What is a API? (The Simple Definition)

An API is not to be puzzled with an IPA (which is worth and scrumptious discussing, however not here and now). While both can be sour and leave you feeling a little lightheaded, when done right, they can really improve your experience .

API means Application Programming Interface. Now, I understand that sounds technical and really complicated, however it simply implies a user interface, or method/way, for 2 pieces of software application to interact. In this short article, we’’ ll keep our concentrate on online software application– sites.


There is a multitude of APIs in usage on almost every significant site you can think about consisting of Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

 sign-in-wigh-google-facebook These all usage and supply methods for other sites and tools to take in each other’’ s information and extend their services.

. If you ’ ve ever signed into an app or service utilizing your Facebook or Google qualifications, you’’ ve remained in the existence of an API.

.Here’’ s an Example to Illustrate …

An API can be compared to your bank’’ s ATM( Automated Teller Machine).

Just like an API, banks will make them available so you can get your balance, withdraw money and pay at your benefit.

Before you can do anything, however, you’’ ll requirement to verify (utilize your card and put in your PIN) so the bank understands you’’ re licensed to negotiate.

Similarly, with an API, you’’ ll send out a demand to the system in addition to your authentication and, if you’’ re licensed, you’’ ll get the information you asked for– the cash loan.

Just like it’’ s approximately you what to do with the money, when it comes to information, you ’ re complimentary to consume/display it as you please. This manages a chance to keep your site lean and assists drive concentrate on what is essential– your client’’ s experience.


Still, if you ’ re site makes usage of a content management system like WordPress or HubSpot , there’’ ll be a database powering your website which holds all of your personal information.

As an online marketer, you’’d be utilizing APIs to extend the services readily available to your site visitors.

For example, an online home mortgage calculator may be an expensive thing to have actually established by yourself.

Well, there are APIs readily available that deal methods to send out over a demand with a couple of criteria you’’d gather from your consumer by means of a kind. The API will return an estimation which you can rapidly show. In most cases, you wouldn’’ t even need to revitalize the page.

Pretty cool?

.Various Types of APIs.

Not all APIs are the exact same. Below are the 3 methods you might categorize them:

.1. Open/ Public.

A public API is most likely what initially enters your mind when you consider APIs: the Twitter API, Facebook API, Google Maps API, and more.

These are offered for usage by anybody and are generally used as a method to extend services (i.e. having the ability to include an interactive map to your site powered by the Google’’ s Map API .)

In some cases, usage of Open/Public APIs is complimentary, while others need subscription or payment.

.2. Partner (Available to Only Select Individuals).

Forming collaborations is an effective method to assist entities grow.

As such, partnering to utilize information in such a way that advantages numerous celebrations can likewise be extremely helpful. Great deals of business partner to establish methods to share information by means of an API that can be re-worked to serve each other’’ s requirements.


For example, an API that gathers confidential information from health tracking tools (high blood pressure, temperature level, and so on) can be accessed and re-purposed to evaluate patterns serve advances in the medical field.

.3. Internal/ Private (Not for Public or External Use At All).

Like the name recommends, these are internal and indicated just to be adequate an extremely particular use-case.

Here at IMPACT, we utilize internal APIs to enhance our procedure for a variety of aspects in our web structure ventures.

Other companies utilize personal APIs to offer a particular user interface that their customer dealing with items can utilize as an info foundation. Have a look at the following illustration to see an extremely basic example.

 Illustration-APIWhat are APIs Meant to Do?

Reiterating the point made above, APIs are incredibly helpful to designers of all type of software application (and online marketers) due to the fact that they offer a method to firmly share abstracted information and display/use it in the method you require to.

This makes the interaction a lot more effective and needs to assist keep your front-end software application running lean and indicate.

For online marketers, the resulting capability to stay nimble with your messaging and your style is exceptionally advantageous due to the fact that it allows you to produce the finest possible experience for your consumers.

Plus, you can extend your own services by leveraging using a much broader spectrum of offered choices on the marketplace.

Do you wish to pull your Twitter feed into your site? There’’ s an API for that.


Want to reveal your consumers keep areas based upon their existing area? There’’ s a GEOLocation API for that.

Want e-mails input into your web forms verified on the area? You thought it– there’’ s an API for that, too.


At IMPACT, we do our best to take advantage of these services depending upon our consumer’’ s objectives, target personality, and requires. We’’ ve carried out numerous these combinations to take full advantage of the worth we can empower our clients to use their consumers and are constantly thrilled to discover brand-new, advanced ones.

.Where Do I Sign Up?

That’’ s the important things– an API is not the brand-new thing that we can utilize for an’uptick in sales or viewership; it ’ s not a hot pattern or brand-new function.

APIs finest serve your particular requirements as they show up.

If you require to incorporate 2 services you currently utilize, then it’’ s a great concept to check out making use of an API to simplify the usage of those 2 services. If they are working for you separately, there’’ s no factor to attempt and wed them for the input of details, however it may be helpful for the extraction of info.

.If they were able to interact with each other, #ppppp> Think about the tools you utilize and possibly which would work much better or develop a much better experience. I’’d put loan on there being an API for that.

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