The Best Subject Lines Have Curves

Jennifer Lopez has them. Kim Kardashian certainly has them. And every subject line must have them. I’’ m discussing curves: They’’ re the trick to the success of not simply your preferred celebs, however likewise the most reliable subject lines.

You’’ re most likely questioning how a subject line can have curves? The C.U.R.V.E. formula was produced by Alex Williams, the Creative Director &&Digital Strategy Director at Trendline Interactive, who invested years evaluating and composing e-mail topic lines. It means Curiosity, Urgency, Emotion, worth and significance.

According to Mr. Williams, an excellent subject line should have at least 2 of the 5 C.U.R.V.E. components to be successful in accomplishing high open rates. I’’ ve broken everything down for you here:


Human beings wonder animals by nature. When crafting a marketing e-mail, you must utilize a subject line that represents that there is something to be found.

Example: Here’’ s what takes place when you getaway in Maui.Example: This is what high-end must seem like

But, workout care. Don’’ t pledge something in the subject line that the e-mail itself does not provide. Deceptive individuals into opening your e-mails will harm your reliability and they most likely won’’ t open your next e-mail.

. Seriousness.

When individuals feel a sense of seriousness, they’’ re most likely to make choices rapidly. No one wishes to seem like they’’ ve lost out on a fantastic chance or deal.

Example: Now’’ s your opportunity! Sale ends tomorrow.

Keep in mind that seriousness is just reliable when it’’ s connected with significance and/or worth. If you’’ re going to provide a sale, ensure to provide more readily available dates than black-out dates. Otherwise, you might likewise harm your reliability.


It’’ s simpler stated than done, however the material you send to your customers must be as appropriate to them as possible. Sending out a project with the subject line ““ The ideal summer season household trip waits for” ” to a customer with no kids is a proven method to get them to unsubscribe.

Instead, you wish to sector your customers into groups based upon their requirements and choices. You have unlimited quantities of information on your previous visitors saved in your PMS. Utilize it to your benefit. Clients at Revinate have actually discovered loads of success when segmenting their database by location, previous stay dates, and rate codes, simply among others.


The most essential concern you can ask yourself when crafting a subject line is, ““ If I were the recipient, would this be of worth to me?””


If you wish to develop excellent relationships with the visitors in your e-mail database, you need to constantly offer worth and request really little in return.


It’’ s obvious that people make choices based more on feeling than reasoning. That’’ s why it ’ s so crucial to activate the best feelings in individuals, hence driving them to do something about it and open your email.

One of the very best methods to do that is to interest their senses by utilizing words that communicate sight, noise, odor, touch, and taste.

Here are some examples:

Sight –– Water so blue, you need to see it with your own eyes.Noise –– Fall asleep to the noises of waves crashing. Update to an ocean view.Touch –– Feel the warm sand in between your toes this winter season.Taste –– Everything tastes much better in paradise.Odor –– Wake up and smell the pineapple

Keep these ideas in mind the next time you compose a subject line, and you’’ ll stay ahead of the curve!

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