Revinate Q&A with GCommerce: Hotel Digital Marketing Today

We just recently coordinated with our buddies at GCommerce Solutions , the leading hotel digital marketing company, to go over the state of marketing in hospitality and techniques that work to drive earnings and visitor engagement. Speak with GCommerce’’ s VP of Business Development, Mark Oliver, in our unique interview listed below.

Revinate: Thanks, Mark for taking a seat with us. Let’’ s begin the discussion top-level. Curious to find out, what are a few of the leading patterns you’’ re hearing from your hotel customers when it concerns digital marketing?


GCommerce: There are many patterns out there nowadays, however the ones we are most concentrated on are ADA compliance with sites, Schema markup, and getting much better insight into our hotel partners’ ’ site visitors through a reporting platform we have actually developed on top of Google Analytics.

ADA compliance, in specific, is a huge subject today as ambulance-chasing legal representatives are benefiting from WCAG 2.0. We have actually seen a variety of shop hotels served with documents over the previous 3 months. And it is going to continue as hotels that are not certified will be served documents consistently till they repair it.

There is a simple method to see if your site is certified or not. Go to WAVE and enter your hotel’’ s URL into package, struck “ Enter,” ” and the tool will reveal you the number of mistakes you have in the ““ Summary ” area on the left side. All you require to stress over is the mistakes. , if you scroll down the site you will see red boxes.. Click the red box and you will see the issue. You require to run the Wave Report for each page on your site.

Revinate: Thank you for that. That leads us to another concern – – when you are dealing with your hotel customers, how does e-mail fit into their more comprehensive digital marketing technique? If you’’ re attempting to promote a summertime bundle, how should hotels be believing about e-mail, PPC, social, and other channels?

GCommerce: Hotels require to understand that e-mail marketing is the most affordable method of driving direct service. Hotels require to make it simple for customers to register for the hotel’’ s newsletter on the site or through complimentary Wifi. The hotel then requires to ask a concern or more so they can sector each visitor to send them info they have an interest in. Sending out the exact same message to each visitor is simple however not the proper way to market.

At GCommerce, we suggest to each of our hotel partners that they purchase a hotel CRM platform like Revinate as this will enable them to section their database and send out pre-arrival, post-stay, birthday, anniversary e-mails, and most notably, e-mails that customers have an interest in. With OTAs taking a growing number of share of hotel reservations, hoteliers require to comprehend that e-mail marketing uses them the most affordable expense per acquisition and the most direct method of interacting with a tourist. Simply put, to promote the summer season bundle you recommend, begin with e-mail for expense performance.

Revinate: Great, extremely beneficial viewpoints and we concur that e-mail ought to be an essential element of a hotel’’ s digital marketing method. As a last concern from us, exist any other difficulties your customers are presently experiencing? Any forecasts for the next couple years on where hotel digital marketing is headed?

GCommerce: As I discussed above, OTAs are taking increasingly more direct reservations far from hoteliers, and we feel this is going to continue as the OTAs are not just investing more on media, they are now developing tools that hoteliers utilize on an everyday basis. OTAs are gradually sculpting away at hotels’ ’ walls and many hoteliers do not have a method to stop the pressure. This is where a digital marketing firm requires to operate in show with a hotelier on reclaiming OTA share, pursuing other channels where they can increase direct reservations like e-mail marketing.

Hoteliers require to buy themselves. They require to increase their digital marketing invest. Otherwise, they will never ever win the fight. With huge firms, hoteliers are most likely not going to get the service, method, or time level they would from a shop firm.

You inquired about forecasts. One location where I see chance remains in AirBnb-like experience offerings. I believe we will see a growing number of brand-new business making the most of metropolitan, city, and holiday offerings that permit a customer to develop their own special experience and not be restrained to a “set” structure. Hoteliers require to comprehend that not everybody out there is ““ their ” client. They require to comprehend who their consumer is and concentrate on marketing to them particularly.

GCommerce: One last concern for you, Revinate. On the subject of compliance, we’’ ve been hearing a lot about GDPR, which is fast-approaching in May of this year. How is Revinate assisting hotels get ready for GDPR?

Revinate: Very prompt subject, and not simply for our EU clients. GDPR is an exceptionally complex guideline so we are doing our finest to make it as simple to comprehend as possible. We’’ re running a month-long series committed to GDPR to assist hotels prepare and discover for compliance. Now, we have a Glossary of Terms , Five Ways to Ensure Your Hotel is Prepared for GDPR , and the Four Pillars of the GDPR . All of these posts represent what the GDPR involves, how it will affect the hospitality market, and how hoteliers can ensure they’’ re gotten ready for the brand-new law. There are really a great deal of chances here for hotel online marketers to reassess and reorganize their e-mail marketing method to drive much better engagement with visitors.

So there you have it. From the significance of compliance (ADA and GDPR) to automation and growing concentrate on experiences, it’’ s clear that hotel digital marketing today needs a more modern-day, shop technique. Thanks, Mark and GCommerce for weighing in on these essential subjects! To go over these patterns, please connect with our group.

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