How these companies can help you modernize your applications

David Rizzo, VP of item engineering at CompuwareCompuware provides extremely ingenious services and combinations that allow IT specialists of all ability levels to handle mainframe applications, information and platform operations with ease and dexterity. As mainframe work continue to grow and platform stewardship shifts to cross-platform DevOps groups, supplying typical tools that automate, incorporate and step are crucial to empowering any IT expert to be efficient on the mainframe, no matter experience.

As the Mainframe Partner for the Next 50 Years, each quarter we offer consumers with net-new abilities and improvements to existing items that empower them to mainstream the mainframe, so they can totally utilize their mainframe financial investments and innovate on the platform.

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Our Topaz suite of advancement and screening options —– which mainly consists of Topaz for Program Analysis, Topaz for Enterprise Data and Topaz for Total Test —– makes it possible for designers to imagine and examine programs; handle and prepare test information; and automate system, practical, combination and regression screening all within an up-to-date Eclipse-based advancement environment. ISPW, Compuware’’ s mainframe CI/CD tool, empowers users to rapidly and securely comprehend, construct, test and release mainframe code.

Importantly, our tools incorporate with a myriad of preferred DevOps tools from business like Atlassian, Jenkins, SonarSource and XebiaLabs, Elastic, BMC and more. Our company believe the only method to be really Agile is to incorporate mainframe-focused tools into a multi-vendor, cross-platform DevOps toolchain of option.

Our complete item portfolio covering advancement and operations, together with combinations, make sure consumers can continue to advance mainframe advancement quality, speed and performance in assistance of customer-facing digital development.

Monte Zweben, CEO and co-founder of Splice Machine.Entwine Machine is the platform to extend the performance and update of your tradition applications in record time. These applications require to scale to petabytes by leveraging brand-new information sources and make smart choices based upon that information.

Companies are hurrying to improve their applications that were composed on tradition innovation years back. To change their applications, business are either relocating to the cloud, using microservices, or restoring them on a NoSQL database. Each technique has its special benefits and drawbacks. By transferring to the cloud, business can make their applications nimble, however it is a workout in facilities optimization that doesn’’ t basically enhance company results. Utilizing microservices and containerization can assist business quickly release applications however doesn’’ t take advantage of expert system. Replatforming the app on a NoSQL database improves its scalability by accommodating huge quantities of information, however needs the application to be composed from scratch, which increases its intricacy greatly.

Splice Machine is a smart SQL platform that makes it possible for business to be nimble, data-rich, and wise. Entwine Machine’’ s method is to move the application to its scalable platform without the threat and expenditure of re-writing. Enterprises have the versatility to combine service analytics on the exact same platform and after that inject expert system and artificial intelligence natively. Now varied applications throughout markets can make much better choices much faster utilizing more varied and substantial information sets. With Splice Machine, business can update their applications in a matter of months versus weeks or years utilizing other innovations.

Bill Oakes, head of item marketing for API management and microservices at Broadcom Inc., and David McNierney, item marketing leader at Broadcom.Broadcom offers an extensive modernization portfolio to make it possible for business to improve their tradition mainframe back-ends with modern-day front-ends, consisting of mobile, cloud, and IoT.

Broadcom’’ s Layer7 is a complete lifecycle API management option that allows API designers to construct digital properties from systems of record by incorporating existing applications in APIs, improving mainframe services, linking to tradition properties, or constructing brand-new microservices. For front-end designers, Layer7 offers client-native SDKs that manage the security operations for each runtime deal. The designer can concentrate on developing a wonderful user experience while the option secures the channel, handles authentication and permission utilizing native interactions and biometrics, and allows functions that would not otherwise be possible.

Broadcom’’ s CA Brightside supplies enterprise-grade assistance for, and extensions, to the Zowe structure. A contemporary, open source user interface to the mainframe, Zowe provides a command-line user interface (CLI) comparable to the ones supplied by cloud platforms like AWS and Azure, and an API Mediation Layer that break down the tradition mainframe silo.

CA Endevor, the dominant mainframe SCM, now provides CA Endevor Bridge for Git. When integrated with Zowe, this enables contemporary designers to utilize IDEs like Visual Studio Code and GitHub without interrupting their coworkers utilizing tradition tool.

By embracing Zowe with CA Brightside and CA Endevor Bridge for Git, mainframe and dispersed groups can team up more carefully while lining up on typical devops tools and practices.””

Our group of specialists will assist your company develop a strong API program technique and get rid of organizational, cultural, and technical difficulties to guarantee an effective rollout.

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