Facebook Ads: Complete Guide to Link Your Facebook Ad Account to an Agency

In this post, we’’ ll describe how to connect your Facebook Business Manager account to Ignite Digital, while modifying approvals for Ignite Digital’’ s advertisement experts. This is essential due to the fact that of the requirement to see &&modify the lots of information Facebook Ads attends to your project’’ s success. This detailed guide is best for those not familiar with Facebook’’ s Advertising Business Suite &&will assist you perfectly get in touch with Ignite Digital.

.Starting –– Facebook Business Suite.

Let’’ s start! We’’ ll require you to ‘access your ‘ Facebook Business Suite ’. This is the place where you can manage your Page Activity, Insights, and access to all the tools you require. Here’’ s what it appears like.

.On the left toolbar, Select ‘‘ Settings ‘’. Select ‘ Business Settings ’. Organization Settings Page.

This will bring you to a brand-new page with an in-depth left toolbar including all of the information needed for your organization. Guarantee you’’ re handling the right business by inspecting the Company Name under ‘‘ Business Settings ’ on the left toolbar.

.Gain Access To Business Settings.Select ‘‘ Partners ’ under the ‘ Users ’ Tab. Select ‘ Add ’ then ‘ Give a Partner access to your’Assets ’. Paste this organization and copy Manager ID in the readily available area:.688068511337187.

This will approve Ignite Digital access to your branding properties.

.Appointing Assets.

This will then direct you to a brand-new popup window that enables you to modify and appoint which permissions Ignite Digital has on your Business Manager account. In order to efficiently develop audiences, step occasion information, and guarantee your domain is safeguarded by means of iOS14 standards, we’’ ll requirement access to most of approvals without accessing the info on billing information.

.Select ‘‘ Pages ’ Asset Type– Select ‘ Admin Access’– Manage Page ’. Select ‘ Advertisement Account ’ Asset Type– Select ‘ Admin Access– Manage’Advertisement Account ‘’. Select ‘ Pixels ’ Asset Type– Select ‘‘ Admin Access– Manage Pixel ’. If you have one)– Select ‘ Instagram Page &rsquo, Select ‘ Instagram Account ’ Asset Type (;. Select ‘ Domains ’ Asset Type– Select the Verified Domain Available.

.Domain Verification.

If not sure how to confirm Domain/ Domains are unproven –– follow this detailed direction:

Verifying Your Domain –– Sharing .This is because of the brand-new iOS14 Marketing Guidelines and to guarantee your domain is the only domain getting &&sending out Pixel info.To validate domain is confirmed –– Visit Business Settings –– Brand Safety –– Domains.Your domain will have a GREEN dot next to if confirmed.Your domain will have a RED dot next to if unproven.

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