How to Set Up the Facebook Product Catalog for Beginners

Do you offer something online? Do you run advertisements on Facebook or Instagram?

Then you require to read this post on item brochures!

Today, we’re going to speak about the Facebook item brochure……


… which is an exceptional method for you to offer your services and items to brand-new and existing audiences.

We’’ ll reveal you:

. what the item brochure is ,.how it works,.how to set it up for your company, and.share some techniques and ideas.

Let ’ s enter into it!

. What Is The Facebook Product Catalog?.

The brochure on Facebook permits you to market items that you offer, dynamically.

This implies Facebook picks the very best mix of copy, innovative, positioning, and individual to reveal your advertisement to.

This is done through artificial intelligence.

.Prior To You Can Create A Catalog.

Before you can develop a brochure……


… you ’ ll requirement to have a Facebook organization page for your company and a Business Manager account so you can handle whatever.


Ensure you have complete admin gain access toto business Manager and page you ’ ll be utilizing.


Let ’ s look at developing a Facebook item brochure.

. How To Create A Facebook Product Catalog.

Let ’ s stroll through the brochure established in the Facebook Business Manager detailed.

. Go to Commerce Manager .

 Commerce Manager

.Start producing your brochure:.

 facebook item brochure

.Click Get Started if this will be your very first brochure. Select Create a Catalog and after that click Get Started.You’ll see all your brochures noted if you currently have at least one brochure. Select + Add Catalog to develop a brand-new one.Select the kind of stock you offer or promote and click Next.For those with eCommerce (items) just, pick how you wish to include products to your brochure:.If you prepare to include products yourself in Commerce Manager, Select Upload Product Info.If you host your products on a partner platform that has a combination with Facebook, Select Connect a Partner Platform.Select a platform and follow the link to its site to finish setup and import products to Facebook.Select business Manager account that your brochure comes from.

This opens more methods to utilize your brochure than choosing an individual account and allows you to appoint other individuals consent to deal with the brochure.

To choose a Business Manager account, you should be a service admin.

.Get in a name for your brochure.Click Create.Including Items To Your Catalog.

At this point, you’’ re not rather done.

You’’ ve produced your Facebook item brochure however you put on’’ t have any products in it, so you can ’ t run advertisements.


There are a couple of alternatives for including items to your brochure.


We’re going to discuss all of them and after that reveal you how to do our preferred approach for small companies.

There are 3 primary methods to include products to your brochure in Commerce Manager:

 facebook item brochure

.Handbook: Add products utilizing a manual kind in Commerce Manager..Information feed: Upload a spreadsheet file to include products wholesale. When or set up arranged uploads to occur on a routine basis, you can submit a file.

We support CSV, TSV, and XML (RSS/ATOM) formats in addition to Google Sheets.

Facebook Pixel : Import and upgrade products immediately from your site. This approach is more complicated to establish.

You might require aid from a designer to set up microdata tags on your site.

Facebook produced a table to assist you choose what technique will work best for your company.

 facebook item brochure

.The Very Best Method For Most Small Businesses.

Manual upload can work well for your company if you just have a couple of service or products that put on’’ t modification that frequently.


But if you are regularly including brand-new items, your items are altering, or you offer hundreds (or thousands) of items……


… handbook upload on your Facebook item brochure would take several full-time workers simply to handle listings.

We’’ re not about that life for you. That’’ s why we suggest utilizing an information feed to publish your items.

.How to Set Up a Data Feed.

Before you can publish an information feed, you require to produce the file in the appropriate format.


Facebook ’ s assist files have actually detailed directions, and after you’’ ve done that, you ’ ll follow these actions:


 facebook item brochure

.Go to Commerce Manager and choose your brochure.Open the Catalog tab and go to Data Sources.Select Add Items. Choose Add Multiple Items if a dropdown appears.Select Data Feed followed by Next.Under “Is your spreadsheet or file prepared?”, choose Yes and after that Next.Optional: To inspect if your file is formatted properly, choose Check File.

A tool appears in a brand-new tab. Copy and paste a number of rows from your file into the tool and choose Validate.

If you see any mistakes, modify your file to repair them prior to you continue. Close the tab when you’’ re completed and choose Next.

.Pick how to publish your file. Follow the link from your chosen alternative listed below to avoid to your next actions:.Submit from computer system.Utilize a URL.Usage Google Sheets.

Your information feed can be set to upgrade on a schedule.

We suggest weekly on your slowest day, however you can run that by your designer (if you have one).

When you utilize a feed, you put on’’ t need to stress over by hand upgrading or tracking stock or images.

.What Do You Do With A Product Catalog?.

Now that you understand basically whatever you require to learn about brochure setup, let’’ s speak about why you even desire that brochure.

Like, what will it provide for your organization? It’’ s a legitimate concern.

A Facebook item brochure works for:

.Dynamic retargeting advertisements.

 why social networks marketing

For example, you can reveal items your site visitor saw however didn’’ t purchase.

Check out this post on Facebook retargeting technique to read more about it.

.Develop collections to utilize in Instant Experiences.

These are full-screen experiences that open from advertisements on mobile phones. Usage collections in these and other put on Facebook.

.Tagging items in your Feed and Story posts.

You’’ ll requirement brochure products submitted if you wish to be tagging your items in Feed or Story posts (which we extremely suggest).

And when Instagram and Facebook enable tagging items in a live video next year, you’’ ll wish to make the most of that too.

Speaking of lives, here’s our post on live streaming that you can check out beside take a look at some pointers on how to utilize it for your service.

.Running collective advertisements with other pages.

If you wish to deal with influencers or other brand names to run advertisements together, you’’ ll require a brochure.

. Modifications Coming To The Product Catalog.

As we pointed out, Facebook has actually revealed that……


… you ’ ll have the ability to tag items from your brochure in your live shopping feeds at some point next year!

This might upgrade the method the Facebook item brochure works, however is not likely to alter how the upload or setup procedure operates in any huge method.

The iOS updates are most likely to impact reported traffic back to Facebook from Apple gadgets.

 Facebook conversion API

Facebook is dealing with its own systems to enhance tracking as Apple continues to make modifications.

We’’ ll bring updates here when we hear them so make certain to bookmark our blog site so you put on’’ t lose out.

. Facebook Product Catalog Best Practices.

You can follow some finest practices to assist your advertisements carry out much better and make them simpler to handle.

.Utilize one brochure for advertisements and shopping (like offering or tagging natural posts in your FB or IG store).

No requirement to develop numerous brochures for various applications.

.Keep your brochure upgraded.

We suggest utilizing automated updates set on a month-to-month or weekly schedule (whatever makes one of the most sense for your company.

.Offer great quality images, precise titles, descriptions, and costs.

Double-check all links to guarantee they go to the best location.

Spending time on your site (where the majority of this details will pull from) is crucial here.

.Produce sets within your brochure for much easier marketing.

Sets are groups or classifications of items within your brochure.

If you offer clothing, this might appear like tee shirts, trousers, and outerwear.

.Ensure you house the brochure in your Facebook Business Manager and share authorizations with individuals dealing with your account..Conclusion.

Your Facebook item brochure will make it a lot easier to offer your items on Facebook and Instagram.

And it is necessary for retargeting item audiences or other site visitors.

If you offer anything online and utilize Facebook to promote, you require to get your brochure set and submitted up ASAP.

If you require more aid with your FB advertising campaign, take a look at our Facebook marketing services now.

Contact us today to assist you begin!

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