[Infographic] The Personalization Struggle in Hotel Marketing

In hospitality, the human touch is one thing that will never be replaceable by technology. But, in today’s digital age, where human-to-human interaction is becoming increasingly rare, personalized elements in digital marketing can re-introduce a level of intimacy to the brand-customer relationship. For hotels in particular, this is more important now than ever as they start to explore which levels of technological automation help them to scale the hotel-guest relationship.

In this recent infographic from Kahuna, the mobile marketing platform dives into the benefits of personalization and segmentation as well as the difficulties marketers face trying to implement them. With 86% of consumers reporting that personalization plays a role in their purchase decisions, this modern digital marketing tactic is not something hotel marketers can ignore. But as with every powerful strategy, it isn’t without its roadblocks.

With data from Forrester, Gartner, and Infosys among others, the graphic is full of valuable trends insights to help improve personalization in your marketing strategy including email and content. Here are a few of the highlights:

48% of consumers say they buy more when marketers leverage their interests and buying behavior to personalize their experience
Personalization can deliver 5x-8x the ROI
85% of marketers surveyed say their audience segments are too broad
48% of senior marketers know that personalization leads to: improved response rates, increased sales, and a better brand profile
Nearly 33% say that have limited to no capability to personalize marketing messages


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