32 Top Social Media Marketing Influencers To Follow

32 Top Social Media Marketing Influencers To Follow

32 Top Social Media Marketing Influencers To Follow

The social media marketing industry is bursting with innovative professionals — people who push the boundaries of existing social platforms, embrace new ones, and ditch low-performers.

With so many fine social media marketers, how do you find new innovators to follow on Twitter and learn from?

We’ve put together a list of 32 top social media marketers that includes a number of fantastic folks who may not already be on your Twitter “following” list, in addition to some industry stalwarts who those new to social media marketing would be wise to follow.

We’ve added a quote, tip, or short lesson from each to help inspire your own social media marketing efforts.

List Methodology: For this list we utilize the Traackr influencer marketing platform plus additional criteria including the relevance of the individuals to the topic, the degree to which their networks engage, the size of their networks, along with numerous other factors including online data pulled from blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, SlideShare, other platforms.

Many thanks to all the industry professionals who are actively sharing knowledge about social media marketing by engaging and helping others with helpful opinions, insights and expertise on the social web. This brief list is only a starting point to help expand your social media marketing universe.
32 Social Media Marketing Influencers to Follow on Twitter
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Beverly W. Jackson @BevJack
Corporate VP of Social Marketing, MGM Resorts

[bctt tweet=”“The most important lesson I’ve learned about leadership is that no one leads alone.” @BevJack” username=”toprank”]

Brian G Peters @Brian_G_Peters
Strategic Partnerships, Shopify

[bctt tweet=”“The wonderful thing about social media video is that if you do it right, the videos can produce results for your business long after they’ve been posted.” @Brian_G_Peters” username=”toprank”]

Amy (Schmittauer) Landino @Schmittastic
Co-Founder & Owner, Aftermarq

[bctt tweet=”“True focus comes from believing in yourself. When you are unsure, you welcome distractions. Trust that you’re on the right path.” @Schmittastic” username=”toprank”]

Amisha Gandhi @AmishaGandhi
VP, Marketing & Communications, SAP

[bctt tweet=”“If we want to connect with the people we want to influence, we need to dial back the business speak and communicate more simply and directly.” @AmishaGandhi” username=”toprank”]

Marcus Sheridan @TheSalesLion
Owner & Partner, IMPACT

[bctt tweet=”“Whether it’s views, shares, watch time, or more — it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.” @TheSalesLion” username=”toprank”]

Caitlin Angeloff @caitlinangeloff
Social Strategy Director, Providence St. Joseph Health

[bctt tweet=”“With unprecedented targeting via the social media platforms, it is essential brands and media companies not take a one size fits all approach with their social video strategy.” @caitlinangeloff” username=”toprank”]

Tim Schmoyer @timschmoyer
Video Strategist, VideoCreators

[bctt tweet=”“When you find someone who understands your journey and your heart, get together, swap stories, and encourage each other.” @timschmoyer” username=”toprank”]

Konstanze Alex @Konstanze
Global Digital Storytelling, Cisco

[bctt tweet=”“Co-creating content with influential industry experts is one way for brands to unlock powerful, authentic storytelling that results in valuable brand experiences for customers.” @Konstanze” username=”toprank”]

Rob Walch @podcast411
VP of Podcaster Relations, Libsyn

[bctt tweet=”“The biggest shows out there did nothing to promote their show, they let their audience do it.” @podcast411″ username=”toprank”]

Alison J. Herzog @alisonjherzog
Senior Director of Brand and Digital, Visa

[bctt tweet=”“Brands need to manage experience across the entire company. Each person and department owns a piece of the overall #CX.” @alisonjherzog” username=”toprank”]

Dan Gingiss @dgingiss
Chief Experience Officer, The Experience Maker

[bctt tweet=”“Remember, when customers are reaching out with suggestions on how to improve your product or service, generally it means that they really care and that they’re brand loyal.” @dgingiss” username=”toprank”]

Zontee Hou @ZonteeHo
President & Chief Strategist, Media Volery

[bctt tweet=”“To build trust, you have to understand human motivations.” @ZonteeHo” username=”toprank”]

Andrew Pickering & Pete Gartland @AndrewAndPete
Co-Founders, Andrew and Pete

[bctt tweet=”“Social media is a tool we use to keep connected with the people in our lives. It’s a way to strengthen relationships and to make new ones.” @AndrewAndPete” username=”toprank”]

Jenn Herman @jenns_trends
Social Media Strategist, Jenn’s Trends

[bctt tweet=”“I’m a BIG proponent of a clear strategy for content, posting frequency, messaging, and branding. Keeping it clearly focused on your target audience is the key.” @jenns_trends” username=”toprank”]

Jon Loomer @jonloomer
Facebook Marketing Strategist, Jon Loomer Digital

[bctt tweet=”“Keep experimenting and trying different things. You never know what the perfect combination is for you — there really is no one formula that works for everyone.” @jonloomer” username=”toprank”]

Sandy Carter @sandy_carter
VP, Amazon Web Services

[bctt tweet=”“Data is at the heart of EVERY major tech trend in the coming decade.” @sandy_carter” username=”toprank”]

Justin Levy @justinlevy
Director of Social Marketing, ServiceNow

[bctt tweet=”“You have to move from looking at marketing tactically to looking at it strategically.” @justinlevy” username=”toprank”]

Scott Monty @ScottMonty
CEO & Principal, Scott Monty Strategies

[bctt tweet=”“There’s so much focus on the latest platform, trend or technology. But true storytellers know that the medium isn’t the message.” @ScottMonty” username=”toprank”]

Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz
Digital Futurist & Founder, iSocialFanz

[bctt tweet=”“Stop talking with a logo, start talking with your employees.” @iSocialFanz” username=”toprank”]

Shannon Paul @ShannonPaul
Vice President, Digital Line of Business Marketing Director, Fifth Third Bank

[bctt tweet=”“A key driver in any successful strategy is going to be organizational and operational alignments.” @ShannonPaul” username=”toprank”]

Larry Kim @larrykim
CEO, MobileMonkey

[bctt tweet=”“The ability to be a team player is one of the most important employee skills of 2020.” @larrykim” username=”toprank”]

Heidi Cohen @heidicohen
Chief Content Officer, Actionable Marketing Guide

[bctt tweet=”“As a key element of your marketing strategy your blog supports content marketing, social media, search and audience and customer acquisition.” @heidicohen” username=”toprank”]

Donna Moritz @SociallySorted
Founder, Socially Sorted

[bctt tweet=”“More than ever, it’s important to survey your audience to find out what they need and how you can help them.” @SociallySorted” username=”toprank”]

Mari Smith @MariSmith
Facebook Marketing Expert, Mari Smith International

[bctt tweet=”“Those first few seconds of your video are gold. Make sure you’re following a strategy that keeps people watching.” [bctt tweet=”“Those first few seconds of your video are gold. Make sure you’re following a strategy that keeps people watching.” @MariSmith” username=”toprank”]

Ian Anderson Gray @iagdotme
Founder, Ian Anderson Gray

[bctt tweet=”“The Internet is a sea of helpful tools, and with so many options, it can feel like you’re drowning.” @iagdotme” username=”toprank”]

Ann Handley @MarketingProfs
Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs

[bctt tweet=”“It’s incumbent on all of us in B2B marketing, whether you are a writer, or a marketer, or whatever role you play to take some risks and just get out of the box and throw an ax at that target.” @MarketingProfs” username=”toprank”]

John Lee Dumas @johnleedumas
Host, Entrepreneurs on Fire

[bctt tweet=”“It’s not always about doing as much as you possibly can – it’s about choosing the right things and going all-in on those.” @johnleedumas” username=”toprank”]

Mark Schaefer @markwschaefer
Executive Director, Schaefer Marketing Solutions

[bctt tweet=”“Good enough today isn’t good enough tomorrow if you want to keep growing.” @markwschaefer” username=”toprank”]

Jay Baer @jaybaer
Founder, Convince & Convert

[bctt tweet=”“Customer experience is not only about removing friction and minimizing mistakes and calamities but also about delivering something the customer didn’t see coming.” @jaybaer” username=”toprank”]

LaSandra Brill @LaSandraBrill
Head of Integrated Digital Planning, NVIDIA

[bctt tweet=”“Don’t say no. Instead tell me how you get to yes. Being able to identify and communicate the tradeoffs is ‘strategic thinking.’” @LaSandraBrill” username=”toprank”]

John Hunt @Smead_JohnH
Senior Manager of Digital Marketing, Corporate Brand Communications and eCommerce Content, Smead Manufacturing Inc.

[bctt tweet=”“Today there are no more secrets. You’ve got to prove you can help, and not just say it.’” @Smead_JohnH” username=”toprank”]
Piece Together Your Social Media Marketing Knowledge & Execution
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Statistical analysis, no matter how well-researched and deep, can only go so far in surfacing people you’ll find the most helpful and influential in your daily professional marketing lives, which is why we’d be delighted if you would share the name of social media marketers that influence you most in out comments section below.

We hope that you’ve found at least a few new-to-you social media marketing influencers on this list, and gained a smattering of inspiration from their quotes.

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