, MLB star shortstop Fernando Tatis, Jr., and skateboarder Tony Hawk.

The NFT marketing website has actually likewise explored traditional star power for comparable releases. The business’s NFT concerns to date of that nature consist of releases honoring Brazilian soccer star Pele and maybe the most well-known fighter of perpetuity, Muhammad Ali.


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