How to Follow Your Passion and Succeed

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Both in the physical and digital world, people would describe me as a nomad. Some would even say I’m a troublemaker, but not in a mean-spirited way. The reality is that for me, it’s all about the view. By that, I mean literally and figuratively in my perspective. Because my passions are travel, connecting people, and beauty, I do everything to have all of it in my life. For instance, in following my passions, I have the chance to travel for business and pleasure when I have the opportunity to steal a weekend away someplace warm. And, aesthetic beauty is found almost anywhere—especially when I have the chance to work from a splendid beach.

I will share that
sometimes people will challenge me about whether I can follow my passion and
succeed. In other words, is it possible? And, is it sustainable in the
long-term? My answer is a resounding, yes!

The digital age allows
me to soak in different countries and locations during those moments I’m not
leading a marketing team. On any given day I’m connecting with people around
the world, and planning my next vacay with Hopper. But, even when I’m working,
I find joy in curating and working with my team on presenting the most
aesthetically beautiful marketing content images. 

You can do it too!
Really. It’s not just more marketing spin from a professional marketer.

Perspective Changes

When I was old enough
to work, I immediately got a job in the beauty industry. Because I have a
passion for beauty, I thought fashion was the natural place to pursue my interest.
I had a great time, but today I’m in an industry focused on social good. A few
people I know have asked me how I find my passion in marketing outside of the
beauty or travel industries.

The answer, for me, is
that every day I have the chance to lead in the creation of appealing content.
Also, the digital world allows me to enjoy photography and social media
(connecting people). And the more I develop in my career, the more professional
and personal travel I achieve. In other words, how I view my world and reality
goes a long way toward how I see my passion and success.

Your Passion is Not
Dead—It’s Fluid

Perhaps, like me,
you’ve read articles with headlines that state that following your passion is
dead. Some of those titles are clickbait. But, other ones with the same type of
claims go deeper, and when you read the articles, you understand that the old way of thinking
about following your passion
is dead. In other words, one of the big
takeaways is that your passions are not fixed. They change and evolve with
time. They are fluid. Therefore, people who understand this and follow where
their interests take them, have a higher likelihood of success.

My passion for
connecting people has me loving what I do on social media. For instance, I just
started using two platforms in my marketing group. One is for Instagram scheduling,
and the other is a platform for social ad building. Again, I have the chance to
curate and schedule beautiful social posts. Am I working for Vogue or Elle? No,
but I’ve taken a deep dive into the marketing world, and I find beauty in the images
I share. Again, perspective and understanding that my passions are not static.
They can evolve, develop, and encompass many areas to be fulfilling.

Curiosity feeds passion
and success

It’s been a while since
I spent time connecting with people in AOL chat rooms or MySpace. Remember
those? Curiosity about others, as well as my interests in other cultures and
aesthetics,  gives me momentum to keep
going. Curiosity, to me, is the fuel that keeps all aspects of my passions
alive. Again, passion is no longer considered to be this fixed asset. Instead,
it’s malleable.

Many years ago, the
karate master, Bruce Lee, said that people had to be like water. And, what he
meant by that is that when you pour water into a glass, it becomes the glass.
When you pour it into a pitcher, it becomes the pitcher. In other words, it’s
as if water had the human characteristic of curiosity, and because of it, it
supple and transforms. Curiosity makes you smarter,
helps you grow, and fuels your passion. In other words, curiosity allows you to
go deeper into things and keep mastering what interests you in creative ways.

In sum, passion and success start in your head and how you view all of it. Have a good outlook, remember your passions are fluid, and stay curious.

Kristy Fontelera, VP Marketing, Funds2Orgs. Kristy Fontelera is a creative professional with a background in corporate and nonprofit social media advertising, content creation, and brand strategy. As the VP of Marketing, she works with a suite of global fundraising brands as well as manages national and local social media accounts for clients and entrepreneurs. Kristy enjoys new books, traveling, Fleetwood Mac, and picnics with her pup. Most of all, Kristy is a passionate individual that loves nothing than more than to help others make an impact in their market and the world.

You’ve read How to Follow Your Passion and Succeed, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’ve enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

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