Social Media Icons: Free and Always Updated

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The most meticulously updated and accurately crafted minimal social media icons on the internet. Now includes the newest Facebook icon!

The most recent update to the icon set includes six updated icons as well as four completely new additions. But first, some backstory…

I have a pet peeve.

Okay fine, I’ve got more than one of them.

One in particular has to do with social media icons. It may be silly, but I just can’t stand seeing outdated social media icons. It bothers me–and I’ll talk about why it should bother you as well further in this post.

So, in an attempt to save the world from outdated social media icons I’ve created my own social media icon set and you can download them for free!

Not only that, but I’ve not got a bonus set of icons thanks to my friends over at Vecteezy who have created an additional set of social media-related icons just for my audience. And they’re all one-hundred percent free!

How cool is that?

cool beans gif

So before I give you the goods, allow me to explain why this is actually such a big deal if you’re trying to make your mark online.

Why Updated Social Media Icons Matter

In a world where visual appeal is associated with authority and credibility, it never ceases to amaze me how many times I come upon outdated, ugly social media icons.

This is what I refer to as an “icontastrophe.”

I’ve stated before how important it is to make your social media presence prominent. Your readers, customers, fans, and followers need to know that you are active on the social networks they would follow you on.

What kind of impression do you think it makes when you’re using social icons that have been retired? Let me give you a few typical opinions:

You’re outdatedYou’re not paying attentionYou’re irrelevantYou’re not really active on the platform

While this may or may not be true, the impression that it gives is negative. No matter how awesome you are on those platforms, a savvy user (the people you want on your side) will recognize an outdated icon right away.

“Trust increases when we get the details right. Customers judge online credibility by evaluating the visual design, copywriting, and interactions. If trust matters to your business, then design details should matter too.” – Braden Kowitz

Here are a few examples from real life outdated social media icons:

is that Google+?you were so close iconsclose but no cigar iconsdouble foul iconsarchaic symboltonight show social icons

Now, the goal is not to make fun of these people, businesses or brands, but to raise awareness that it’s time for an update.

I know, I know– total first world problem, right? Well, honestly, some of these businesses or brands simply don’t know that the icons are outdated. What’s worse is that they don’t realize that most Twitter users don’t even know what that old lower-case “t” icon is.

Most often, it’s the Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram icons that are messing everything up. So be on the lookout for those usual suspects. I go more in-depth on the most commonly misused social media logos in another article. I won’t bore you with it again here.

Updated Social Media Icons FTW!

Whether it’s a blog, business site, or just a cool infographic, one outdated social icon can totally ruin it.

I can understand though that it’s not easy to stay on top with how often some of these sites change their icons. So I’ve made it my goal to not only keep myself updated but to help keep you updated as well.

For me, this is one of those small details that can communicate volumes about your digital presence. Staying on the cutting edge keeps you relevant, reinforces trust, and helps you achieve social media rockstar status.

If you’re going to build and design a blog worth following it is essential that your social media links are both visible and current. That’s why I created this free icon set for you to download and use at your leisure.

What is in the set?

social media icons

I’ve hand-picked the most popular social media networks and apps and created six different styles.

This icon set contains a square icon version and a minimalistic (isolated) version (without the square). Both versions come with 3 different color schemes (color, black, and white).

Additionally, they are in .png format at 32×32 pixels so they are easy to drop into your websites as social media links.

The social networks included are:

Facebook (updated)Twitter (updated)LinkedIn (updated)InstagramYouTube (updated)Reddit (updated)Snapchat

Pinterest (updated)WhatsAppPeriscopeSkype (new)VimeoVk (new)Flickr

ElloMix (new)WeChat (new)WordPressBloggerTumblrMedium

Six sets of twenty-one icons, that’s a total of 126 free social media icons that I’ve created for you!

Download the Icons

Want the vector versions of these icons (.psd and .ai files)? Skip ahead.

Needless to say, it took some time to craft all of these. Being a full-time husband and daddy, I just can’t maintain icons for every single site out there. However, I am open to requests if you have any specific icons you’d like for your set– just leave them in the comments below.

The goal is to stay as current and accurate to each social network as possible to ensure brand consistency but also have a uniform look and feel.

I will be keeping these social icons as current as possible. Every time one of these social networks changes its icon– you can bet I’ll be updating these sets as soon as possible.

Bonus Icons for Your Graphics Needs!

As I said previously, the good folks over at Vecteezy have agreed to create a special set of social media related icons for my audience! These are exclusive graphics that you are free to use on any and all of your projects!

Here’s a preview of what’s in the bonus set:

social media icons from vecteezy

There are 35 icons in total, and they come in .ai and .png formats. Wah-hoo!

Download Vecteezy Icons

Download Vector Social Media Icons

Just add your email below, and you can download the vector (.psd and .ai files) of my free social icon set instantly!

social media icons

Download Vector Social Media Icons (.PNG, .PSD, and .AI)

Once you confirm that you are a real person the download link will be sent straight to your inbox!

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By adding your email you consent to getting emails related to the item you’re signing up for. Don’t worry, I only send things I think you’ll find useful.

By adding your email, you also get access to my growing library of downloadable resources for all your social media and online marketing needs.

You may also be interested in downloading my free official social media logos for larger scale use. That resource includes high-resolution versions of official social network logos for when a 32x32px icon isn’t enough.

Latest Updates to Social Media Icons

Included in this most current set were some updates, new additions, and several removals of social networks that are no longer with us. The updates I make to this set are always to keep the most accurate representation according to each brands guidelines.

See if you notice a pattern in some of these updates.

Facebook has recently started updating all it’s logos for a more unified brand across apps. The icon now matches the most current version of the Facebook icon found on it’s brand website. The primary blue color also got a brighter shade–my guess is to give it a younger appeal.

Twitter, in the past year, changed it’s primary blue color also. Just as Facebook, the blue is brighter, giving it a greater appeal to younger audiences.

LinkedIn hasn’t made any changes to it’s primary icon, however–surprise surprise–they’ve made their blue an ever-so-slightly brighter shade.

YouTube has begun showing its logo in a brighter shade of red, and therefore I’ve updated the set to match. Are you sensing a trend here among social media logos?

Pinterest’s shade of red has become–wait for it–a tad bit brighter.

Skype is a brand new addition to the set. While not seemingly a “social network” in the popular understanding of the term, it can actually be categorized as such. With the wide amount of usage, I felt is was a worthwhile addition to the set.

VK, the popular Russian social network has been added to the list by popular demand. With nearly 100M users worldwide, it was definitely time to add it to my free icon set.

Mix has been added to the mix–see what I did there. StumbleUpon, its predecessor, was shut down and absorbed into Mix back in 2018. It has yet to acquire mainstream adoption, but I believe it is one to watch.

WeChat is a messaging app very similar to WhatsApp, but was created by Chinese company Tencent. It has over 1 billion monthly active users and is mostly popular in China.

And last, but certainly not least, there have been a few social networks since the last update that have either gone the way of the dodo, or they’re slowly being shut down. The following social network icons have been removed from the set:


As always, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any network updates, changes, or shutdowns. As long as you stay subscribed to the email list, you will always be in the know!

Are there any sites that you think I should have included in the set? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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