Top Global NGO’s with Best Explainer Videos

Non-governmental organizations or Civil Societies as a group carry out a wide range of activities to serve humanitarian, environmental, social, and political causes.

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And video marketing has become an impressive source for NGOs to reach a wider audience to raise awareness on the functioning of their social campaigns.

To help NGOs with the best examples and at the same time to recognize organizations that have created great videos,  we have curated a list of “Top Global NGOs with Best Explainer videos.”

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Disclaimer: In order to recognize startups and help other startups and SMEs, we at (a global marketplace for Organizations to create awesome videos) have compiled this list. 

This list is not in any particular order.

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Here is the list of “Top 22 Global NGOs with Best Explainer Videos”

1. Partners in Health-    

Partners in Health is a Healthcare organization that seeks to accomplish two primary goals: To deliver the advantages of advanced medical research to people in greatest need, and to act as an antidote to despair.

It provides healthcare in developing countries’ poorest communities.

This live-action video shows us the core mission of the organization. It shows how they deliver medical and social support.

2. Ceres- 

Ceres is a non-profit organization that works to stabilize the climate, preserve water and natural resources, and create an inclusive economy.

The 60 seconds explainer of Ceres provides a clear understanding of the organization and how it can help the world in fighting poverty.

The video had text animations, graphics, and background music, making it more engaging and appealing to the viewers.

3. Care International-

Care International is one of the world’s largest and most established humanitarian relief organizations dedicated to combating global poverty.

They foresee a society of optimism, inclusion, and social justice so that all people live in dignity and security.

This explainer video with the help of 2D characters demonstrates how Care International can help people affected by disasters and conflict.

The video has no voice-over but it does have good soft background music.

4. Médecins sans Frontières-

Médecins sans frontières is an international organization that aims to provide medical aid to those impacted by conflict, diseases, natural disasters, or healthcare exclusion.

Médecins Sans Frontières is also known as Doctors Without Borders in English.

The video contained appealing graphics that demonstrated the organization’s complete functioning.

They absolutely hit the mark with their incredible animations, graphics, and voice-over!

5. Mercy Corps-

Mercy Corps is a global NGO that works in transitional situations where economic, environmental, social, and political instabilities have occurred or are occurring.

 The 90-second explainer video of Mercy Corps shows the viewers how the organization actually performs on the ground.

Although there was no voice-over in the video, the text animations and uplifting background music can keep a viewer.

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6. eVidyaloka-

eVidyaloka is an NGO that works in India to provide education to children via the use of digital classrooms by crowdsourcing volunteer instructors and linking them with rural government schools.

The eVidyaloka explainer video is highly innovative, as it utilizes text animations, images, and graphics to show the complete operation of the organization.

The video also includes a voice-over, which helps viewers grasp the organization’s goals.

7. Path-

The path is best recognized for creating and adapting technology to meet the health requirements of low- and middle-income nations, such as better vaccination equipment and innovative methods to prevent cervical cancer.

PATH works on five platforms to create breakthroughs and implement solutions: vaccinations, medicines, diagnostics, devices, and system and service innovations.

The Path explainer video displays the work of the organization and how it is making a difference in the world by improving public health.

8. Heifer International-

A global non-profit organization, Heifer Project International aims to eradicate poverty and hunger via long-term, comprehensive community development based on principles.

The live-action explainer video shows viewers how the organization, with the appropriate tools and training, can improve people’s lives and eradicate poverty and hunger.

The video does not have a voice-over, but it does contain text animations and graphics to assist viewers to comprehend how the organization works.

9.  Cure Violence-

Cure Violence is guided by the basic principle that people and communities can change. Their mission is to reduce violence in the world by employing illness control and behavior modification approaches.

 The video features 2D characters and a voice-over to explain the entire motive of the organization to the audience.

10. Acumen fund-

Acumen is a non-profit organization that harnesses the force of entrepreneurship to create a society in which everyone has the chance to live with dignity.

Their objective is to invest in “Patient Capital” in order to close the gap between the efficiency and scalability of market-based methods and the social effect of pure charity.

However, there was no voice-over in the explainer video, the audience is taken on a visual journey of the organization’s service through visuals and text animations. 

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11. BRAC- 

BARC is a Bangladesh-based international development organization dedicated to long-term poverty eradication and the empowerment of the underprivileged in the country’s rural areas.

The BRAC organization’s 30 seconds explainer video features text animations and background music.

The video was brief and easy to follow.

12. Goonj-  

Goonj is an Indian non-profit organization located in New Delhi. They have been a highly effective movement for recycling and reusing garments and other household items for underserved communities.

The explainer video of Goonj focuses on underprivileged communities and how the organization stands with and supports them.

The video contains text animations, pictures, and soft background music that keep viewers watching till the end.

13- Greenpeace International- 

Greenpeace is a non-governmental organization that focuses on global challenges such as climate change, deforestation, overfishing, commercial whaling, genetic engineering, and anti-nuclear concerns.

This is a live-action explainer video that depicts the negative effects of climate change and how they affect life on Earth.

The video doesn’t have a voice-over, but real-life examples demonstrated how the organization is combating climate change, deforestation, and other issues.

14. Girls Not Brides-

Girls Not Brides is a multinational NGO with the goal of putting an end to child marriage across the world by sharing reports, information and creating awareness.

This is a live-shoot explainer video that shows how the NGO creates awareness about child marriage and combats it throughout the world.

Despite the length of the video, viewers were driven to watch it till the end.

15. Human Rights Watch-

Human Rights Watch researches and reports on human rights abuses that occur across the world.

From vulnerable minorities and civilians in warfare to refugees and children in need, they’re doing everything they can to safeguard those who are most at risk.

 The video discussed the whole operation of the organization using a 2D character and voice-over.

Overall, the video was simple and easy to comprehend.

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16. Magic Bus-

Magic Bus is a non-profit organization that is assisting in moving a generation out of the vicious cycle of poverty by allowing children to complete secondary education, delaying their marriage age, and skilling young people to work.

 The Magic Bus explainer video took the novel approach of using 2D animated characters, text animations, and different color combinations that made viewers hooked from start to finish.

The video also included a voice-over.

17.  Birdlife International-

BirdLife International is a non-government organization that works to protect birds and their habitats

BirdLife International’s goals include preventing bird species extinction, identifying and protecting critical bird habitats.

Very few 2D animated videos figure out how to grandstand surfaces, everything being equal, yet Birdlife International explainer video is a fortunate exemption. 

The video had a voice-over clarifying the entire working of the association and shows viewers how they can combine to secure birds’ natural surroundings.

18. International Committee of the Red Cross-

International Committee of the Red Cross is an independent organization that provides humanitarian aid to victims of war and armed conflict.

To carry out its mission the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) uses the Geneva Conventions of 1949.

The 120-second explainer video, which uses visuals, animation, and voice-over, helps us all understand how the organization works.

19. Habitat for Humanity Australia-

Habitat for Humanity, a worldwide non-profit organization founded in Georgia, United States, began as a grass-roots initiative inspired by the goal of a future in which everyone has a safe and dignified place to live.

They think that a stable, safe home provides the basis for change, allowing individuals to be healthier, happier, and more secure, and also helping children to be properly fed and educated.

The video contains appealing graphics that demonstrate the company’s complete functioning as well as the benefits it gives to society.

They absolutely hit the mark with their incredible animations, graphics, and voice-over!!

20. AWARE Singapore-

The Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) is a non-profit organization committed to trying to break down gender barriers.

It is Singapore’s leading women’s rights and gender equality organization.

AWARE believes that women and men have the right to make educated and responsible decisions about their life, as well as equal chances in education, marriage, and work.

The video was compelling, with excellent graphics and images showcasing the organization’s functionality.

The video also included a voice-over to help viewers comprehend the organization’s mission.

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21. Bhumi-

Bhumi was formed on the belief that every impoverished kid deserved a high-quality education.

Their aim is to establish an atmosphere in which young adults and children may learn, lead, and flourish, in order to promote social change

The video provides an introduction to the organization and demonstrates how youngsters may volunteer to make the world a better place.

There was no narration in the video. The text animations included in the video are enough for conveying the information.

22. Cuddles Foundation-

Cuddles Foundation is the only non-profit organization that provides food, hot meals, nutritional supplements, and ration baskets to children receiving cancer treatment so that they have the strength to battle their disease.

The Cuddles Foundation explainer video shows how the organization works and how they support children battling cancer.

To entice viewers, the explainer video incorporated live video action, text animation, and soothing background music.

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