Three resources to stay relevant … and more

Too short for a blog post, too interesting to not pass along, here are some quick observations from the world of marketing …

Stay relevant

We’re all fighting to stay relevant in our careers. Here are three unmissable resources that are working for me.

A couple of years ago I wrote how subscribing to Medium was a good value and a key method I stay relevant. Medium introduces me to an array of diverse ideas and provocative new writers. It keeps getting better as I fine-tune my needs. And I love the way they are rewarding their creators.
I love learning about Gen Z. They are inspiring and quirky. A great resource for this is JUV. I subscribe to their newsletter to connect to youthful new ideas and trends. Will probably blow your mind on something every week.
Azeem Azhar has one of the best newsletters out there, Exponential View. He has a free and premium subscription. He covers every relevant trend and I learn something new every week. The premium version opens up community discussions and other exclusive content.

The $2 billion man

A few months ago, I highlighted Live Commerce as one of the megatrends to watch in the coming months.

Recently an influencer in China sold nearly $2 billion in goods on one day on a live streaming show. Are you considering this strategy for your business?

Live streaming, eCommerce, and influencers are coming together quickly. Mathew Sweezey of Salesforce and I discussed this in a Marketing Companion episode. This is an unmissable discussion. This future is converging QUICKLY!

The $2,000 man

I recently received this email (and I’m not joking):

“I have been paid $2,000 to kill you. Double the amount and I won’t do it.”

This is stupid, but chilling nonetheless. I dutifully reported this to law authorities.

But it made me wonder … $2,000??? Is that it??? Does this goon know how many TWITTER FOLLOWERS I HAVE? : )

Just plain dumb.

Allstate Insurance has new commercials on heavy rotation touting their “new lower rates.” I literally cannot hate these commercials any more. How does this claim of lower prices make current customers feel?

“How long have I been over-paying?”

“If you could offer lower rates, why didn’t I get them last year during the pandemic when I really needed them?”

Here is a company that has spent untold millions building their brand into a household name and in one fell swoop, they turned themselves into a commodity by competing on price. It’s like Tiffany’s becoming Walmart. Their brand seems lost.

Crypto in the house

I recently announced that I’ve launched a creator coin called $RISE on the network. It’s been a lot of fun figuring out this new world and trying to envision how I fit in that world.

If you like my work, I hope you’ll consider checking out my coin on Rally. I’m offering several attractive crypto-based offers there, including discounts on my classes and books. The offers will change weekly.

You don’t need any crypto experience to join. Believe me, I’m speaking from experience! More details here (plus an offer to get a free coin!).

I have some BIG ideas on how I can use this coin to help worthy people RISE above the noise. Probably have some announcements in January. Stay tuned!


Is Clubhouse still a thing? I have not been on the app in six months. I’m too busy.

I actually love Clubhouse for personal reasons, not marketing reasons, but it’s falling off my content consumption list. What’s your view?

Power of the spike

A few weeks ago I wrote about the power of the spiky point of view.  The spiky point of view …

Can be debated.
Isn’t controversial for the sake of it.
Teaches your audience something relevant they don’t already know.
Is rooted in evidence, but it doesn’t have to be a proven fact or universal truth.
Requires conviction.

This came to life for me when I wrote a post called Please. Let’s not start with why. This post took on conventional marketing wisdom about starting a marketing narrative with the company “why.”  I wasn’t being controversial to be controversial. I was just stating common sense.

I was rewarded for taking this stand as this article went viral and was my most popular article in at least two years. While 95 percent of the readers applauded the post, I did get some good-natured backlash so it required conviction. More importantly, I think I added to a necessary marketing conversation.

Still me …

I experimented with an AI automated writing site that claims it can compose blog posts as good as a human. It was terrible. I suppose it might “create content” but that’s not the same as blogging for people who care about you.

Until further notice, it’s still me : )

Now playing

I’ve committed to doing a little more video content this year and I had some fun with this one …


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