7 marketing videos you can make from existing content

Looking for an ingenious method to revive your existing material?

Video is the method of the future. And here’’ s the very best part: You most likely currently have all the material you require to produce a robust set of marketing videos for all your social networks channels.

All you need to do is repurpose that material into videos that work well within your existing marketing method; no brain-racking needed.

Here are 7 concepts for growth-focused marketing videos you can develop with your repurposed material.

.1. Turn nearly anything into a video slideshow.

One of the most convenient methods to repurpose material is to make a video slideshow .

Almost any piece of material has discrete points that can be summarized or condensed into slides, then assembled into a slideshow. Video slideshows work well on many marketing channels, other than for YouTube.

Slideshows likewise make a terrific addition to item pages. They carry out well on social networks. You can even turn consumer assistance files (item usage guidelines, FAQ pages) into video slideshows.

.2. Response concerns and inform clients with social networks videos.

Video carries out extremely well on social networks. Due to the fact that they keep individuals glued to their screens, and videos that address concerns or supply intriguing academic details carry out extremely well.

The finest material to repurpose for social networks is that which addresses a concern or provides a bit that many people wear’’ t understand, consisting of:

.How-to article.Listicle article.Frequently asked question responses.Podcast clips.Item usage case videos.Webinars.

By repurposing these kinds of material into social networks videos, you’’ re taking something that doesn’’ t always fit on social networks and transforming it into a medium that carries out effectively in the social landscape.

A link to an article won’’ t get as much attention as a brief video highlighting a bottom line from that post. (Of course, you can constantly consist of a link to the entire post when you publish the video.)

The very same chooses pulling bits from podcasts, webinars and your FAQ page.

In a lot of cases, you can likewise get many social networks video posts from one single piece of composed material.

A normal social networks video runs about 10 to 30 seconds, depending upon the platform. That implies you can produce numerous social networks videos from one post or webinar. It likewise implies you must prevent stuffing a whole piece of repurposed material into a single social networks video.

Remember: the visual part is exceptionally essential on social networks. Make certain to consist of animated visuals in your videos, even if you’’ re simply pulling quotes and stimulating the text in your video.

Add stock video or appropriate item video so your video sticks out. That method, you genuinely take advantage of all the attention-getting power of video on social networks.

.3. Develop video reviews.

This may not technically be repurposing material. It’’ s at least derivative of other material, so it counts.

.Due to the fact that you require a video of a consumer providing the review and authorization from the client to utilize it in your marketing, #ppppp> Making video reviews can be challenging.

However, video reviews are a powerful marketing tool. And you can work a video review into practically any digital marketing channel. A single video review can supplement many of your other marketing properties.

Video reviews make fantastic paid advertisements. You can embed them on item pages. They even make strong additions to marketing e-mails and e-mail newsletters.

.4. Promote your webinars with complimentary video.Since they work, #ppppp> Webinars are a popular lead generation tool. Since they’’ re a lead magnet, your ““ complimentary ” webinars are technically not complimentary. Audiences should offer their e-mail address to access the material.

However, you can utilize a couple of interesting clips from your webinars to get more individuals to register. And you’’ ll improve conversions from your follow-up e-mails if you consist of a bit of the webinar video in the e-mails. You can likewise utilize these bits to drive traffic to your taped webinars with social networks posts or include them to your webinar landing pages.

Another concept is to utilize clips from old webinars that you’’ re not promoting any longer and turn them into social networks material and ingrained videos for your article. Simply put, as soon as you have webinar video material, keep utilizing it.

.5. Make video case research studies and whitepapers.

Case research studies and whitepapers are frequently dispersed like e-books. It’’ s a tested approach for getting e-mail addresses and assisting consumers buy choice. E-books are not the only method to share this details.

You can turn these into video properties and utilize the videos in one of 2 methods:

.Develop a much shorter, more summed up video variation that assists get individuals thinking about the composed case research study or whitepaper.Produce a total video case research study or whitepaper.

The technique you pick depends upon your marketing technique . If you require video material to get more traffic and downloads, it’’ s most likely best to utilize your video as a teaser in social networks posts and paid advertisements.

If you utilize case research studies and whitepapers as part of a thorough sales procedure to assist potential customers make big purchase choices, producing entire video case research studies and whitepapers is a finest practice.

This approach likewise works if you discover that individuals are downloading your text files however then stopping working to transform.

It’’ s possible that the text file isn’’ t appealing adequate or is too wish for the majority of readers. Transforming to video makes the material more available and simpler to bear in mind, which will assist increase conversion rates.

.6. Deal worth up-front with academic videos.

How-to videos are a few of the most engaging videos you can make. They make fantastic social networks material. And you can include them to your marketing e-mails. Revealing individuals how to do things will likely never ever head out of design.

Typically, article are the material you’’ ll repurpose for instructional and how-to videos. Revealing individuals how to do things is as efficient in composing as in videos. You’’ ve most likely got a sound library of how-to blog site posts.

You can likewise draw from your consumer assistance group. Responding to typical consumer concerns is an excellent method to assist potential consumers conquer their purchasing unpredictability.

.7. Broaden your podcast reach with video.

If you have a podcast or somebody from your business is a visitor on a podcast, utilize that material to develop videos.

It’’ s perfect if the podcast is taped as a video since then all you need to do is include an introduction and outro to clips from the recording. You can combine audio clips with stock video footage or include commentary to the clips if the podcast is just taped as audio.

The objective is to develop a full-fledged video from the podcast, instead of merely transforming an audio file into a video file. Usage stock video footage or record video footage of a host presenting the clip and offering extra insights.

If your service has a podcast, podcast video are among the very best methods —– if not the very best method — — to increase your podcast audience. There’’ s a factor numerous popular podcasts have a whole YouTube channel committed to sharing clips with links to the complete episode in the video description.

Depending on what’’ s in the clip, usage podcast clips to supplement item pages, produce social networks posts, include some pop to your e-mail newsletter, or include range to your YouTube channel.

Contributed by Leah Diviney, a content supervisor at Biteable , the world’’ s most basic video maker. When Leah isn’’ t hectic making videos, she discusses them for the Biteable Blog.

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