[Year in Review 2020] ‘Stories bring ideas to life’ – 50 inspiring quotes on the power and practice of storytelling

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Drawn from our thorough protection of India &#x 2019; s start-up environment, we provide 50 quotes on storytelling in action. We have actually divided these quotes into 9 classifications: the power of storytelling, effects, practice, pandemic age, service, entrepreneurship, imagination, the India story, and patterns.

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 1 The power of storytelling

Stories bring concepts to life. – Jean Storlie and Mimi Sherlock, &#x 2018; Once Upon an Innovation &#x 2019;

Every fantastic leader is both a magician and a writer. The best leaders are fluent in the art and science of story. – Michael Margolis, '’S tory 10x'’

If you take a look at the favorable side of every occasion and individuals, there is constantly a story inside. And there is hope. –  &#xA 0; Sudha Murty, Infosys Foundation

Storytelling can bring individuals together and can be a voice when you frequently can &#x 2019; t discover the words.- Ridhima Lulla, Eros Group

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One of the hardest things that human beings do is inform fascinating, interesting, and motivating stories.It’s a lever that can change the world when youget it rightAlter- Jeff Bezos, Amazon

When you narrate with dispute and genuine lead characters, it brings with it the power to encourage individuals.- Joshua Shabtai, Lowe’s Innovation Labs

Stories impart knowledge and compassion from various perspectives that jointly expose possibilities and patterns.- Jean Storlie, &#x 2018; Once Upon an Innovation &#x 2019;

If story is magic, vulnerability is the magic wand that releases authentic connection with our audiences.- Miri Rodriguez, &#x 2018; Brand Storytelling &#x 2019;

Creativity finishes the art of storytelling that your Annual Report does on behalf of your business.- Hussain Kalolwala, K&A

One manner in which groups cohere is through storytelling.- Daniel Pink,’ When’

All the populists around the globe, whether it &#x 2019; s Erdogan or Modi or Trump are talented writers. They can inform an incorrect story well and the only method they can be battled is by informing a real story much better.- Suketu Mehta, &#x 2018; This Land is Our Land &#x 2019;

 2 The practice of storytelling

Storytelling isn &#x 2019; t about the present of the gab; it has to do with thinking in the story you inform.- Shan Kadavil, FreshToHome

The narrative strike home on the other side. It needs to originate from the heart and needs to combine with the compound of your organization strategy easily &#x 2013; so that it ends up being a part of you.- Anup Jain, Orios Venture Partners

Original material is the foundation of producing remarkable stories that resonate with the audience long after the program is over.- Prashanti Malisetti, Pixel Pictures

There is constantly science, art, and magic in storytelling, and discipline ties all of it together.- Sameer Nair, Applause Entertainment

Read your audience initially prior to crafting your story and struck where their requirement is.- Akhila Deshpande, Prime Venture Partners

The huge issue is, services squeak about successes, however none on failures. It is not simple to find out of the business bloopers and acquire experience therefrom.- Robin Banerjee,’ Who Blunders and How’

Celebrate failure stories and broad-base the knowing within the organisation. Remove worry of failure.- Richard Lobo, Tata Chemicals

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Government medical facility employees likewise require to be secured and individuals require to understand the story about these field employees.- Shivang Tayal, Tayal Foundation

Every day we are hearing brave stories of how those on the frontlines are working all the time to secure the general public. – Ruchee Anand, LinkedIn

As a remedy for long days in front of a computer system with minimal chances for table talks, storytelling supplies an easy method for colleagues to get in touch with each other and deal with seclusion. – Mimi Sherlock, &#x 2018; Once Upon an Innovation &#x 2019;

Customers are searching for brand names that can link and communicate basic stories to their thinking in the post COVID world.- Durga Madhab Dash, Styched

During this pandemic, storytelling has actually taken the popular marketing technique tagline &#x 201C; humanise your brand name &#x 201D; to the next level.- Miri Rodriguez, &#x 2018; Brand Storytelling &#x 2019;

Collaboration is an important part of journalism &#x 2019; s reaction to a story as comprehensive and complex as COVID-19. – Alexios Mantzarlis, Google News Lab

 3 Storytelling and service

Facts respond to the what. Stories assist you see the so what?- Jean Storlie and Mimi Sherlock, &#x 2018; Once Upon an Innovation &#x 2019;

Narrative drives whatever. Information is ineffective without analysis. Analysis is an art, and storytelling assists the procedure.- Ramya Ranganathan

Power of branding depend on the concept of storytelling.- Jalak Rawal, Monk Entertainment

If you #x &wear 2019; t shape your brand name story, then someone else will do it.- Meeta Malhotra, The Hard Copy

Narrative intelligence or skills has to do with having the ability to translate the story at a greater level than simply is what is being stated. A story can be translated in various methods.- Gabrielle Dolan, Stories for Work

The story of cash is woven into our extremely being, joining us, dividing us, offering us a sense of identity and certainly mapping individuals or the country &#x 2019; s powers, development, accomplishments and crises. – Rezwan Razack, Museum of Indian Paper Money

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The art of storytelling is an essential qualityfor an effective creator.- &Shekhar Kirani, Accel

Good start-up creators are great writers. Unless you have a great story, you #x &won 2019; t have the ability to stimulate any interests.- Saurabh Jain, Paytm

Every over night success is a 5 to 10-year-old story, and takes the blood and sweat of numerous employee.- Ritesh Agarwal, OYO Rooms

As much as it is the creator &#x 2019; s task to inform the ideal story, it likewise is the financier &#x 2019; s task to generate the best things in a pitch.- Rajat Agarwal, Matrix Partners India

Pitching is more about having a discussion or narrating, rather than going through a deck. – Karan Mohla, Chiratae Ventures

Stories about failures are kept under the covers. Start-up creators do not speak about it other than to their buddies.- Dhruv Nath, &#x 2018; Funding Your Start-Up &#x 2019;

Universities can just train, individuals must choose what they wish to do. What can truly move a great deal of excellent skill into this area is terrific success stories.- Ajay Maniar, Aavishkar Fund

 4 The India story

India’s digital story is now worldwide discussed; our IT specialists are being worldwide valued. India has actually ended up being the 3rd most significant start-up motion on the planet in the last 5 years.- IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad

When it pertains to the tech skilling landscape, information analysis is taking spotlight in India &#x 2019; s development story.- Srikripa Srinivasan, Dell Technologies

With a growing number of success stories coming out of India, we will connect to foreign markets. We are relocating the ideal instructions.- Pankaj Makkar, Bertelsmann India Investments

Just as we state that a bird with one wing can not fly, females that comprise majority the population of India should likewise belong to the development story.- Jahnabi Phookan, FICCI FLO

We are a country of writers, and if kids all over can have access to a story with simply a click, we are close to fulfilling that social objective.- Rohini Nilekani, &#x 2018; The Hungry Little Sky Monster &#x 2019;

Weavers constantly have a story to inform. Like why he picked a specific colour. Why was a saree not in pink or green however in red or blue?- Nishant Malhotra, WeaverStory.com

. READ. Data storytelling: how to affect action through story arcs and significant insights. . Imagination in storytelling

Well-executed branded podcasts are not about simply the podcast, however about whatever from method to research study to storytelling to circulation.- Karthik Vijayakumar, Design Your Thinking Labs

Podcasts have actually become a clear favourite amongst&lots of listeners, with storytelling,&funny, devotional, inspiring, and kids being the leading categories.- Prashan Agarwal, Gaana

Unlike an unique or a work of non-fiction, a collection of narratives is generally from various points in your life. – Nisha Susan

If you check out, your book is sort of your buddy, due to the fact that it’s like the book is informing you its story, and you &#x 2019; re the listener.- Natalie Portman

Music and stories work together. There’s a particular rhythm to a story and a specific story to a tune. They merge each other.- Anmol Malik, &#x 2018; Three Impossible Wishes &#x 2019;

Storytelling, tunes, and other imaginative media are even more enticing to kids when finding something brand-new, as versus simple direction. – Sneha Sundaram, Kutuki

 5 The roadway ahead

Data-driven decision-making is the greatest competitive differentiator in today &#x 2019; s world and storytelling can play a substantial function in sensemaking and choice making.- Sejal Vora, ‘D ata Storytelling’

Immersive storytelling will quickly be the next frontier where brand names will include holograms, interactive applications, and wearable tech to their brand name storytelling experience.- Miri Rodriguez, &#x 2018; Brand Storytelling &#x 2019;

In this years, credibility is going to count a lot. Unimportant items and stories will not matter. – Philip Alexander, Auravedic

From your neighbour to your mom, instructor to even your buddy, every lady has a story. On a side note, guys likewise have stories, however the obstacles a lady deals with, compared to that of a guy, are reasonably large.- Nitya Rathi, Rebel Girls

The chance is as huge as a broad canvas, it depends on us to paint the story we wish to paint. – Vijay Swaminathan, Draup

YourStory has actually likewise released the wallet &#x 2018; Proverbs and Quotes for Entrepreneurs: A World of Inspiration for Startups &#x 2019; as a inspirational and innovative guide for innovators( downloadable as apps here: Apple , Android ).

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