Seeking nominations for the top creator economy startups in New York

 Courtney Quinn of Color Me Courtney Courtney Quinn is a New York City-based influencer.

.Expert is assembling a list of the leading developer economy start-ups in New York.We'' ll weigh aspects like financing, user adoption, and influence on the influencer market broadly.Please send your concepts through this type (or listed below) by January 14.When it comes to digital developers, #ppppp> Los Angeles frequently controls the discussion. New York has actually long been a media center —– even if it doesn'' t have its own Hype House .

New developer economy start-ups are turning up in the city to support all kinds of developers, from Subtext, which deals with influencers on text marketing, to Pietra , which assists skill produce their own line of products.

Insider is assembling a list of the leading developer economy start-ups in New York that are forming the influencer market. The list will be figured out by Insider based upon our reporting and the elections we get. We will consider elements like consumer adoption, how a business is adding to the New York media scene, financing and financials, and its influence on the developer economy as a whole.

We wish to speak with you. What are the developer economy start-ups making the greatest effect in New York?

Please send your concepts through this kind (or listed below) by January 14:

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