Watch: The State of Internet Marketing in 2019

The internet is the fastest way for any practice to connect with new clients and generate new sources of revenue. For that reason, law firms must invest in digital marketing campaigns that have an impact. Unfortunately, creating these campaigns is easier said than done because today’s clients are complex and unpredictable. That complexity means firms need to be more aggressive in their marketing if they’re to remain visible, viable, and appealing among the multitude of choices clients have at their fingertips.

In this video, we’ll explore what’s happening in legal marketing right now and what’s coming in the year ahead so you can capture more attention, increase your appeal to potential clients, and strengthen your bottom line. In this webinar, you’ll also learn how:

Learning Objectives:

• Emerging digital trends are shifting the landscape of legal marketing and what you can do today that leverages these trends to generate new clients
• The shift in client expectations is forcing law firms to rethink their case acquisition strategies
• Technology is altering how Americans engage with digital content and what your practice must do to keep pace


Peter Webb – Senior Vice President of Sales

Peter Webb is the Senior Vice President of Sales at Scorpion. He has been at the company since its inception and has nearly two decades of experience helping law firms develop tailored marketing and business plans so they can better achieve the growth and case acquisitions they want. He has two daughters and spends time golfing, reading, BBQing, and cooking. Peter currently lives in Southern California, and is often educating attorneys and legal professionals at industry conferences and seminars.

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