Make working from home better with these handy resources

Even with shelter-in-place guidelines easing in some parts of the country, many of us are still working from home for the foreseeable future (much to the pleasure of our pets). Some companies may permanently transition certain positions to be remote, both because it’s actually a cost-saving measure and going to the “normal” offices we’re used to could be all but impossible. Whether you’re still struggling to be productive from your living room or you’ve gotten into the groove and want to kick things up a notch, this 2020 Ultimate Work From Home Starter Kit Bundle provides everything you need to convince your boss you’re the WFH MVP.

The advantages of getting really good at self-managing as a remote worker include more than just scoring a glowing annual review at the end of 2020. You’ll be setting yourself up as a valuable team member for a new company, should you be looking for a change, and you’ll give yourself an advantage should you decide to break out on your own and become a full-time freelancer.

This online training includes 33 hours of content led by highly-rated instructors in the marketing, copywriting, sales, VC, tech, and education industries that will set you up for success. The 16 courses cover topics from developing key profit disciplines of working from home to creating passive income businesses like affiliate marketing and digital information products.

You’ll learn how to turn your knowledge, skills, and passions into an online business with the bonus of some niche focuses like copywriting and product sourcing. Ready to grow? Take the lessons on building lead generation B2B/B2C campaigns and running PPC ads on Google, Facebook, and Bing. Of course, you’ll also need to master management techniques like leading effective meetings, mentoring virtual teams, and best hiring practices—if you apply what you learn in this training bundle, you could easily wind up needing to bring on help, literally #likeaboss. 

And if you’re looking for tips on freelancing in general, you’ll find the best ways to land jobs on Upwork and similar networks, thrive while working from home, and grow your gig into a full-blown business. 

Whatever point you’re at on your working from home journey, this WFH training offers the help you need, and it can accompany you as you grow. Buy the 2020 Ultimate Work From Home Starter Kit Bundle today for $39.99, a savings of 97%.


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