Motivating Your Workers With Opportunity Marketplaces

The COVID-19 crisis has made organizations vastly more aware of the need for greater flexibility, adaptability, and communications in the distributed workplace.

Getting work done well and on time is job one, but what needs to come next? How do you quickly, cheaply, adaptively, and thoughtfully set yourself up for a future requiring unprecedented workplace and workforce agility? One promising idea revealed by recent MIT SMR research is opportunity marketplaces. These internal project marketplaces offer transparency and visibility around opportunities within organizations and use data and assorted analytic techniques to make matching recommendations between opportunities and people.

In a time of reduced pay increases and constrained travel, what do most organizations have to offer workers to retain and motivate them over the next 12 to 18 months? The answer is opportunity.

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M. Schrage, J. Schwartz, D. Kiron, R. Jones, and N. Buckley, “Opportunity Marketplaces: Aligning Workforce Investment and Value Creation in the Digital Enterprise,” MIT Sloan Management Review, April 28, 2020.

Watch this webinar with Michael Schrage, research fellow at the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, and MIT SMR editor in chief Paul Michelman and learn:

How top leadership — not just HR — defines and articulates an opportunity vision for the enterprise: These are the opportunities for personal/professional development and accomplishment they want their people to have as we come out of the crisis.
What digital/platform/network investments do companies need to make to support key opportunity market use cases?
How to effectively use data and analytics to support and improve the use cases for opportunity markets, and which parts of the process are best suited to automation and which to humans.

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