New FMS Content Featuring Policy For Basketball Coaches

An update to our global network of coaches on how to properly feature content created with FastDraw and FastScout to grow the game.

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If you’ve followed FastModel Sports as a company over the years, you’ll know that we’re all about growing the game of basketball. That is our ultimate goal and it’s what drives our company forward every single day for close to two decades.

We love the coaching community that has developed around our elite basketball tools and the content we create specifically to help coaches perform their jobs at the highest possible level. Now, we’re rolling out an exciting new policy to take things to the next level.

Evolution of FMS

We’ve always appreciated our FastModel Family of coaches, trainers, consultants, and more who have shared our content over the years. Your work in spreading the word about our products truly helped our company grow and we can never thank you enough for that! We are eternally grateful to you.

As our company has evolved, so has the technology for consumers to create their own websites, blogs, newsletters, YouTube channels and more. This has lead to a large number of coaches hosting and distributing content created using FMS products, most notably play diagrams and playbooks made with FastDraw. It’s been awesome to watch because we love seeing coaches show passion about their craft and, again, we support sharing and growing the game!

In the past we have never placed any standards or guidelines around featuring content created using our products. That being said, it is time we put a policy in place for a variety of reasons, namely: to ensure FMS receives proper credit for all content created using its products, maintains consistent branding across the internet, and that content created by our coach contributors specifically for FMS marketing is protected.

Steps to take to feature content

Beginning June 1, 2021, we will request that all websites, blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels and the like which feature content created with FMS products recognize our company on their respective platforms.

Also, coaches who distribute FastDraw created playbooks or videos with FastDraw diagrams must adhere to our content featuring standards and guidelines.

Coaches should contact for a link to our FastModel Sports Media Kit. This will contain all assets such as logos, graphics, links, copy and promotional codes that should be included on the site to meet the guidelines of hosting FMS content.

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Thanks to our FMS Family

Our goal with this policy is to make this a simple process which will add a level of credibility to your site/content by including official FMS approval. We always have and always will encourage sharing the game by featuring our products, yet we also need to care for our company in this highly digital age. All we ask is this small courtesy in return.

We hope you understand this policy as we look forward to continuing to nourish and support the basketball coaching community, aka our #FastModelFamily.

Feel free to send any thoughts, feedback or questions you may have by emailing As always, you can receive technical support from

Thanks to all who use our products and aim to spread the game of basketball!

Yours in coaching,

– FastModel Sports

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