The 10 Best Ways to Use Landing Pages

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In fact, many of our customers at AWeber are business owners just starting out by selling on marketplaces like Etsy or Amazon. Some are content creators, bloggers, or podcasters who have ideas to share with the world. Others are restaurant owners, local shop owners, mechanics, and so much more.

While it sounds like these business owners are very different, they all have one major thing in common.

They want more people to know about their business. 

And while it can sound like a big task, increasing brand awareness doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need to make it easy for your customers to find what you and take the desired action. 

That’s why having an online presence is so important. Think about it: what’s the first thing you do when looking for a product, service, or information on a company? You search for it online.

I’m not saying you need an elaborate website. For some companies, a website isn’t necessary. But if you don’t have a website, then you absolutely need a landing page. Even if you have a website, there are still situations where you may need a separate landing page.

Landing pages let you simplify your message while keeping your customer focused on a desired action.

There are several uses for your business or side project. We’ve highlighted the top 10 ways you can build the perfect landing page.

Facebook landing page

Set up a landing page for people who click on your Facebook ads. While driving people to a landing page from a Facebook ad is a bit more passive than a Google ad, it’s an effective tactic to grow your email list. 

The goal when building the Facebook landing page will be trying to figure your visitors’ intent. If you’re promoting a downloadable guide, their intent may be easy to figure out — they want the guide. But in other cases it may not be as obvious. This is where you’ll need to test different content to see which converts better.

Example of a Facebook landing page

Promote a webinar or event

Virtual events — like webinars — are a great way to educate your audience and to get them engaged with your brand. These are no small tasks to put together. A lot of your time and energy is spent on the planning and execution of these events. But without a webinar registration landing page, your hard work will go unnoticed.

The features that your event landing page needs to have are:

Headline with your event nameSign up formCopy explaining why someone should attendDates and time (make sure to include your time zone)

landing page promoting a conference

Ebook landing page

Many aspiring entrepreneurs are looking to make money by selling ebooks online. By producing the ebook and selling it online, many business owners are bypassing the traditional publishers, print presses, and distribution centers.

However in order to have control of every aspect of your ebook, you will need a landing page to sell your product.

Who needs Amazon or Barnes & Noble to reach potential customers? Promote and sell your ebook on your very own customized landing page.

Example of selling an ebook on a

Sell a product

AWeber has customers who start off selling their products on marketplace shops such as Etsy. But eventually after they build a loyal customer base, they will create an ecommerce landing page to sell their products, eliminating the marketplace’s transaction fees.

This can work if you find a platform that allows you to create unlimited landing pages, such as AWeber.

Start off by building a landing page with your highest selling product and see how it goes. Eventually, you may find you’re more successful by moving your entire store to individual landing pages.

Example of a selling a product on a landing page

Lead magnet

Lead magnets are a great way to incentivize a potential customer to provide you their email address. But in order to capture those email addresses, you need to create a lead magnet that provides a desired value for that individual. 

Once you’ve created your incentive, the next step is to build a dedicated landing page to capture that email address. Your communication needs to clearly explain the freemium they will receive and the main benefits of that lead magnet.

After you have their email, you can now begin marketing your product or service.

Example of a lead magnet

Landing page for lead capture

Lead generation landing pages are a great way to increase your subscriber base. If you have a blog or regularly produce content, you should be informing your audience every time you publish new content. If you don’t, your readers may never know when you have something really important to say.

So create a dedicated landing page to capture these emails. Be clear in terms of why someone should sign up for your list and how often you plan on sending emails. If you’re clear about your intentions up front, this will decrease the likelihood of unsubscribes or even worse, someone marking your emails as spam

Landing page for lead capture example

Promote your podcast

Podcasts have become one of the most popular mediums. In 2013, 10% of the population listened to a podcast monthly, and that number increased to 30% in 2019.

There are over 30 million podcast episodes. Standing out from the rest becomes a lot easier once you have  a landing page to promote your podcast.  You can no longer rely on listeners finding your podcast on one of the streaming platforms. To be successful, you can have a summary page for each podcast episode.

Learn more about promoting your podcast with email marketing in this guide. 

Landing page example of Office Ladies podcast

PPC landing page

One of most important things to keep in mind about paid ads is to make your landing page is relevant to the keyword being searched. 

Imagine a potential customer searching for “best italian restaurants near me” and the page they click is about the best italian food recipes. Not a very good user experience. 

And it will certainly be a waste of your money. Given the search term was for ‘best restaurants,’ it’s safe to say they’re not in the mood to cook tonight.

So every keyword topic you want to bid on, you need a relevant landing page for your Google Ads or other search engine.

For PPC (pay per click) ads, making sure your landing page is relevant is not only important from a conversation (or desired action) standpoint, it is also necessary to improve your quality score. A better quality score in Google often leads to lower prices and better ad positioning.

PPC landing page example

Thank you page

Did you set up a webinar sign up landing page or how about one to capture email addresses? If so, then show your appreciation with a dedicated landing page to thank them for signing up for your event, downloading your lead magnet or purchasing your product.

This page doesn’t need to be complicated. A simple thank you along with next steps, depending on the offer, is all you need.

Here are a couple of thank you landing page examples:

AWeber thank you page example

General uses

What’s great about a landing page builder is you can pretty much create a dedicated page for anything you can think of. I’ve seen restaurants who don’t have a website use landing pages for their menu, other corporations use them for social media highlights, as a linktree, for a job posting. The uses are only limited by your imagination.

Example of how a restaurant uses a landing page for their menu

If you’re not sure where to start, log into your AWeber account and begin using one of our customized templates. These drag-and-drop templates let you easily brand and set up your landing pages. 

Don’t have an AWeber account? No problem, you can get started for free today.

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