The 14 Critical Podcast Statistics of 2019

Podcast stats reveal a great deal of realities about contemporary customer habits and the increase of audio as a material marketing opportunity.

My buddies at Edison Research have actually launched their 2019 podcast stats through a brand-new research study called The Podcast Consumer 2019 . Performed with Triton Digital, this thorough report includes a lots of podcast stats that reveal development spikes sometimes, and extension of patterns that initially appeared in 2015. To see how podcast data have actually altered, visit my previous wrap-ups:

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 2019 podcast stats - The Podcast Consumer 2019 This year, I’ve taken out 14 of the most intriguing stats about podcasting from The Podcast Consumer 2019 research study. You’ll discover much more in the complete report, which I highly motivate you to download (no charge).

This research study was performed with 5,600+ Americans, ages 12 and up, and was stabilized to be a representative sample of age, ethnic background, place and gender.

.70% of Americans Have Heard of Podcasts.

This is up from 64% in 2018 podcast data and represents 197 million Americans. In simply the previous 12 months, around 20 million Americans found what a podcast is.

.51% of Americans (12 or older) Have Listened to a Podcast.

This is the tipping point. When a bulk of the nation favors something, adoption typically gains ground. See cannabis legalization, preferred now by 62% of the country .

Put a various method, 144 million Americans have actually listened to a podcast (20 million more than in 2015). 144 million individuals is approximately the equivalent of the overall population of Canada, PLUS the overall populations of New Zealand, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Nicaragua, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, and Slovakia!

.32% of Americans Listen to Podcasts Monthly.

Up from 26% in 2015, this is the greatest one year dive in regular monthly podcast listening. Totally 90 million Americans listen to podcasts a minimum of regular monthly, which is around the very same ratio as Americans who routinely go to church.

 2019 podcast data - month-to-month podcast listeners

.Almost One-Quarter of Americans Listen to Podcasts Weekly.

These 2019 podcast data reveal that 22% of Americans listen every week. This is a huge dive from 17% in 2015, and represents 62 million Americans. It’s likewise the biggest spike in weekly listenership ever taped in this research study, which goes back to 2013.

For contrast functions, almost FOUR TIMES more individuals listen to podcasts each week than enjoyed the Game of Thrones last season best.

Nearly 4X more individuals listen to podcasts each week than enjoyed the Game of Thrones last season best. Click To Tweet .Male Are More Devoted Podcast Listeners.

36% of American males (12 and older) listen to podcasts monthly, versus 29% of women.

.40% of Americans 54 or Younger Listen to Podcasts Monthly.

Across a large age variety, the ratio of podcast listening is 4 out of every 10 individuals. It’s fascinating that this “share of ear” is so constant whether you’re 18, 29, or 50 years old. This is a sign of a commonly adopted customer innovation: use ends up being prevalent amongst youths initially, followed by middle-aged Americans, and after that lastly by older individuals. It’s the very same pattern the Web itself saw, in addition to mobile phone adoption, Facebook use, and others.

 2019 podcast data - regular monthly listening by age

 40% of Americans 54 or Younger Listen to Podcasts Monthly

.Podcast Listeners Are Much More Likely to Earn $75,000+ each year.

According to these podcast data, month-to-month listeners are a reasonably upscale group. In the United States in general, 29% of families make $75,000 annually or above. Amongst podcast listeners, it’s 41%.

Podcast listeners are far more most likely to make $75,000+ annually. Click To Tweet .Regular Fans Listen to 7 Podcasts Per Week.

Among weekly podcast listeners, the typical variety of podcasts listened to each week is 7. Keep in mind that 14% of weekly listeners put their ears on 11 or more programs every week.

.Podcast Consumers Listen to Podcasts More Than Any Other Type of Audio.

Podcast listeners commit 28% of their audio usage time to podcasts, usually, with 24% assigned to AM/FM radio, 15% to streamed audio, and 13% to their owned music.

.Two-thirds of Podcast Consumers Most Often Listen on a Mobile Device.

Through the years of these podcast stats established by Edison Research, this has actually been among the greatest shifts, as podcast simply a couple of years ago were mainly listened to on a computer system. Now, a lot of programs are absorbed on the go. Keep in mind, that podcast listening through “ wise speaker ” (Amazon Alexa, et al) is now approximately 10%, after hardly signing up simply 2 years earlier.

.Majority of Podcast Consumers Have Multi-tasked While Listening.

One of the excellent motorists of podcast usage development is that podcasts are the supreme multi-tasking material format. Ever attempt to cut your yard while checking out a post? Or while seeing a YouTube video? Workable perhaps, however not suggested. Podcasts, nevertheless, you can take in while you’re doing other things, making them ideal to suit the exact same time window as other life activities.

These 2019 podcast data reveal that multi-tasking remains in full blast. 59% have actually listened while doing household chores. 52% while driving. 51% while cooking. And 46% while choosing a walk.

And, a lot more to the point, the NUMBER ONE factor individuals state they take pleasure in podcasts is due to the fact that “you can do other things while listening.”

Click To Tweet .78% of Podcast Fans Listen to More Than Half the Shows They Download.

Among podcast customers, a tremendous 58% listen to three-quarters or more of all the episodes they download by means of a podcast app. 20% of podcast customers listen to half to three-quarters of what they download. Usually speaking, if a podcast fan downloads a program, she or he listens to it. By the way, this is why it’s so essential to motivate listeners to sign up for the podcast.

.93% of Podcast Fans Listen to Most of an Episode.

This is a stunning podcast fact to me, and is excellent news for podcasters (like me). This research study reveals that 52% of listeners hear the whole episode, and 41% listen to the majority of the episode. This negates the concept that many podcast fans listen to simply the very first couple of minutes of a specific episode.

Note, nevertheless, that portion of podcast customers who listen to episodes (a minimum of on celebration) at quick speed increased from 19% to 26% in between 2018 and 2019. They’re listening, however they might be listening at fast-forward speeds!

.54% of Podcast Listeners Are More Likely to Consider Buying an Advertised Product.

This is likewise excellent news for podcasting as an advertising/sponsorship chance. In 2019, 17% of listeners state that becoming aware of a product and services on an episode makes them a lot more most likely to think about acquiring it, and a more 37% show they are rather most likely to do so.

( If we can assist you offer your service or products through our network of podcasts here at Convince &&Convert, let us understand. )

54% of podcast listeners are most likely to think about purchasing a marketed item. Click To Tweet

 2019 podcast data - intent to acquire

There are your 14 crucial podcast data for 2019. Definitely download the whole report .

Also, a pointer that I co-host the popular weekly Social Pros podcast , which covers how medium and big companies deal with social networks marketing. Convince &&Convert likewise produces The Content Experience podcast , which covers sophisticated material marketing techniques.

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