Is creating existential? When do content creators call it quits?

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When my kid was a kid, I took him to a Rolling Stones show.He was an ambitious artist and so he had to see the biggest band in the world.


Now a male, my boy returned the favor by taking me to a jam-packed RollingStones arena program in Atlanta. Mick Jagger placed on a death-defying — or a minimum of age-defying — efficiency, strutting around the phase for more than — 2 hours.


— It was a fantastic time however I could not shake this concern from my head:” Why are they doing this?

. Mick Jagger is 78 years of ages. They have actually been carrying out as a band given that 1962. Their only drummer, Charlie Watts, passed away a couple of months earlier. Their net worth is$ 950 million.They do not require the cash.

So why are they still visiting?


Perhaps at some time, engaging and developing with an audience entered into their DNA. Something took place naturally and they ended up being something more than people contributing in a band. They ended up being an innovative force called The Rolling Stones. Playing music and carrying out entered into their very presence. To be totally who they are, they need to play.

.Will that occur for content developers too?

” Why keep going?” will be a progressively appropriate concern for numerous who ended up being developers at the dawn of the web. We’re aging. When do we stop?

I mused about this on a walking with my partner. Being peaceful in nature constantly makes me reflective.

I’ve been blogging for about 13 years. Podcasting for 9. Composing books regularly for a years.

I have no turning point in mind that would make me state “OK, it’s time to stop.” I have no endpoint in the strategies.

This appears odd in the context of the standard world. Generally, when you reach a particular age, you get the gold watch and retire. You prevent work.

What I’m starting to understand is that possibly developing content ends up being existential. Similar to the Stones. Possibly this is what I was implied to do, part of who I AM now.

I’m sure the Stones do not believe, “Dammit, we require to go to work and explore once again.” Due to the fact that they’ve constantly struck the roadway, they simply struck the roadway. Will that take place to much of us too?

Just remain signed up for this blog site to learn, I think!

I would wonder about other content developers out there. Exists a turning point minute when you prepare to stop?

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