How to Choose the Best Google My Business Category for Any Local Business

Recent research studies have actually recommended that getting the ideal main and secondary company classifications in location for your customers’ Google My Business profiles can actually assist regional rankings. With the classifications themselves routinely altering, you require a strong procedure for screening and choosing how to pick the finest ones for your customers. Carrie Hill is here to assist ensure you pick the very best classification whenever.

In the 2018 variation of Moz’s Local Search Ranking Factors Survey , factors showed that having a total Google My Business (GMB) listing is a crucial element in ranking well in the regional pack and maps. We can see that 2 of the leading 10 regional pack ranking elements are associated to the classification you pick for your service when we break it down even further.

 Local Search Ranking Factors

Making sure that the main classification you’re utilizing for your service is the very best possible option based upon your organisation’ items, objectives and/or services can make a huge distinction as you attempt to enhance exposure for terms connected to that classification.

Many state this is apparent—– simply choose what you are? In some cases it’s more complex than that. Single area services with a narrow focus (i.e. a divorce lawyer) can simply select “divorce lawyer” and be done with it.


What if that single place divorce lawyer has several attorneys in a single area, and each lawyer has their own Google My Business listing?

Practice and specialist listings are kosher with Google under their Terms of Service, however just for particular verticals. This positions a more complex issue. How do you pick a secondary and main classification without producing or poaching competitors in between your own workers (legal representatives) and your organisation (practice?)

This is even more made complex when that single-location service does not have a narrow focus (for instance, HVAC, pipes, water conditioning and backflow screening).

.How do you select the main classification for a service that could cover numerous classifications?

Let’s check out some alternatives.

.Single-location organisation with a narrow focus (like our divorce lawyer above).

This is quite easy. The company GMB classification need to definitely be “divorce lawyer”. You can utilize the other alternatives as secondary classifications, however the main classification ought to be the most particular classification that addresses the concern, “This individual is (a/an) ___________.”

.Single-location company with a broad Focus (for instance, HVAC, pipes, water conditioner installer).

I have a customer like this, really, and I made him focus on the kinds of service he wished to draw in; what is crucial to him progressing. He ranks actually well naturally for pipes terms, however he ‘d like to focus more on HVAC.

Knowing that, I encouraged him to pick the classification where he wished to grow, with the understanding that he ‘d require to buy more than simply choosing a classification to make it take place. Landing page material requires to line up with classification topic, and some quality links and citations for that specific niche would not be a bad concept.

.Practice/practitioner or agent/agency listings (realty workplace vs realty representative, or oral center vs dental expert).

In particular cases where the staff member of business has its own classification and consumer base, both business and the “worker” of that organisation can have a Google My Business listing. This is described as “practice/practitioner” or “agency/agent” relationships.

The company’s listing can be classified as “law office” or it can be classified as “divorce lawyer.” The lawyers within the company can be “attorneys”, “household law lawyers” or “divorce lawyers.”

Having the professional and the practice appear for a single classification in a regional question, in a little market, can be a benefit. The distance to the searcher can likewise assist this, if suitable.

 GMB Category Flow Chart

Depending upon the competitiveness of your market and the distance of your competitors, having both the professional and the practice utilize the exact same classification can likewise muddy the waters a bit, however, so you must evaluate this utilizing various classifications for your listings versus utilizing the very same classifications for everybody’s GMB listing.

If you wished to cover more classifications, the “company” might be “divorce lawyer” and the private professional( s) might likewise be “legal representatives”. You might likewise select the most popular listing (the one that ranks well currently with more evaluations) and offer a professional the “divorce lawyer” classification if the company has a weaker profile than the lawyer.

.Multi-location services in the above situations.

Most of the time, a service’ numerous brick-and-mortar places do not need to fret about contending listings. There are cases where these areas might be close to each other, and those listings might be contending if they have the exact same classification.

That’s not always “bad”, however it’s something to be familiar with. An example may be a dental practitioner’s workplace with a couple of places within the exact same city, or a surrounding office/suite that houses the orthodontists or hygienists.

Technically, they might be qualified for their own GMB listing, however you require to be sure the classification they pick lines up with what they perform in that place.

How do you choose a classification for those areas? Once again, the more particular you can get, the much better, however you may benefit from spreading out main classifications. The only genuine guidance I have for you here is to check various choices till you discover the ideal mix that not just appears to make Google pleased to reveal your listings however likewise brings you more competent traffic.

.Secondary Categories.

While the main classification is the most crucial option, secondary classifications are still essential to ranking and significance. Do not simply select a main and leave the rest blank. Rather, include those “turned down” chances for the main classification as secondary classifications. If you select “Divorce Attorney” for your main, for instance, select “Family Law Attorney”, “Lawyer”, and “Law Office” as secondary classifications.


When seasons alter, in some cases so does the focus of a service! An HVAC professional may do the majority of their deal with A/C systems in the summertime and on heaters in the winter season. Altering your main classification to match the seasonality of your service is an excellent practice to enter into. If somebody is looking for a heating system repair work individual, we do not desire them to see “a/c repair work” as your classification in the 3-pack, regional understanding panel, or maps noting!

.Where classifications do not work like they should.

Practice and professional listings are not ideal, and for that reason there are some cases where Google does not have it.

As far as I understand, for instance, a tattoo studio can not have practice and professional listings, and neither can a beauty parlor and its hair stylists. While both have their own customers and need training and particular ability, Google does not acknowledge them as being qualified for listings that share an address with their company.

This feels a bit elitist to me. I understand of 2 particular cases where a tattoo artist and hair stylist were rejected listings. I ‘d like to provide Google the advantage of the doubt, so if you have any usage cases where this is not the case, I would enjoy to become aware of them in the remarks listed below!


As with many things “SEO” we discover that the response to the GMB classification concern is, for the most part, “it depends.” It might appears like we state that a lot, the variables of competitors, area, company type and distance to your target market make blanket declarations almost difficult.

The finest thing you can do? Test various choices and ensure you’re tracking what works best for you (annotations in Google Analytics, anybody?) Having your call-tracking and UTM codes on links from your GMB listing is important to assisting you guarantee you’re making judgements based upon information. Go forth and test, and best of luck!

Carrie Hill is co-founder of Ignitor Digital Marketing with her coach and organisation partner, Mary Bowling. They concentrate on thorough audits and marketing for companies working to increase their area prominence in a range of specific niches and markets around the United States and Canada. In her extra time, Carrie is a starved reader and food lover. She can generally be discovered stirring cream sauce with one hand while holding a book in the other. You can discover her on Twitter at @CarrieHill .

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