How Custom Signage Design Impacts Your Brand Identity

How Custom Signage Design Impacts Your Brand Identity

The brand identity encompasses numerous aspects, such as your values, your target audience, the company’s voice, and what sets it apart from other options. 

You can strengthen and communicate your brand identity in various ways. One convenient approach is to do it through a custom signage design.

Here are some of the many ways that well-used signage can bring more people to your company and help them form favourable opinions.

Custom Signage Design Reflects Professionalism

Best Examples Of Custom Signage Design In 2021

Beautiful business signage can show people that you run a professional company. 

Consider the opposite possibility where you have a faded sign that hangs crookedly and has graffiti on one section due to vandalism. 

Those characteristics suggest that you don’t care enough to address them. 

People will then understandably wonder if they can feel confident about doing business with you when you can’t even keep a sign in good condition.

A sign can also show customers that you take your craft seriously. 

Think of a carpentry business with a wooden, hand-carved sign out front or a tattoo shop with an ultra-artistic sign that creatively blends text and graphics to catch attention. 

In those cases, your signage design helps set expectations for people before they ever walk in the door.

Enjoying a positive impact on your brand identity with custom signage design starts with choosing the right size, text, colour, and other supporting elements. 

However, you must also set aside time and money to keep the sign well-maintained. Then, it’s most likely to give people the right impressions about your company and brand.

Supports Brand Recognition and Recall

Custom Signs Design Services

You probably use various methods to emphasise your brand identity

They might include posting social media content, using branded stationery, and designing your website to highlight aspects of your brand. 

When you get to the point of choosing a custom sign, keeping things consistent will help people recognise and remember your brand.

For example, most people quickly associate red and yellow with the McDonald’s logo and red and white with a Coca-Cola bottle. 

It would become confusing if signage design for those companies changed frequently or varied in some markets. 

When you come up with signage possibilities, take the time to check that your options are not too similar to what other companies use.

Supporting graphics on your signs could also make them more recognisable and easy to remember. 

Consider an example where the sign for your florist features a script-style font and a rose in the left corner. 

Those aspects help people recognise your shop faster, especially when they see it surrounded by other businesses or cities outside of where they live.

Gives Useful Details

Brand Signage Design Example

Creating a sign that people can read from a distance is a design best practice. 

Consider that many individuals who see it may pass by in cars at night, making good visibility essential. 

Additionally, you may have a business in a pedestrian district where there are enterprises on both sides of the street. 

Ensuring people can read your custom signage may make them more likely to spot it while strolling past.

Another excellent reason to make your sign readable is to help people immediately learn the type of business you have.

Think about a building with a sign on the outside that says Giovanni’s. 

If the signage also shows a slice of pizza, that part immediately tells people what you offer.

Many companies also have signboards that let them change messaging regularly. 

You could also use those to help people understand what makes your business different from others. 

Perhaps you have a fruit and vegetable business called Perfectly Delicious Produce. 

If accompanying signage reads, “Fresh, just-arrived peaches. Organically grown on a local farm,” people get the impression that you have connections to local growers and may prioritise organic options.

Mentions the Solutions You Offer

Custom Signs Designed For Taco Bell Branding

Selecting custom signage for your business means going with timeless designs that will remain as relevant next year as now. 

That means you’ll probably want to avoid trendy colours or other decisions that could seem outdated even if the sign itself is in good condition.

Maybe you run a child care service. In that case, you want to highlight aspects like fun and safety. Doing that could mean choosing bright colours or using a smiley-face graphic on the sign. 

The signage may also say something like, “Our staff members are licensed and first-aid certified.” 

Since you decided to call attention to that fact on the sign, it tells people that you care deeply about equipping your team to have the best interactions with youngsters.

Signs also commonly tell people if businesses never close. 

Providing 24-hour service could be a massive part of your identity, significantly depending on your target audience. 

For example, if you sell food, your business signage design could be an especially welcome sight for road-weary travellers.

Provides Flexibility to Meet Needs

Best Examples Of Custom Sign Designs

Signage spans beyond the permanent types on the exterior of businesses. It can also let you meet changing needs. 

That feature became especially apparent recently as enterprises used COVID-19 signage to help people maintain social distance, find hand sanitising stations, and remember to wear their masks. 

Those signs tell people that you’re ready to welcome them and have procedures in place to keep them protected during the pandemic.

Another nice thing about custom signage design is that you can pick the placement to make it maximally accessible. 

If you have a directional sign, hanging it from the ceiling could make it most noticeable to people moving around an environment. 

If you want to catch kids’ attention, mounting a sign at a lower height is a smart move. 

Some signs — like cardboard ones — are lightweight enough that you can move them around as needed.

You may even get signs to support seasonal changes. Maybe you operate an outdoor goods store. 

In the summertime, the signage might advertise camping gear. Then, they might appeal to ski enthusiasts in the winter. 

The varying content helps people realise that your business is ready to help them throughout the year, no matter where their adventures take them.

Custom Signage Design Can Support Your Brand’s Success

Having a profitable business means taking steps that help people recognise your brand and understand what makes it different from competitors. 

This overview describes how you can have a more effective and well-known brand identity with smartly chosen signage design.

Consider the tips and examples here to determine which factors will help custom signage benefit your company.

Author Bio: Eleanor Hecks is editor-in-chief at Designerly Magazine. She was the creative director at a digital marketing agency before becoming a full-time freelance designer. Eleanor lives in Philly with her husband and pup, Bear.

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