A day in the life of a marketing executive who wrote a wildly popular LinkedIn post about being a single dad, and is now juggling work and the demands of raising 2 boys while in quarantine

Sohn 9Ian Sohn

Ian Sohn, a marketing executive and single father of two boys, wrote a LinkedIn essay last year that got over 54,000 likes and national media attention.
The essay was about being a single dad. It encouraged others not to apologize at work for having personal lives or parental duties. 
Business Insider spoke with Sohn about his daily schedule, fatherhood, and his advice for other single dads out there.
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One year ago, Ian Sohn, a business executive and single father of two, penned a LinkedIn post on work-life balance that would garner over 54,000 likes and make headlines across the country. Sohn is the president and chief client officer of Hawkeye, a marketing agency. He’s been working in digital strategy, communications, and business development for over a decade.

Sohn recounted how, a few years back, one of his managers “reacted with incredulity” when he explained he couldn’t fly out for a business trip with just 12 hours notice because he had to take care of his children. His boss’s reaction “felt horrible,” he said. 

The single father wrote about the experience because he wanted his direct reports and other business leaders to know that being a parent and having a personal life are not things to be ashamed about.

His post sparked many personal conversations, Sohn said, including people asking him what it’s like being a single dad and also being a corporate leader.

Business Insider reached out to Sohn to see how his life has been since publishing the buzzy essay. The executive gave us a look at his daily schedule, his best advice on fatherhood, and how he’s balancing being a manager and a dad under quarantine because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Sohn wrote about being a single father on LinkedIn lat year. The post prompted many conversations about being a corporate executive and single parent.

Source: LinkedIn

Sohn and his two sons, 10-year-old Maddox and 13-year-old Henry, have “an unshakable camaraderie” built around inside jokes and spending time together. The boys split their time with Sohn and their mother.
Ian Sohn
The father of two is an early bird. He wakes up at 5 a.m. to read the news, have breakfast, and go out for a walk with the family’s dog, Cash.
Ian Sohn
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