9 Easy Organic Posts to Increase Page Engagement

We have actually all heard that discussions drive engagement.

And the more somebody is engaged with a brand name the most likely they are to buy from that brand name.

But you might not have actually become aware of the ““ guideline of 7, ” a term created by Dr. Jeffrey Lant .


The guideline specifies that you require to engage and see with your consumers a minimum of 7 times for you to stick out in their minds, prior to they are all set to buy from you.

It all returns to discussions. They are the most effective kind of engagement.

So … How do you get individuals to engage with you and your brand name?

First of all, you require to charm your audience. You desire them to trust you, and you do that by publishing pertinent material that speaks with them, about them, and for them. These type of natural posts (like the ones I will reveal you today) will bring in individuals to you.

Then preferably, you wish to get your material out to more individuals without investing more loan. By publishing naturally appealing material , you won’’ t requirement to invest as much on increasing or paid advertisements. And who does not wish to get their material out to more individuals for less expensive?

It all returns to discussions. They are the most effective kind of engagement. You desire to be publishing things that begin that interaction with your audience.

In this post we will cover 9 various kinds of natural posts you can utilize to quickly increase the quantity of engagement on your social platforms, even if you put on’’ t invest a cent on advertisements.

. 1) Know somebody who?

This post is among the simplest types to develop. ““ Know somebody who &hellip “;, ” “ Somewhere there is a [kind of individual] who …,” “” “ We all have that unique pal…who …. ” These are calls to action we can utilize in our natural posts to motivate our audience to not simply look and stop, however likewise to connect to somebody in their lives who shares this subject with them.

You can utilize these posts to gather individuals who are shown to engage with a particular subject. As they discuss their buddies they end up being effective social evidence for your brand name. You instantly have a tighter connection with that brand-new ““ future consumer ” due to the fact that they viewed their buddies have a discussion with you.


 natural post about feline rolling pin

.2) Coattails Post.

This post permits you to utilize another brand name or interest to assist develop your reliability. Roland Frasier did precisely that with this post including his spouse.

Roland’’ s target market is individuals who wish to grow their wealth, so he selected a high-end hotel to ““ ride the coattails ” of. By tagging that specific hotel in his natural post, he accessed to their audience along with his own.

For you, think of where individuals you are attempting to bring in ““ live ” online? What other interests do they have? What locations they may have gone to? Things they may have on their pail list or things they wish to do? Roland understood the hotels where individuals he wished to draw in checked out and included material from there.

Here’’ s a crucial idea: Facebook understands when individuals take a trip and where they remain. And when your material includes an area your audience has actually been, it increases that material’’ s circulation in their feed. Considering that Facebook views that material as more appropriate to the audience. it offers it a greater ““ affinity rating.”


 Coattail natural post about a hotel

.3) Play I-Spy with Your Audience.

Yes, actually, a video game.

Games are a fantastic method to get individuals to react with micro-engagements. Micro-engagements are things like likes, hearts, or brief remarks. There is something universal, enjoyable, and tempting about video game material. When they see a video game their buddies have actually acted on, individuals can not smile however assist or get involved.

Mobile of New Zealand played a video game of I-Spy with their audience utilizing a 360 image.

Not just did this video game boost clicks their material, the time engaged on the page was HUGE, triggering a spike in reach with their brand name’’ s material!


 Organic post with an i-spy video game

.4) The Guessing Game.

This is another quick, alluring video game. This type of natural post can engage your audience to assist offer your item if done well! That is precisely what occurred for Mark, a franchise owner of Marco’’ s Pizza. He published a video game into a regional Facebook group and it went bonkers!

Not just did he get a great deal of micro-engagements with his brand name, however the timing was genius! Friday night, right prior to the Super Bowl. And when individuals were out purchasing pizza, his pizza shop was leading of mind!

 Organic post with thinking video game about pizza sales

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.5) Create a Screen-Stopper.

These are a kind of video that flashes images to you in a fast series, practically fitting them together into a story, similar to this post from Airbnb. What I like about this post is that it begins with 1 image, and as you scroll past it gets another image.

This ““ screen stopper ” grabs the reader ’ s attention and brings them back to the material.

 screen-stopper natural post with image of city during the night

Another variation of the screen stopper is this post from Growing Play. They utilized this natural post to gather individuals into video-view audiences. These moms and dads and preschool instructors were prospective consumers who would take in more content and buy their items. Her readers viewed the flashing words and got a screenshot to provide an immediate activity to do with their bored kids. Genius!

 One screen-stopper natural post for kids's activities

.6) Identification Quizzes.

The guideline of 7 states that you require to engage and see with your clients a minimum of 7 times for you to stand apart in their minds.

These posts go bonkers! Buzzfeed states they are amongst their most popular material. What’’ s truly cool isn ’ t simply the truth that these posts get insane engagement, however they are PERFECT as a lorry for marketing research and as a system to get a lots of engagements as quick as possible. Satisfy that ““ guideline of 7 ” as quick as you can!


What do you do?


Ask your readers a series of concerns to assist them sort, or self-identify, themselves as thinking about a subject. In some cases you can assist your audience choose the best item of yours for them to buy.

You can likewise utilize these posts to gather info about the city or area your audience remains in to assist develop tourist, or to offer houses—– or benefit from the location/coattail post I discussed previously.

 example of a recognition test natural post

You can likewise utilize these posts to place items to customers for future natural posts ex: what taste of fruit are you … you now have important info about your audience and you can follow up with them including merch about fruit (scratch-n-sniff note pads ??) or cookbooks filled with fruit!

 another example of a natural recognition test post

.7) Watch Parties.

If you have a Facebook group, this kind of post is an excellent method to get fast engagements, and have a continuous discussion with your audience, without producing brand-new material. You can publish videos that other individuals make, and after that discuss them together in your group, in genuine time.

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You can likewise utilize this approach as a method to repost old material from your page back into your groups. As a reward, everybody who is online and viewing gets a notice to join your ““ celebration. ” Below is a screenshot got from a watch celebration that assisted Ryan Levesque close a $2.5 million launch.

Conversations like the one in this watch celebration transform readers into fans—– and eventually purchasers.

 Organic watch celebration post

.8) Host a Real-Life Treasure Hunt.

Facebook has actually stated they are filling our feed with material they think is evidence of significant connections. Part of the feed ranking system for significant connection is based upon shared relationships, time importance, and place. It is that 3rd aspect that you can absolutely profit from utilizing a real-life witch hunt.

 Treasure hunt natural post where somebody concealed loan throughout New Mexico

Nate Lind worked to produce an audience of individuals in his city by concealing $500 around the town. He provided individuals ideas to where it was situated, and individuals went on a treasure hunt. The pages connected with the witch hunt grew at record speed, and with an extremely pertinent audience, Facebook saw the page as a source of ““ significant connections” ” in their regional neighborhoods! It is genius!

 Engagement on the witch hunt natural post

.9) Heartbeat Checks.

These posts are without a doubt the simplest for anybody to grow and utilize engagement. They work for pages, groups, and even for individuals who wish to grow the variety of buddies and the engagement of their individual profiles on Facebook (they likewise operate in other social networks platforms in addition to Facebook). We utilize them effectively on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

What is a heart beat check? It is a basic concern that takes no genuine effort for your readers to respond to, and it assists your reader link rapidly to you—– in discussion. Concerns like, ““ Who else is a ___?” ” or “ When was the last time you _____?” ” are simply a start. We have a list of heart beat checks that deal with any specific niche and can be utilized to promote any item—– simply click on this link to download them.

That finishes up 9 various kinds of posts you can develop on your social networks platforms that will immediately increase engagement. These posts get your audience to do a few of the heavy lifting of growing your page for you.

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