When to Use Video Throughout Your Marketing Funnel

The marketing funnel gets a bum rap for being too simple. Too direct to show the reality cycle of your purchasers. Naturally, there’’ s some fact to these claims. Real-world consumers follow a long and winding course to acquire . They probably aren’’ t strolling a straight line from awareness to long-lasting commitment. And even if a few of them are, there are hundreds more who may follow a course that’’ s more like a chutes-and-ladders board, bouncing from promoting your item, to going back and discovering more about what you do, to even comparison-shopping prior to selecting to buy your item once again.

But despite the fact that the funnel may not be excellent at representing a wide range of buyer journeys, it’’ s a strong design for the basic phases of customer activity. In basic, there’’ s a point when individuals move from awareness of an option and factor to consider to purchasing choice and conversion.

You require to construct a video marketing technique that talks to your audience at various phases throughout the funnel.One stand-alone explainer video on your homepage might not suffice any longer. Brand names need to believe thoroughly about how video will move their digital marketing efforts.

While there’’ s no silver bullet that can ensure success, we’’ ve discovered that internet marketing video is an amazing amplifier of your efforts. Research is rather clear that video increases sales and increases conversions.

That’’ s why I wish to stroll through 4 situational chances where you must think about utilizing video to assist you move prospective clients along the course to acquire.

1. When you have a high bounce rate.

Bounce Rate

Fun reality: bounce rate is approximately 34% lower on pages with video than on pages without. ExactTarget saw a reduction in bounce rate and an over 100% boost in time on website after including video and a top quality video website.

You might be believing, ““ Well, duh! If I have a 1-2 minute explainer video on my house or landing page, OF COURSE they’’ ll remain on my website 2 minutes longer –– if they even view it. Huge whoop!” ” But consider what this implies. Throughout that time, a possible consumer will find out more about what you do, have more time to read your website copy, and have more time to choose whether they’’ re going to move on –– by downloading your whitepaper, registering for your e-mail list, or whatever initial step you desire them to take.

A lot can occur in 2 minutes.

Video isn’’ t simply a chance to notify and convince your prospective consumers– the play button is a tractor beam that draws individuals in and welcomes them to take note of what you need to state. If you’’ re finding that your page does not have the power to hold an audience, a brief top quality video simply may be the ticket.

I understand, I understand, everybody makes these insane claims about video. Like I stated, it’’ s not a magic bullet, however it does work if you do it! When the folks at Limelight Networks carried out video as part of their marketing method, their bounce rates basically vaporized , and their special visitor count doubled over night.

Granted, this decrease in bounce rate happened when Limelight utilized video as part of their total marketing technique. Picture the effect video might have on your marketing funnel if you might be sure that substantially more visitors would hearken that Call-to-Action.

2. When you require to clarify what you do.

Brand Message

Bounce rate is a quantifiable, quantitative metric for the success of your site. This one’’ s a bit harder. If you’’ re getting a lot of phone calls, e-mails, or other interaction asking you to clarify important aspects of your item or service—– the things you’’d hope would be apparent—– chances are it’’ s time to tap into video.

I ’ ve composed in other places about the advantages of top-of-funnel, awareness-building videos. Brief homepage videos —– consisting of animated explainer videos—– can reduce your sales cycle by plainly and concisely informing your audience about what you do. Wear’’ t simply take my word for it: research study recommends that an audience’’ s understanding of your service or item gets a 74% increase from double auditory/visual coding that comes through video.

But this is not simply a chance to inform possible consumers what you do; it’’ s a possibility to inform them why you’’ re doing it. You can present the issue in an interesting method , supplying audiences with the info needed to move their point of view, comprehend the issue you’’ re resolving, and how you can repair it.

Dual Coding Video

3. When you’’ ve got a traffic jam even more down the funnel.

Sales Funnel

Now we’’ re going much deeper down the bunny hole. You’’ ve got an incredible landing page that drives conversions out the wazoo, and prospective consumers capture onto your UVP immediately. Things are excellent on the awareness front.

Instead, you’’ re having difficulty even more down the line. Possibly you’’ re getting lots of certified leads, however a great deal of them appear to blow over or, even worse, they wind up choosing among your rivals. What do you do then? How do you motivate the audience who’’ s still in the funnel to select you?

One alternative is to produce informative MOFU (middle of funnel, that is) video material that will assist possible clients make an notified choice when it comes time to purchase. Your audience wishes to know more about what makes you the very best service to their issue, so you’’ ll requirement to convince them with a range of truly handy material . At this moment, customer reviews, case research studies, item demonstrations, and business culture pieces are crucial. These videos are differentiated from top-of-funnel pieces (like an explainer or brand name summary video) by the truth that they’’ re intended less at basic brand name awareness, and are rather more worried with informing individuals about your particular services and products.

The granddaddy of item demonstration videos is Zappos. The online shoe merchant saw a sales effect of as much as 30% once they began including videos on their item pages! They now produce a video for almost every item they have (not to point out, culture videos, therefore far more).

To see among these videos, a prospective client has actually currently made their method to a particular item page. They wear’’ t requirement to understand what Zappos does, so they put on ’ t requirement to enjoy a top-of-funnel explainer video. What they do yearn for is video material that informs them even more on the specific item they’’ re searching for, like Converse. And, as the numbers recommend, this video material makes possible purchasers far more most likely to include the item to their shopping cart. Makes sense? You’’ re offering the consumer the details they desire, which provides guarantee they’’ re making the best choice.

4. When you’’ re attending to FAQs.

Video Content

If you’’ re getting this far into your video technique, you’’ re in great shape. At this moment, your prospective purchasers have a strong awareness of your services or product, and they’’ re picking you when it comes time to buy. Life is excellent!

But what occurs when a great deal of your consumers have concerns about how to take advantage of your item? Possibly there’’ s a component of your offering that isn’’ t rather instinctive, or possibly your clients simply wish to take their purchase even further. This is a good time to produce FAQ videos, tutorials, and item demonstrations.

For example, IKEA developed a series of training videos on their YouTube channel demonstrating how to construct a few of their more popular furnishings products, consequently conserving house owners headaches galore and supplying important, quickly absorbable video material.

Ikea Example.png

With FAQ videos and tutorials like IKEA’’ s , you ’ re able to take on the most typical concerns your clients will be asking –– and have a prepared response each time. These put on’’ t need to be full-on, costly productions, either. If you’’ re a SaaS business, some basic screencast tutorials with excellent audio are best here.

The truth of the matter is, video must belong of your marketing efforts at every phase of the purchaser’’ s journey. Whether increasing top-of-funnel awareness or connecting to existing clients with handy tutorial or FAQ details, doing so with the help of terrific video material will use them a level of clearness and engagement that will motivate them to get involved on a much deeper level and eventually take the action you desire them to.

Where to start isn’’ t constantly so clear cut, however if you make the effort to believe seriously about where video fits into your marketing efforts, then you can begin customizing a video technique to your specific requirements as a brand name.

The excellent feature of marketing video is that it has a long service life. Long after your project has actually ended, you’’ ll have lovely, top quality visual material that your prospective consumers will discover significant and important. And in time, you’’ ll line your whole course to buy with video (like Zappos), which indicates more conversions, more sales, and more wins.

You’’ ve got to begin someplace. Where will you begin?

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