Thought Leadership Videos: So You Want to Be An Authority?

Jay Baer has a podcast about word of mouth marketing. Rand Fishkin has a blog site about SEO. Ann Handley has a newsletter about storytelling in marketing. All 3 are examples of idea leaders who have actually discovered a specific niche in which to end up being a specialist.

No matter what your specific niche, video is an exceptional medium for sharing believed management material with the world.

Thought management videos provide an instructional point of view on an originality. With the ideal speaker and the best material, video is an efficient method to engage your neighborhood while making your voice stick out as a leader in your market.

Contents 1. What is a Thought Leadership Video? 2. What Are the Benefits of Thought Leadership Videos? 3. Where to Use Thought Leadership Videos 3.1 LinkedIn 3.2 Facebook 3.3 YouTube 3.4 Blogs and Articles 3.5 Video Library 4. Types of Thought Leadership Videos 4.1 Talking Head Video 4.2 Fireside Chat Video 4.3 Presentation or Keynote Speech Video 4.4 Panel Discussion Video 4.5 Video Podcast 4.6 Vlog 5. How to Make a Thought Leadership Video 5.1 Come Up with an Original Concept 5.2 Choose a Format 5.3 Hit Record and Make it Sound Good 5.4 Polish it Up with the Magic of Editing 6. Best Practices for Thought Leadership Videos What is a Thought Leadership Video?

Keynote speeches, webinars, and interviews with market professionals are all examples of idea management videos. What they share is sharing a brand-new idea or concept with an academic function.

Usually top-of-funnel material, this kind of video is normally provided as a top-level introduction by market specialists, however useful guidance and ideas are never ever off-limits. The most reliable and popular idea management videos influence action and obstacle others to question their own approaches.

Watch and Learn

Blake Smith, Vidyard’’ s Creative Director, discusses what believed management videos are and how to produce an incredible one. He’’ s signed up with by Mat King, Vidyard’’ s Video Production Manager, and the set break down an example to highlight what a reliable idea management video appears like.

What Are the Benefits of Thought Leadership Videos?

These top-level, top-of-funnel videos are excellent for any service wanting to develop itself as a leader in their market. These extremely shareable videos can assist enhance your brand name identity and develop neighborhood by motivating discussion and engagement due to the fact that they are usually discovered on social media.

checklist graphic Get the Thought Leadership Videos List checklist graphic Ready to make an idea management video? This list covers all the things you require to understand to get it. Get the List Where to Use Thought Leadership Videos

As pointed out above, believed management videos are top-of-funnel material ideal for sharing to social networks , particularly LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.


A natural suitable for academic idea management videos, LinkedIn is where individuals choose expert advancement.

Native videos on LinkedIn are 20x most likely to be reshared and 5x most likely to begin discussions than other kinds of material.

Through an application procedure, you can likewise access to live video streaming. The chance to engage with your audience in real-time opens brand-new chances in the kind of AMA’’ s, fireside talks, and panel conversations.


Facebook is still a dominant platform when it pertains to audience development. It’’ s typically where individuals have their very first encounter with brand names and regional business.

Video is the most appealing type of material on Facebook, so think about having actually believed management videos offered on your Facebook page to, acquaint individuals with your brand name, motivate them to find out more, and keep them interested. Facebook likewise uses live video, which is appropriate to off-the-cuff Q&A s with your business’’ s CEO or a highlighted visitor.


Next to Google, YouTube is the world’’ s most popular online search engine , so utilize it to get your top-of-funnel idea management videos seen by the world. YouTube makes it simple to share your videos in an extremely visible location and produce a playlist where audiences can binge all your material in one location.

Blogs and Articles

Video is a terrific method to boost the composed material in believed management post and posts. While the composed material might enter into the nuts and bolts of a topic, an idea management video is an excellent method to provide individuals a fast introduction or a concrete example within a prolonged piece.

Get Free Video HostingHost, handle, and share all of your videos. Sign Up Free Video Library

Volume is very important for idea management since one video does not a professional make. You can develop a center by yourself site where you can show all your idea management videos and series for simple binging.

See it in Action

Take an appearance at the video library we produced for our Chalk Talk series and get influenced to make your own.

Types of Thought Leadership Videos

Thought management videos been available in several kinds, from a basic talking head to repurposing a keynote speech. Keep reading to find out about the most typical types together with examples of the very best believed management videos we might discover.

Talking Head Video

An electronic camera on a tripod, concentrated on a single speaker is the most simple method to tape any video, and it’’ s particularly efficient for communicating academic material.

A talking head video includes a single person speaking straight to the video camera in order to describe an idea or originality. Do not hesitate to supplement B-roll, animations, or other visuals to include range.

Learn From the Pros: Illustrate Your Point

In Moz’’ s Whiteboard Fridays video series, a subject specialist describes a brand-new subject weekly, with the aid of a white boards. Having the speaker utilize a white boards includes visual appeal and likewise goes a long method in discussing complex subject.

Fireside Chat Video

Fireside chat describes a casual Q&A-design interview with a subject professional or leading voice in your field. The chat can be tape-recorded reside in front of an audience (like at a business lunch and discover), live-streamed, or taped typically for release online.

Learn From the Pros: Casual Conversation

This example of a fireside chat includes Google Canada’’ s head of Marketing Fab Dolan. As Dolan states in the video, the casual fireside chat format is fantastic when you have numerous subjects you wish to leap in between while keeping things under one umbrella.

Presentation or Keynote Speech Video

Recorded variations of live keynote speeches are very popular on YouTube and shared commonly on Facebook and LinkedIn. They normally include one speaker who provides a ready speech, typically accompanied by a slideshow.

You can produce your own by tape-recording discussions at your next live occasion or conference. Do not hesitate to modify much shorter variations for various platforms and even include titles, music, and slides after the truth.

Learn From the Pros: Views Beyond the Event

Author and previous organization executive, Seth Godin provided this TED Talk reside in 2007. It’’ s called “ How to Get Your Ideas Spread ” and the tape-recorded video variation has actually because spread out around the world, getting over 1.5 million views on YouTube alone. This is a prime example of how online video can extend the life of important material by presenting it to brand-new audiences all over the world and into the future.

Fast Forward 2020 blog site CTA Fast Forward Virtual Event On-Demand Fast Forward 2020 blog site CTA Hear from a few of the very best in the biz about how they’re prospering and enduring in this brand-new digital truth. Watch Now Panel Discussion Video

You can repurpose and tape-record panel conversations (consisting of those within webinars) in the very same method you would keynote speeches. Considering that panel conversations tend to be extensive, make sure to modify the product into a much shorter, absorbable format that will interest a top-of-funnel audience. You can constantly point individuals to the complete variation of your taped webinar to read more.

Learn From the Pros: Focus the Discussion

This video is a clip from a complete panel conversation at Inspirefest 2019 . The clip concentrates on the subject of variety within a bigger conversation about the future of work. It includes leaders with various backgrounds consisting of the Director of Engineering at HubSpot and the VP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Symantec.

Video Podcast

After funny, education is the 2nd most popular podcasting category, making believed management a proper style for any service podcast.

Just tape a video variation of your podcast from the start, different the audio variation later on, and you’’ ll have an idea management series in 2 mediums.

Learn From the Pros: Creating Connections

On our video podcast, Creating Connections , we include our preferred idea leaders in the B2B area and go into their ideas on how to make human connections in the digital-heavy world of sales and marketing.

This episode includes David Meerman-Scott, author of the book Fanocracy , that checks out the power of fandom to make significant connections that exceed marketing projects.


Similar to a talking head or podcast video, a vlog generally includes someone sharing their viewpoint. The secret to a fantastic vlog is a fantastic host, somebody who can get on electronic camera and speak with confidence, who never ever lacks things to state.

Vlogs vary from high production worth to scrappy cam recordings. This may be your finest alternative if you require to produce net brand-new material however are strapped for time.

Hot Tip: Vidyard’’ s Chrome Extension makes it simple to tape and share vlogs from your cam in simply a couple of clicks. Download it free of charge to attempt it out.

Learn From the Pros: Star Power

As the head of a multi-million dollar business with recommendations from Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey, it’’ s clear Forleo understands what she’’ s speaking about when it pertains to developing your own company.

But besides her knowledge, she has a character for public speaking which goes a long method on the roadway to ending up being an idea leader. See her in action in this episode of her vlog series, Marie TELEVISION.

How to Make a Thought Leadership Video1. Develop an Original Concept

Ultimately the topic is what will attract your audience. If you’’ re utilizing a talking head, vlog, or keynote format, you’’ ll wish to pick a thesis and back it up with reputable details, much like composing an essay.

If you prepare to repurpose product from webinars or panel conversations, attempt to absolutely no in on one subject that you feel includes a brand-new viewpoint that your audience will have an interest in.

2. Pick a Format

This will depend upon how you prepare to produce your idea management video and what you have access to. Take benefit of that if you have a live keynote coming up. Believe about repurposing a popular one if your business produces webinars on a routine basis. If you’’ ve got a fireside chat set up with your CEO, then… … you understand.

3. Struck Record and Make it Sound Good

What’’ s being stated is what actually matters, so make certain to pay unique attention to the quality of your audio recording. It’’ s likewise an excellent concept to include subtitles in post-production considering that lots of people scroll social networks with their noise shut off.

4. Polish it Up with the Magic of Editing

No matter what format your video takes, you can constantly include some polish and pizazz in the edit. Easy things like the speaker’’ s name in a lower 3rd, musical hints, or a business logo design watermark can include a lot of professionalism to any video.

Fast Forward 2020 blog site CTA Fast Forward Virtual Event On-Demand Fast Forward 2020 blog site CTA Hear from a few of the very best in the biz about how they’re growing and enduring in this brand-new digital truth. Watch Now Best Practices for Thought Leadership Videos

The best believed leader videos tend to have a couple of things in typical. As you go on to develop your own, follow these finest practices for the very best outcomes.

Find a special angle that hasn’’ t been checked out previouslyBe genuine by avoiding a script, however do prepare talking indicate guarantee clarityDon’’ t be a one-hit-wonder, believed management videos are best provided as part of a seriesChoose a speaker who is both a topic specialist and great on electronic camera—– offer your audience a factor to keep returning for more checklist graphic Get the Thought Leadership Videos List checklist graphic Ready to make an idea management video? This list covers all the things you require to understand to get it. Get the List

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