How to Get Blog Post Ideas From YouTube

 how to get article concepts from youtube

About two-thirds of business discover it hard to produce interesting material . If you’’ re’among them, there ’ s a great chance your issues originate from the ideation stage. To put it simply, you’’ re having a hard time to come up with sufficient interesting article concepts .

Now, if you’’ re a routine visitor to my blog site, you’’ ll understand I compose a great deal of material (likewise, thanks for checking out’!). I ’ ve been doing this for a long period of time now. I still in some cases have a hard time to come up with brand-new blog site post concepts.

So what do I do when author’’ s obstruct strikes?

Well, I lean on the tried-and-trusted approaches I’’ ve developed throughout the years for designing brand-new material titles.

Of those approaches, among the most regularly beneficial is to rob YouTube for article concepts. I’’ m going to inform you precisely how to do it in this short article.

.Why Should You Use YouTube for Inspiration?

It may appear counterproductive to utilize a streaming video website to discover article concepts. Wouldn’’ t it make more sense simply to take a look at other blog sites?


Sure, that can be an extremely reliable technique, too, however you can’’ t discover whatever from reading your rivals’ ’ blog sites. If you keep counting on the usual sources to discover content motivation, you’’ ll undoubtedly keep producing the very same sort of material, time and once again.

If you wish to keep pressing the limits and developing wonderful material that makes a genuine effect, you require to cast the net broader. Here are a couple of reasons YouTube can assist you do that.

.It’’ s Easier to Differentiate Yourself.

When you utilize other blog sites to influence your post concepts, you might discover yourself questioning: ““ How can I do this much better? ”


Sometimes, you’’ ll be fortunate. You’’ ll come across an extremely interesting title, however the real post will be bad quality. Possibly it’’ s a number of years of ages and the details hasn’’ t been upgraded. Or possibly it just scratches the subject’’ s surface area, instead of going extensive.

Other times, there’’ s no apparent method to enhance on the initial. Due to the fact that you’’ re so persuaded it’’ s an excellent blog site post concept, you end up successfully rewording your rival ’ s post and including a heap of additional details that doesn’’ t include any genuine worth. Congratulations, you’’ ve composed an even worse post than your competitor!

.When you utilize YouTube to discover brand-new concepts, #ppppp> This is far less of an issue. Why? Since with a great deal of videos, there merely won’’ t be a good composed variation offered. There may be a records of the video, however absolutely nothing that’’ s been produced with readability in mind.

That makes it a lot easier for you to head out and develop something much better.

.There’’ s So Much Content to Draw Inspiration From.

An amazing 500 hours of material gets submitted to YouTube every minute, which number is growing every year :

 discover post concepts - hours of video published to youtube

To put that into context, the significant 6 film studios launched 87 photos in 2019 , at a typical length of simply over 96 minutes . That indicates it takes YouTubers around 16 seconds to publish the equivalent of a whole year’’ s worth of Hollywood material!

With such a wealth of material readily available, even very specific niche companies are basically ensured to discover something pertinent to motivate them. And you wear’’ t even require to browse several platforms to discover it.

.Individuals Interact With Videos &&Blogs in Completely Different Ways.

This is a subtle point, however a fascinating one. State you discover a YouTube title that seems like a best post concept, however it has actually not created numerous views or engagement. Well, that’’ s not always an issue.

Why? Since individuals engage with various content enters various methods.

 post concepts - how users engage with material

As this HubSpot graphic reveals us, individuals choose to completely take in videos instead of skim through them to discover the info they’’ re searching for. That makes good sense; videos are created for seeing from start to end up. There’’ s frequently no simple method to leap to a particular area.

Blogs are various. Just 29 percent of individuals read them from top to bottom, with 43 percent choosing to avoid through. That’’ s since blog sites are great for skimming. Subheadings, bullet points, numbered lists, tables, and numerous visual aspects make it basic to discover the most pertinent details.

So what does this inform us?

A piece of material might carry out improperly on YouTube due to the fact that it’’ s simply not a great subject for a video. It might still make for a wonderful blog site post. You’put on ’ t always require to fret about how numerous views a video has actually racked up; you can simply focus on discovering excellent titles.

.4 Ways to Find Blog Post Ideas From YouTube.

YouTube is a cash cow of possible article concepts! Now here are 4 methods to discover them.

.1. Stalk Your Competition.

If your rivals are on YouTube, they’’ ll have actually done a great deal of the effort for you. Possibilities are their material will be extremely pertinent to your audience, too. Go inspect it out, choose the very best titles, and turn them into premium article.

Start by preparing a list of your rivals. Unsure who they are? Attempt the following:

.Talk to your sales group: They’’ re individuals offering your item, so they’’ ll understand which business they meet routinely throughout the sales process.Ask your consumers: They likely thought about a number of various items prior to buying yours, so learn which other choices they evaluated.Do some social listening: Your audience may utilize online forums and social platforms to look for guidance about your item and compare it to your rivals, so go discover those discussions! Unsure how? Take a look at this post on my 4 preferred social listening tools

Now you’’ ve got your rival list, merely visit their YouTube channels and search their existing material. In the ““ Videos ” tab, you can utilize the drop-down “ Sort By” ” menu to sector their material by:

.A lot of popularOldestNewest. search rival youtube to discover article concepts

So let’’ s picture I ’ m among your rivals. Taking a look at my most popular videos seems like a great location to begin.

Straight away, you’’ ll see a lot of titles that you understand have actually resonated with my audience. A lot of, if not all, of those titles might likewise be written as post, like:

.SEO for Beginners: 3 Powerful SEO Tips to Rank # 1 on Google in 2020How to Promote Your YouTube Video When You Have ZERO SubscribersHow to Create a Digital Product That Generates (AT LEAST) $100,000 Per MonthHow to Write a Blog Post From Start to Finish1 Simple Hack to Getting 1,000 Likes on Facebook.

You wear’’ t even require to view the videos( although you should, they’’ re terrific). Take the titles, change them up, do your research study on the subject, then turn them into brand-new blog sites.

.2. Check out the Comments.

YouTube remarks get a bum rap , however they can be a remarkably abundant source of material motivation. Commenters are hardly ever except suggestions on how videos might be enhanced or broadened, and those recommendations can assist you develop brand-new article concepts.

Again, let’’ s utilize my YouTube channel as an example. Presently, this is my most-viewed video:

As well as clocking up more than 1.7 million views, it has actually gotten countless remarks. A great deal of those remarks are basically simply individuals informing me they like the video, which is constantly great to hear however not extremely valuable for discovering brand-new blog site titles. Some of them offer me (and my rivals, if they’’ re paying attention) a beneficial guide on future material concepts. Here’’ s a fine example:

 usage youtube remarks to discover post concepts

Wendy needs to know how I utilize keyword info from Google Search Console to enhance my material.

As you can see, I’’ ve currently left a brief reaction. I might go even more and produce an entire blog site post describing how to utilize Google Search Console to enhance your existing material and produce brand-new posts.

Here’’ s another helpful discuss that exact same video:

 Find post concepts from YouTube remarks

Manav asks me if I have any material on Google AdWords accreditations. As it occurs, this isn’’ t something I cover, however it might make an exceptional article concept for a few of my rivals.

.3. Make The Most Of Predictive Search.

You most likely think about YouTube as a video-sharing platform, however it’’ s likewise a search’engine. It ’ s the second-largest search engine in the world.


With over 2 billion logged-in users checking out YouTube monthly and viewing more than a billion hours of material a day, the platform produces a lots of search activity. Thanks to its integrated predictive search performance, you can utilize all that activity to find possible article concepts.


This is an actually basic procedure. Simply get ina subject into the search box, and you ’ ll see a lot of forecasted’searches:

.  Find article concepts with YouTube predictive search

Now, it’’ s a case of checking out the alternatives that sound most appropriate. ““ Marketing degree UK” ” most likely isn ’ t right for me, however I like the noise of ““ marketing techniques for small company, ” so I ’ ll take a better look.

 utilizing predictive search to discover article concepts

Just from seeing this small subsection of outcomes, it appears that ““ how-to ” material resonates with individuals trying to find small company marketing methods. Do listicles. Simply put, we’’ re not just getting insight on article concepts; we’’ re likewise finding out how our blog sites need to be structured.

But there’’ s more. Scroll down the page, and you’’ ll discover an area on associated searches:

.  Find article concepts with YouTube associated searches

Each one of those might possibly offer me a lot of extra titles and expose yet more associated searches. The much deeper you disappear into the bunny hole, the more article concepts you’’ ll discover!

. 4. See What’s Trending.

It’’ s essential to bear in mind that there’’ s an universe of material outside your particular niche. What’’ s going on out there will naturally impact you and your audience, so it may make good sense to discuss it.

But what if you wear’’ t understand what everybody’s looking for?

Fortunately, YouTube can assist here, too. Simply check out the ““ Trending ” tab in the left-hand homepage menu to discover the material YouTube considers to be most topical and appropriate:

 usage youtube trending subjects to discover article concepts

Sure, not all of it will pertain to your audience or brand name. Opportunities are, the majority of it won’’ t be. I make sure to examine in with the Trending area at least as soon as a day to be sure I wear’’ t miss out on any chances to piggyback on viral subjects.


Once you begin thinking about YouTube as an online search engine instead of a video platform, its function in discovering brand-new article concepts makes a lot more sense.

Just like Google, it’’ s efficiently a substantial directory site of material on every topic you might ever envision. Unlike Google, the large bulk of that material exists to engage audiences; the search results aren’’ t stuffed complete of item descriptions and classification pages. That’’ s why it ’ s such a gold mine for online marketers looking for the motivation they require to develop excellent material .

What techniques do you utilize to come up with brand-new article concepts?

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