The 4 Types of Sales You Should Know

Creating a video for sales is as easy as pushing record.

There are a number of various kinds of sales videos to pick from. Every one is matched to various objectives and fits at various points in your sales cycle .

And, the more specifically you match your format to your possibility’’ s state of mind or sales phase, the more reliable your sales videos will be.

The most efficient design of video depends upon your usage case and the message you’’ re attempting to provide. Cam videos are terrific for presenting yourself and providing brief, tailored messages to develop a relationship. Screen capture videos—– with or without your cam switched on—– can be more flexible, providing an excellent method to provide a longer message or to share understanding. With screen records, you can quickly include supporting visuals to describe how you can fix their issues, stroll them through an agreement proposition, show your item, and more. It’’ s everything about having the ability to inform and reveal!

profile image for Michelle Benfer Michelle BenferHubSpotVP of SalesContents1. The Screen Share Video 2. The Webcam Video (a.k.a. Selfie Video) 3. The Marketing-Personalized Video 4. The Video Playlist Master video for sales with the Vidyard Video Selling Master Class Master Video for Sales Master video for sales with the Vidyard Video Selling Master Class In simply 20 minutes, you can acquire the principles to successfully offer utilizing video Sign up Free 1. The Screen Share Video

Great for: Explanations, item walkthroughs, e-mail prospecting

Screen share recordings enable you to inform and reveal, and are perfect for descriptions—– like the factor for your outreach.

Sales representatives frequently utilize screen shares as part of their video outreach to examine the possibility’’ s LinkedIn profile to describe why they ’ re a perfect purchaser or to explore their site to highlight locations where the seller can assist.

If the sales representative evaluates something the possibility will acknowledge, like their own profile, the representative can utilize that image to customize the thumbnail to make it additional interesting.

Reps can likewise tape demonstration videos to stroll potential customers through a specific function or advantage. Demo videos stand out at persuading uncertain potential customers to devote to a longer call or getting rid of the requirement for a 3rd or 2nd live demonstration to speed the offer along.

Take your screen share to the next level by tape-recording on your cam at the exact same time and including your face to the corner of your video. This can be a terrific method to provide complicated details like a rates proposition or demonstration while keeping things individual and putting a face to your name.

Free Screen RecordingEasily record and share your screen. Get It Free

Before taping a screen share video:

Turn off alerts and close unassociated or unimportant tabsOrganize the recording circulation (such as putting your tabs in the order you’’ ll discuss them) ahead of timeOptional: Do a trial run beforehandHow Long Should My Sales Video Be?

Always adjust to the scenario. If you’’ re attempting to get your foot in the door, 45 seconds is most likely plenty. If you’’ ve invested months together in a dragged out sales cycle and you’’ re attempting to address a concern for their IT group, 20 minutes might be completely appropriate.

Here are some rough standards:

Cold Outreach Video: 30 to 45 secondsExplainer Video: 90 seconds maximumDemo Video: 6 minutes optimal

Curious for how long other videos should be? Discover more about video length .

2. The Webcam Video (a.k.a. Selfie Video)

Great for: Introductions, constructing relationships, e-mail prospecting

In a web cam video, a sales representative records themselves speaking with the video camera. It’’ s the next finest thing to an in-person interaction: It takes a trip anywhere an e-mail does, however makes you deal with time where potential customers would otherwise just learn more about you through cold-hard text.

Because web cam videos acquaint potential customers with your voice and face, they start the relationship early. And since they transfer feeling, they’’ re revealed to boost potential customers ’ attention and recall .

You can likewise utilize props to include an aspect of customization or capture audience attention.

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Like all outreach, web cam videos need to pertain to make actions. Representatives must intend to intrigue potential customers into clicking their video by choosing a fascinating thumbnail that includes a little character and customization—– like an indication with their name on it, or the representative holding up among their business’’ s items.

Once the video starts, solve to the point of how you can assist.

Pro Tips for Sales Videos

Take your sales videos to the next level with these pointers.

Use a GIF as the video thumbnail , like Bizible Insert customized graphics, like League End videos with a link to book time on your calendarRemember to compose it out too—– often potential customers can’’ t see a video with noise on, so make certain to draw up (a minimum of a few of) your worth proposal in your e-mail or message in addition to sending out the video. Including captions is another terrific method to attain this.3. The Marketing-Personalized Video

Great for: Driving leads and engagement at scale

Marketers can assist sales associates perform individualized outreach on a huge scale. A marketing group with a video platform can place customized bits—– such as the potential customers’ ’ name or the sales associate ’ s LinkedIn headshot– into a pre-recorded video, and after that end the video with a link to the sales representative’’ s calendar.

The outcome is a video that seems like it was developed simply for the recipient and leads them to schedule a call.

Below is an example of a video produced by Vidyard’’ s own marketing group including among its outgoing sales associates, Jacob.

While it might appear like this video was tape-recorded simply for ““ Jesse, ” the name on the white boards is among numerous components that can be customized, on the fly, for any private recipient.

Watch the variation individualized for ‘‘ Jesse ’ at Jess Kidding listed below, then take a look at the 2nd video in the playlist to see the exact same video individualized for ‘‘ Stephanie ’ at Steph Digital.

A method like this can be an effective method to utilize the power of customized video at scale.

thumbnail revealing what customized video appears like Get Your Own Personalized Video Campaign thumbnail revealing what individualized video appears like Capture attention and stand apart by weaving specific audience information (like names) right into your video. Learn More 4. The Video Playlist

Great for: Saving time, making pre-recorded videos feel individual

With video prospecting software application , sales associates can not just tape-record their own videos, however likewise include them into a playlist, making it simple for them to utilize of all the terrific marketing videos your business currently has.

Video playlists are excellent for conserving time: Salespeople can offer individualized intros to explainer videos they or their sales experts have actually currently taped.

They can likewise present marketing videos to describe why they believe they’’ re especially pertinent for the audience.

Master video for sales with the Vidyard Video Selling Master Class Master Video for Sales Master video for sales with the Vidyard Video Selling Master Class In simply 20 minutes, you can get the principles to successfully offer utilizing video Sign up Free

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