How To Increase Facebook Traffic Without Sacrificing Revenue

You may have heard this concern prior to: ““ How can I get more for less?” ” or possibly some variation like ““ How can I increase traffic for the exact same spending plan? ” or “ Why can ’ t I scale my Facebook projects effectively? ” Those concerns are precisely what I intend to resolve here, so you can leave with basic action products to enhance your Facebook project traffic without tossing lots of additional spending plan at it or compromising effectiveness.

.Specifying The Problem.

If you have a standard understanding of digital marketing you are most likely knowledgeable about the fundamental metrics utilized to specify success: the preliminary interaction with the end and a user objective…… or in other terms the click and the purchase/download/sign up/etc. What about whatever else that takes place in between those 2 things?

This is where I see some online marketers battle on Facebook advertisements. There are projects that drive a big volume of clicks (traffic projects) however put on’’ t supply instant worth beyond that. There are projects that drive worth however sacrifice traffic (conversion projects enhanced for the end objective like a purchase) So let’’ s sharpen in on conversion projects. If that is where our worth is originating from, what can we do to scale them without reducing KPIs like ROAS?

.How to Increase Traffic Without Sacrificing Revenue.

Let me develop this very first, what I am going to recommend ought to be utilized on prospecting/upper funnel audiences. What is that recommendation? Discover something to enhance your conversion projects for that depends on between a click and your objective. You might believe I am discussing enhancing for a landing page view…… I really desire you to go deeper.

What steps does a user need to take in order to transform? For Ecom it may be click->> contribute to haul->> purchase.


If we ’ ve developed that enhancing for clicks offers low worth while enhancing for purchases provides low traffic, what about enhancing for contribute to carts?

To evaluate this theory, I established a split test in Facebook targeting a high-value prospecting audience. Half the audience was enhanced for a purchase and the other half was enhanced for a contribute to haul. The outcomes of this test are listed below.

 facebook divided test outcomes enhancing for various objectives

To sum up those outcomes: for the very same invest as purchase optimization, the contribute to haul optimization reached more individuals, drove more clicks and contribute to carts, and led to near comparable ROAS. Sure you might argue that purchase optimization had more affordable expense per purchase and a little greater ROAS. Let’s go back to what the objective was here…… to scale, to increase the volume of traffic. Yes, while technically we ““ compromised income””, it was so little I’’d argue it doesn ’ t matter in this scenario. Prospecting audiences must be concentrated on presenting your company and filling your remarketing audiences. The contribute to haul optimization did so more effectively without genuinely compromising much of anything.

.Tips and Reminders.

The above example clearly uses to Ecom. The theory and believed procedure behind it will bring over to other company designs. Analyze your possible consumer’’ s course to conversion. See if you can discover something to develop into a ““ soft conversion ” which you can enhance towards. That conversion needs to constantly be an important action that you would wish to remarket to.

Speaking of remarketing, if you do enhance your upper-funnel projects for a soft conversion, make certain to examine how that effects your conversions on lower-funnel audiences. Compare holistically on your complete funnel. Does enhancing for a soft conversion in the upper funnel enhance your marketing mix in general?

As with all suggestions you continue reading the web, make certain to check it out prior to doing significant executions. What worked for me might not work for you, which’’ s ok. You ’ ll never ever understand for sure till you check it.

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