How to Repurpose Your Content the Right Way

 How to Repurpose Your Content

What as soon as was old can constantly be brand-new once again, which includes your material.

.Here’’ s what you require to understand about repurposing material the proper way.

Key Takeaways

.Repurposing is terrific for both your bottom line and your material’’ s presence. Charges for repurposing material are extremely’unusual, so there ’ s no requirement to fret about replicate material. Concentrate on including worth and/or reswizzling formats when repurposing old material, and your audiences won’’ t gettired.

Whoever stated, ““ You can ’ t teach an old canine brand-new techniques, ” never ever repurposed their material. Let’’ s talk about how repurposing material is one of the biggest material production approaches we can practically ensure you’’ re not doing enough of today

.The Benefits of Repurposing Content.

Repurposing material is a technique that takes existing, released material, revitalizes it, remixes it, and puts a totally brand-new spin on it to develop something splendidly various and completely brand-new. I’’ m a substantial fan of repurposing material for 2 primary factors:

.1. Optimize your material financial investments.

Contrary to common belief, material isn’’ t totally free. In’reality, it ’ s really rather costly to produce. It takes a great deal of time and costs a great deal of cash, and those are things that not every marketing department or brand name has excess quantities of. Repurposing material can definitely assist make the most of the existing financial investments we’’ ve currently made.

. 2. Revitalize existing material.

You, like many brand names, most likely have a mountain of content produced currently. When we’’ re exclusively concentrated on developing brand-new material, we keep contributing to that mountain. Which suggests that old material, even if it’’ s truly excellent, doesn ’ t get seen by users due to the fact that it gets buried under all that brand-new material. Repurposing content actually can take a great deal of that terrific, old material and provide it a breath of fresh air (and some much-needed presence).

.Resolving the Myths of Repurposing Content.

When it concerns repurposing material, there are a couple of misconceptions to clean up. Feel in one’s bones that the huge takeaway here is that repurposing material is among the outright finest things you can do for your budget plan, your material calendar and, most significantly, your audiences.

.Repurposing misconception # 1: You’’ re going to be punished for having replicate material.

Obviously, we put on’’ t wish to be punished by online search engine and even trigger disappointment to users by having replicate material. Keep in mind, repurposing isn’’ t duplication, and it’’ s certainly not a copy and paste technique. Rather, it’’ s a remix and revitalizemethod.


When you remix and revitalize your material , you ’ re taking a white paper and turning it into an article series or’taking an article and turning it into an infographic. You ’ re not copying and pasting– you ’ re offering something various and brand-new. That suggests online search engine and users aren ’ t actually visiting that as the very same material.


In addition, you would need to repurpose exceptionally bigquantities of material and likewise be viewed as having harmful intent for replicating that material. Once again, that ’ s not what we ’ re doing here.

. Repurposing misconception # 2: You can ’ t reuse other individuals ’ s material.

This just isn ’ t real. Often the very best material on a particular subject we wish to discuss will originate from other individuals, which ’ s all right. If someone produced a structure or released a blog site or has an infographic that you have feedback on or you can offer your own take on, by all methods, you must utilize that material and supply your perspective on it. Prior to you do, there are a couple of guidelines you need to follow:

. Request approval: If you ’ re repurposing other individuals ’s work, like developing an article around their structure or utilizing their images in a whitepaper, you definitely wish to request consent and let them understand what you ’ re going to finish with their material prior to you repurpose it. Provide credit where credit ’ s due: Always, whenever, no exceptions. Make certain you credit them in the last released work,’and link to the initial source material, too. It ’ s the best thing to do, since paying tribute is cool however theft is not. Repurposing misconception # 3: Your audiences are going to be tired.

Again, content repurposingisn ’ t copying and pasting. If you release and publish the very same material, on every channel’, over and over and over once again, yeah, your audiences will be tired. As we talked about previously, if you take an infographic and you turn it into social teasers, or if you take a white paper and turn it into a blog site post series, it ’ s going to be brand-new and it’’ s going to be various. And as long as you ’ re including worth and you’’ re offering a factor for readers to check out that material once again, you ’ re going to be fine. Focus on other channels. You put on ’ t need to keep republishing in the very same channel that initial material was released in.

. How to Repurpose Content.

There are numerous methods you can require to repurposing material, which we ’ ve laid out listed below. Simply understand that there ’ s no one-size-fits-all technique to repurposing. It truly boils down to what that existing material appears like, what format it ’ s in, how dated it is, and your objectives for repurposing. As soon as you figure out that, it ’ ll be a lot much easier to repurpose material and see the effect it’can have on your material, audiences and objectives.


Start in the material preparation phases: As Amy Woods, theFounder of Content 10x, stated on the Social Pros podcast , “ Content repurposing ought to not be an afterthought. Produce material with repurposing in mind. ” Trust us, preparing in advance will make it a lot simpler to repurpose down the roadway.


Use the 1:8 guideline for material atomization: At Convince &Convert, we enjoy atomizing content , which is repurposing material. We utilize the 1:8 guideline, which indicates that for each huge piece of material we produce, we must have the ability to get at least 8 smaller sized pieces of material from it. Let ’ s utilize our 2019 Best Websites Among America ’ s Top University ’ s report. That ’ s one big piece of material, which suggests we might do a minimum of 8 smaller sized pieces of material, such as:

. Webinar to evaluate requirements and findings. Social-formatted infographic of the leading 3 universities. Instagram+ Facebook Stories expose of the leading 5. Article summary of the requirements we utilized, plus a link to download. Article about how to perform a site audit like the one we performed.Social quote cards of crucial bits from the report. Article summing up findings and highlights. Downloadable report charts and graphics for others to repurpose, too.

Update existing material: Maybe you have some biggest hits material that ’ s still drawing in traffic, however some examples or links are truly out of date. Because case, simply offer your material a small refresh and republish it. Oh, and make sure to likewise include some brand-new material updates while you ’ re there, even if it ’ s simply an additional insight, upgraded stat, or extra examples. That method, you’can revive audiences that might have currently seen it. That ’ s in fact precisely what we made with this post, and what we make with a great deal of C&C material, since links and recommendations can leave date relatively rapidly, depending upon the subject.


Just like Doc Martens, vinyl records, and acid wash denims, what as soon as was old can constantly be brand-new once again, which includes our material.


Want concepts on the various methods you can repurpose your material? Take A Look At Jay Baer ’ s list of locations and methods to atomize your material’. Or perhaps you require some material motivation entirely? You require our blog site on 16 Techniques to Power Up Your Content Creation .


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