30 Reddit Stats and Facts to Know in 2020

Since it released in 2005, Reddit has actually stayed a secret to lots of online marketers .

The user-influenced platform , which welcomes conversation and neighborhood engagement, instead of content development or branding is greatly various from other networks– like Facebook or Instagram– where brand names naturally discover their specific niche.

But, in the previous couple of years, Reddit’s made efforts to acquire more attention from brand names. Aside from presenting a variety of marketing offerings , Reddit’s likewise introduced functions such as video streaming and video hosting , which have actually allowed the platform to progress from the text-based format it’s been understood for.

While Reddit’s user-oriented platform may be too hard for little to medium-sized service online marketers today, it’s still progressing. The platform is likewise loving Gen-Z and millennial audiences that may be utilizing that platform to make acquiring choices in the future in life.

At the minute, we do not motivate you to put all your cash into Reddit advertisements or a neighborhood supervisor to develop subreddits simply. It’s still clever to keep an eye on platforms that might provide strong marketing chances in the future.

To keep you notified and assist you make tactical social networks choices, here’s a list of 30 appealing and valuable Reddit statistics associated with the business, its user base, and what it requires to engage audiences on the platform.

.General Stats.Reddit exceeded 330 million month-to-month active users in 2017. ( Reddit )The website gets more than 21 billion regular monthly screen views. ( Reddit )6% of online grownups are Reddit users ( Pew Research Center ).Reddit was established in 2005 and obtained by Condé Nast in 2006. ( Crunchbase )While Reddit was apparently cost in between $10-$ 20 million , the business’s appraisal grew to 1.8 billion after 2017 financing rounds. ( CNBC )Demographics.Gen Z comprises 26% of Reddit Users. ( Reddit Blog ).Reddit is mainly male. 15% of male web users in between 18 to 29 state they utilize Reddit. ( Pew Research Center ).Just 10% of female web users under 50 state they utilize Reddit. ( Pew Research Center ). portion of young males who utilize reddit according to Pew Research Center

Source: Pew Research Center

.51% of Reddit users are from the U.S. ( Search Engine Journal ).42% have a college degree ( Pew Research Center ).35% make $75,000 or more a year. ( Pew Research Center ).Over 70% of users speak English. ( Search Engine Journal ).Reddit is utilized more by rural and metropolitan citizens while just 2% of web users in backwoods utilize the platform. ( Pew Research Center ).User Behavior.44% of Reddit’s month-to-month active users access the website through mobile app or mobile web browser. ( Search Engine Journal ).Reddit gets more than 46.7 million everyday searches. ( Search Engine Journal ).Users send more than 10 million posts regular monthly. ( Search Engine Journal ).The discussion-based platform has more than 130,000 active neighborhoods . ( Reddit )51% of Gen-Z users state they’re brought in to the platform’s user-driven functions, such as subreddits, remarks, and upvotes . ( Reddit Blog ).When it comes to discovering more about items, 82% of Gen-Z individuals state they rely on Reddit. ( Reddit Blog ). Reddit states Gen Z trusts reddit when it pertains to item research study

Source: Reddit Blog

.Videos on Reddit.Within a year of introducing video hosting in 2017, Reddit’s native video audiences reached 1.4 billion regular monthly. ( Reddit Blog) .In 2018, video watching time grew by 38%: Total users went from seeing 400,000 hours of natively hosted video every day to more than 13 million hours of video regular monthly. ( Reddit Blog ).50% of Reddit audiences under 34 watch short, “snack-sized” videos more frequently than longer-form material. ( Reddit Blog) .In 2018, 3 of Reddit’s 5 highest-performing posts consisted of videos while one consisted of a picture. ( Reddit Blog ).Engaging Content and Hot Topics.In a 2019 research study of 60,000 Reddit posts, those in between 60 and 80 characters get 8,600 upvotes. ( Foundation Inc. ).The research study likewise discovered that posts under 120 characters get more upvotes than posts above the character count. ( Foundation inc. ). Foundation Inc. Typical Title Length of leading posts on Reddit

Source: Foundation Inc.

.Posts with concerns create two times as numerous remarks as posts without them. Oppositely, posts without concerns get more upvotes than posts with them. ( Foundation Inc. ).The leading 2 neighborhoods in 2018 were associated with the smash hit movie, Avengers: Infinity War . ( Reddit Blog ).2 of the most commented-on subreddits of 2018 associated to computer game. ( Reddit Blog ).4 of Reddit’s leading Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) threads in 2018 talked about politics while the most interesting thread included Bill Gates. ( Reddit Blog ).Aside from motion pictures, like Infinity War, among Reddit’s most popular subjects is innovation. In 2018, Reddit reported that all of its tech-related subreddits integrated got more than 27 million distinct month-to-month visitors and 284 regular monthly views. ( Reddit Blog ). Chart revealing concerns get 2x more discuss Reddit from Foundation Inc. Questions get less upvotes on reddit chart from structure inc.

Source: Foundation Inc.

.Takeaways from Reddit Stats.

If you’re an online marketer in a field associated to customer items, particularly innovation, you may not desire to count out Reddit simply. As we’ve gained from the statistics above, youths, particularly in Gen Z are relying on the platform and utilizing as a source for item research study .

If your business has a great deal of terrific video material, you likewise may not wish to cross out the platform. In Reddit’s 2018 evaluation, the business stated, ” Video is King” when it concerned engaging posts. As we’ve seen on other socials media, online video, particularly in a mobile format , is being accepted a lot more greatly than it has in the past. It may be worth it to check out the concept of a Reddit video technique if you ever have additional time or resources readily available to you due to the fact that of this.

If you’re truly thinking about checking out material on Reddit, however do not understand where to begin, it can be handy to get motivation from brand names who’ve currently prospered there. In this post , you can take a look at a couple of excellent examples.

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