Are Facebook PPC Campaigns Worth It In 2020?

Are Facebook PPC projects worth it in 2020? Are they a great suitable for targeting your audience?

Fair concern, thinking about all the Facebook drama taking place recently. Because Facebook advertisement policy is so evasive and raises a lot of concerns, is it still worth investing your cash into a Facebook PPC project?

Let’’ s rely on the data to discover the conclusive response:

.It’’ s a typical idea that individuals dislike Facebook advertisements. The numbers reveal that in 2018 just 1% of participants held unfavorable undertones towards PPC marketing, compared to 7% in 2016 and 2017. Online marketers take pleasure in pay-per-click projects given that they are anticipated to bring 50% more lead conversions than natural web traffic. In the future, online marketers prepare to increase financial investments in PPC projects, with 40% of participants supporting this declaration..

Since Facebook is among the crucial gamers in online ad and digital marketing (with Google Ads being its competitor), Facebook is among the most appealing put on the Internet for a PPC project.

So, what does it require to effectively target market on Facebook?

Let’’ s have a look at some pointers to think about.

. 1. Choosing the Right Campaign Objective.

What message do you desire your PPC advertisements to interact to your audience?

Facebook Advertisement Center provides 3 goals, each of which targets smaller sized goals:

.Awareness: by picking this goal, your PPC advertisement will be mostly utilized to increase brand name awareness and reach. Factor to consider: this goal is typically utilized for PPC advertisements that are focused on increasing traffic, engagement, list building or bring in more attention to your material, such as app installs or video views. Conversion: by picking this goal, you’’ ll goal your PPC advertisement at increasing conversions, shop sees or brochure sales..

As you can see, all 3 goals look like the 3 phases of the purchaser’’ s journey.

How to pick the best goal for a Facebook audience?

The option of a goal will depend upon 2 elements:

.how you desire the advertisement to impact your target market personasthe size of your company.

Ask yourself a concern: how do you desire your target market to view this advertisement? Do you desire them to get familiarized with your brand name? Do you wish to raise awareness about your brand name? Or do you desire them to acquire your product and services immediately?

No matter what kind of organisation you are running, you will gain from the awareness and factor to consider goals. Advertisements with these goals will get you seen. The conversion goal is for business who have actually currently spread out brand name awareness and now entirely wish to concentrate on the increasing sale.

.2. Determine An Advertisement Placement Option.

When it pertains to targeting the audience with a PPC project, not every advertisement positioning alternative will work well.

On Facebook, there are numerous choices for advertisement positioning:

.Facebook NewsfeedInstagram feedFacebook MarketplaceFacebook Video feedsFacebook right columnInstagram Explore sectionMessenger Inbox and sponsored messagesStories on Facebook, Messenger, and InstagramInstant ArticlesFacebook In-Stream Videos.

Also, there are 2 alternatives to position the advertisements:

.Automatic: Facebook advises this alternative (and it’’ s likewise pre-set )since it immediately connects to your target market through all those channels. Modify positionings: permits you to omit particular positionings..

What is the very best choice to target market?

While for the functions of digital marketing, selecting the automated advertisement positioning might be the very best concept, it doesn’’ t constantly work for a particular target market you want.

If you wish to target a particular audience on Facebook with your PPC project, modify positionings by unchecking those choices that your target market is less most likely to utilize. If you have fans on your Facebook page, have a look at the material that engages them the most:

This sort of client feedback will assist you make your advertisements more targeted by selecting the ideal advertisement positionings.

.3. Advertisement Type Matters.

You can utilize the statistics from Facebook Insights to identify the advertisement type that will drive the most engagement. According to the choices of your target market, you can pick among 3 advertisement formats:

You can likewise select an existing post that has actually driven the most engagement to utilize as a paid advertisement with awareness or factor to consider goal, for example.

Your attention must likewise be concentrated on text that will accompany your advertisement. Facebook sets the text that you utilize as your business description by default. You can, nevertheless, alter this text to make your PPC project more targeted.

On Facebook, you can likewise produce multilingual advertisements. If you choose to run your PPC projects in numerous languages, you will require to utilize localization strategies. ““ By localizing your advertisements, you make them culturally proper and clearer for the addressee””, states Neightan White, a marketing supervisor at The Word Point , a worldwide translation business.

Running PPC projects in a number of languages diversifies your digital marketing technique and enables you to target market abroad, hence, increasing brand name awareness and audience engagement.


Despite all Facebook debates, PPC ad on Facebook is certainly here to remain. It’’ s shown to be one of the finest strategies to target any audience.

By selecting the ideal goal, advertisement positioning choices, and advertisement types, you’’ ll have the ability to produce a PPC project that will bring you brand-new clients, boost brand name direct exposure, boost traffic, drive leads, and assist you create more profits.

Hopefully, our ideas will assist you structure your PPC project on Facebook to target market, drive engagement and increase conversions.


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