Diana Lee – Bootstrapping a Multi-Million Dollar Agency

Diana Lee is the CEO and co-founder of Constellation Agency, an incredible digital platform that assists dealerships who offer vehicles…… offer them much better. She’s going to share her story of development and how she scaled growing her service in a difficult, competitive market.

.When Constellation Agency initially began it was a digital media firm that was created to serve dealers, #ppppp>. In the last 4 years, it’s entirely changed into something completely various. Diana’’ s group wound up establishing a software-as-a-service innovation that now other companies and holding business are utilizing to introduce OEMs along with other brand names internationally. It’s gone from an extremely individually relationship dealership design to dealing with publishers and more.

Smart Hustle Small Business Podcast · Diana Lee – – Bootstrapping a Multi Million Dollar Agency .

SAAS and Marketing.

Constellation Agency deals with the majority of the digital marketing for over 1,000 dealers throughout the nation. This consists of social discovering pages, sites, and any kind of innovative properties. This platform functions as software-as-a-service that standardizes imaginative possessions. And it might be innovative for Facebook, Instagram, e-blasts and more. It incorporates into any kind of media in addition to CRM tools and standardizes the imaginative for companies, marketers, car dealerships, or any person that’s really attempting to carry out digital marketing.

““ If we can make the consumer enter into a membership design where they understood just how much the rate was rather of an hour billable design, then we might in fact sustain this organization design by making a membership strategy.””


Diana and her group recognized that if they can have makers automate the fundamentals of imaginative styles, then they can really have their artists do greater operating innovative work, where they utilize more after-effects and animation. Essentially, all the important things that they went to school for and wished to be participated in.

.Early Beginnings.When she was simply 5 years old, #ppppp> Diana immigrated to the United States from South Korea with her moms and dads. Her household resided in the shanty towns of Philadelphia and her moms and dads worked 15 hour days. They would leave at like 5 in the early morning, they get house at like 9 o’clock during the night. Due to the fact that they compromised their own lives to get to America, her moms and dads were figured out for her and her sis to have a significant life. Like lots of immigrants, they brought their kids for a much better life.

While Diana remained in college she used to be a greeter at a regional automobile dealer. 2 weeks after beginning they informed her, “You’re a sales representative due to the fact that there are a lot of clients in the display room.” She didn’t understand what she was doing, however she ended up being a sales representative and did so well that summer season that they stated, “If you continue to go to school in the early mornings from 9:00 to 2:00, you can work every day from 2:00 to 9:00 and offer cars and trucks. Therefore Diana did that for the next a number of years. By the time she was 21, she ended up being a financing supervisor however had actually been preparing to go to law school.

.Being Successful with New Skills.

And you may be questioning, (like us) what made Diana so proficient at offering vehicles, specifically as an university student without any experience in sales.

Diana described, ““ I believe what made me unique was that back in 1989, there weren’t numerous female salesmen and even less ladies of color. Like never ever mind having a female sales representative, however a lady of color, I resembled the only one. The unfortunate thing is, everyone might acknowledge me since there I resembled the only Asian individual offering cars and trucks at the time.””


So Diana continued her profession at the car dealership and went up to end up being a financing supervisor. After that, she invested 13 years in the consulting area for the OEMs (initial devices producer). Soon after that, at the age of 47, her other half stated, “If you do not do it now, you’re never ever going to do it. If you do not leap and begin your own business now, you’re 47 years of ages, you’re not going to do it.”

.Growing a Company.

Diana discovered her co-founder and released Constellation Agency. Within 4 years they ended up being # 65 in fastest-growing business. In the very first 3 years it grew over 4000%. They’re striking up to 50 million in sales this year alone. They went from dealing with dealers to dealing with firms of record and holding business.

““ It has actually been a remarkable trip from simply the really starting.””


We would like to know Diana’’ s secret sauce for such effective organization development. She informed us that it was mainly large grit. “ “ We didn’t have any cash, individuals believe like we tossed cash at it. There was no cash, we began with $22,000 at my co-founders, in his apartment or condo.””


It was large grit in regards to the number of hours they invested together to get it to go. It was the group’s partnership and their undying desire to get it off the ground. They went on the roadway with a PowerPoint deck: there were no case research studies, no projects.

.Setting Themselves Apart.

Diana invested 9 to 12 hours on the roadway going from dealer to dealer, inquiring for cash. And here’s the other part, this is the amusing part, remember I informed you we began at first as a digital marketing company.

““ I entered ‘and I stated, ‘ You have a high density of Hispanics in the location, it’s 46%. Do you do digital marketing in Spanish?’ ’ That’s where it began. Or in Korean, or in Chinese, or in Russian, or in Arabic. Due to the fact that you understand what, all those business owners, they did it all in English, however they forgot the other languages.””


Other suppliers didn’t do it, there were no other business doing it. Rather of going in and stating, do you do English-speaking advertisements, Diana went in and stated something entirely various.

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