Can I Get a Roof Repair or Replacement During the Coronavirus?

If you need to repair or replace your roof this spring, you might be wondering what to do now that people are being told to stay at home. In many cases, it’s still possible to get necessary roof repairs and replacements done, while respecting social distancing guidelines. Before starting any roofing project, check your state and local government websites to be sure that there are no restrictions on roofing that may impact your project.

to technology, you can stay safe inside your home during the entire
process—from sales and consultation to the end of installation—and still get
high-quality work done to keep your family safe and dry. Here’s how to handle a
necessary roof repair or replacement during this time.

Technology to Communicate Remotely

are plenty of no-contact ways to communicate with potential contractors,
whether via phone, email, or text. You can have your initial consultation over
a video call, or view materials and color choices with the help of digital

there’s visible damage inside your house that a contractor should be aware of,
such as water damage, you can email or text them photos or videos. This will
help the contractor understand the extent of the damage without having to enter
your home.

reaching out to potential contractors, ask them how they’ll keep lines of
communication open without in-person meetings.

Your Estimates from a Distance

the help of your photographs or videos, your contractor can begin creating a
comprehensive estimate from a distance. While you’re safely inside your home,
they can go up on your roof to examine it. There are plenty of apps that allow
them to show you their findings and communicate their expectations for the project.

example, the app CompanyCam lets contractors take and share annotated pictures
of your roof as well as create project timelines. This helps them complete
accurate estimates and keeps you in the loop about the state of your roof.

are also tools that will help them make 3D models of your roof and
create mock-ups of the final product. On top of helping contractors with their
estimates, a 3D model can let you visualize what the finished product could
look like, which in turn could help you decide on colors or materials.

your contractor has carefully analyzed your roof and provided an estimate, they
can discuss your home’s requirements with you using a video conferencing tool
like Zoom.
Finally, contracts can be signed with electronic signatures on apps like
DocuSign to avoid any physical contact.

Ensure Onsite Work Is Conducted While You’re Indoors

typically do not need to enter your home to complete a roof repair. Mobile
picture and video sharing means you do not need to have any face-to-face
contact with the roofing crew while they are working on your property. Your
contractor can simply send you annotated pictures of your roof to keep you
updated on how work is progressing. If there are interior repairs that need to
be made, such as replacing sections of the ceiling impacted by water damage,
you can have that work done at a later time.

your roof need total replacement, you can still be at home throughout the work.
In most cases, contractors won’t need to enter your home during installation.
It can get noisy once work begins, but a good pair of earplugs or
noise-canceling headphones can make it bearable. A roof replacement usually
takes only a day or two and is done entirely during daytime hours, so the noise
should be manageable for a short time.

using virtual methods that eliminate the need for in-person contact while
allowing you and your contractor to stay connected and share important
information, you can forge ahead with your necessary roof repair or replacement
while respecting social distancing guidelines. Peace of mind and great customer
service can be safely enjoyed from inside your home.

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