Stratasys Releases J5 MediJet 3D Printer for Medical Applications

Stratasys is continuing with its application-specific innovation technique, a strategy that Executive Editor Joris Peels has actually been passionate about , while likewise alerting about the prospective downsides for some devices. The current system launched by the 3D printing stalwart is the J5 MediJet , developed specifical for physiological designs, surgical guides, and medical tooling with biocompatible and sterilizable products.

The J5 MediJet 3D Printer from Stratasys. Image thanks to Stratasys.

Like the other application/vertical-specific systems, the MediJet is suggested to be a user friendly bundle, this time targeted towards the medical field. This suggests that, not just is it developed to be compact and cost-effective for little laboratory areas, however that designs and guides are accredited to be sterilizable and biocompatible. Stratasys declares that it 3D prints as much as 30 percent quicker than other printers, however does not define to which it is comparing this rate. Other functions consist of the truth that it consists of automated develop tray plan, corrections and assistance for the 3MF file format.

The printer is likewise licensed with 510-cleared DICOM division software application required for creating stated surgical guides and physiological designs. Products with which it can print consist of biocompatible photopolymers accredited for minimal contact with tissue and bone and long-term contact with undamaged skin (ISO 10993), in addition to for breathing gas paths (ISO 18562). Printed designs can then be disinfected utilizing Steam, Gamma and EtO approaches, particular to the product utilized. The manufacture websites for the printer and products have actually gotten ISO 13485 accreditation for producing medical gadgets.

““ For little to midsized healthcare facilities, we’’ re allowing access to designs and guides with a medical-specific 3D printer that is inexpensive and office-friendly, while guaranteeing sanitation is simple so you can bring designs right into the operating space with you,” ” stated Stratasys ’ Healthcare Vice President Osnat Philipp. ““ We likewise think the J5 MediJet printer can assist medical gadget business bring brand-new developments to market much faster by supplying designs for benchmark screening of medical gadgets and for item presentations with designs revealing the real pathologies the gadgets are implied to deal with.””


The J5 MediJet is smaller sized than the J750 and uses just 5 products max, with a narrower product variety. Image thanks to Stratasys.

The MediJet suits the bigger J5 Series of printers, which likewise consists of the J5 DentaJet and the J55 . The target audience of the DentaJet is apparent. The J55 is indicated as a lower-cost, workplace friendly PolyJet system that can be utilized for full-color style work, to name a few things. Stratasys has actually likewise launched a J850 device , without color, that minimizes the expense and ability of the innovation for those who put on’’ t requirement color performance. There’s the J750 Digital Anatomy printer , which is committed particularly to 3D printing physiological designs.

This shows Stratasys’’ s technique of customizing its innovation to attend to every readily available market, perhaps extending the maker’’ s footprint throughout a larger variety of verticals. As somebody without marketing and sales experience, I might not be the very best to comment, however I would question if they are fragmenting their items excessive. Once again, if you compare the J750 and J5 Series, you see that the J5 Series is just implied to be a smaller sized, more affordable equivalent to the J750 with less product choices and optimal products jetted at as soon as. If you’re just working on surgical guides, less products make sense. For complicated medical designs, a more comprehensive variety of products might be required.

The medical area might be amongst the fastest growing, as the future is set for a variety of healthcare facilities embracing 3D printing for the production of patient-specific physiological designs and surgical guides. Using additive production for those usages has actually shown itself and we’’ re on the precipice of quickly increased adoption for those applications.

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