How Saxo Bank transformed its display advertising

Saxo Bank Group is a leader of fintech and is among the most relied on and appreciated names in the market. For the previous 2 years they have actually utilized Bannerflow and other partners to change how they carry out screen marketing.

Before Bannerflow, screen production at Saxo Bank was troublesome and time consuming; from production timelines and evaluation rounds, to hosting, and circulation. Today show marketing is bringing in customers and offering worth for cash.

We spoke with Mads Cramer, Global Head of Brand, Content and Design at Saxo Bank about how he and his group have actually discovered success within screen marketing .

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.How have your digital marketing procedures altered?

Mads Cramer, Global Head of Brand, Content and Design at Saxo Bank: To streamline our digital marketing, we chose to divide our web marketing into 2 primary locations, one being Facebook, the other being Google. Today we deal with a really rigorous efficiency marketing method where we intend to optimise both our return on advertisement invest (ROAS) and what we call a lead worth rating.

What both these metrics do is that they allow us to anticipate possible customer consumption and the earnings originating from that. This is necessary since on those terms, marketing winds up being a considerable voice in how we develop our service efficiency technique.

.What are a few of the obstacles dealing with the monetary market when doing digital marketing?

Mads Cramer: Online financial investment banks and brokerage, which Saxo Bank belongs of, is at the leading edge of financing.

Traditionally, a great deal of retail banks are reliant on individuals strolling into affiliates on the street. In contrast online financial investment banking is in fact monetary e-commerce. We reach customers online. We onboard them online. Our entire interaction with our customers is online.

And on those terms, online marketing plays a rather essential function for us in how we anticipate and create development gradually. The difficulty is that we are in an extremely managed market. There are a great deal of things that we can’’ t do. Specific items can ’ t be marketed, or we require a long disclaimer on all our marketing.

We likewise have a relatively complicated line of product. We have some monetary items that you can invest and trade in, in some markets, however in other markets, you can’’ t. While, in some markets, such as France, we require to localise, and then in others we put on’’ t.


Again, there are particular items, for instance, in the MENA area that we can’’ t market. The intricacy around our messaging is rather high and that truly sets a rather stringent need on our marketing production rollout requiring to be smart.

Essentially, we are an international organisation and individuals can join our platform anywhere.

.How does this impact how you do show marketing?

Mads Cramer: Going throughout borders, suggests we need to adjust to regional legislation and limitations.

For example, if you take Saxo Bank, we are Saxo Bank in Denmark, and in Singapore we are referred to as Saxo Markets. Which’s from the really basic perspective that in Denmark, we have a banking license, and in Singapore we put on’’ t. There we call ourselves Saxo Markets and are an online broker.

The exact same goes for our branding and translations. When serving customers internationally, it is vital to make these differences so as to offer a smooth consumer journey.

I heard someone state that we are going from 4 to 400. 15 years back, we produced mostly 4 formats: a TVC, a print advertisement, a radio advertisement and an out-of-home. Which was the 4 formats that all business did. Today we are 400! Whenever we produce one single advertisement, it requires to be in 400 formats!

It’s YouTube pre-rolls, Facebook formats, various screen formats, local formats, and formats for all the sites we serve programmatically . The intricacy of doing one single marketing project has actually increased drastically.

Then there is speed, schedule, and the reality of the marketplace. We require to have properties going live the very same day. We can’t anticipate to quick regional suppliers and have them code a HTML5 banner –– sending it as an accessory in an e-mail, for us to authorize and examine.

Our production rather requires to be incredibly smooth. And through a relatively tight style system, and in mix with platforms, such as Bannerflow, we manage the speed of the marketplace. Today, we have a concept in the early morning, and by the afternoon we are deal with a project.

.Can you explain your display screen marketing method at Saxo Bank?

Mads Cramer: If you look throughout all projects, and all markets, and if you take a look at the mix, you see that social and show screens are 2 rather various activities. Whereas on social we tend to utilize a bit more storytelling, our interaction by means of screen is incredibly on point.

At Saxo Bank we normally utilize 3 various kinds of screen projects. We have upper funnel, mid funnel, and low funnel projects. Upper funnel is branding. Mid funnel is continuous activities, and low funnel is tactical marketing

In overall, I would state we most likely produce in between 2000–– 3000 screen marketing variations a year.

Display is a fascinating format to be developing as a designer, as you do not have a great deal of area to talk complicated things, such as fintech. The more easy and style led we are, the much better a screen project carries out.

.How has screen marketing altered with Bannerflow?

Mads Cramer: Originally screen production was rather manual and it was rather time consuming, in such a method that it really worried the organisation. From production timelines and evaluation rounds, to hosting, and dispersing projects.

Now we are smarter in production, can A/B test quickly and can use an innovative idea far more efficiently. Today our display screen marketing is actually workable, and we can produce the creatives we require for display screen projects.

Not just that however we can produce and manage master principles, which are shown our clever production firm, Createch Garage , who settle and scale-out our projects for us by means of our Bannerflow account. We’’ ve handled to conserve time by getting rid of these repeated jobs.

.What are the advantages of utilizing Bannerflow?

Mads Cramer: Firstly, I think there are 3 primary locations of advantage in utilizing Bannerflow: production, hosting and the schedule of properties, and development.

.1. Production.

Programmatic screen is a truly vital part of our media mix. Producing for it can be troublesome. Through the usage of A/B screening, and automation, we have actually discovered the display screen advertisement formats that we understand work best for us, and now focus on developing sizes which offer the most worth.

.2. Hosting and the accessibility of possessions.

I would state our production time is reduced too due to the fact that there is less intricacy around hosting advertisements, making variations for brand-new markets, and publishing. We can take a big bulk of advertisement creatives and replicate a project for state Switzerland, based on an advertisement set for the Italian market. We simply copy it, re-scope it, and include brand-new text prior to dispersing.

.3. Development.

The last advantage –– however not the least crucial –– is development. Since the code included a lot of weight to our advertisements, formerly animation in our display screen advertisements was a difficulty. Rather, Bannerflow, instantly optimises advertisements so they do not weigh more than a hundred kilobytes. Which’s incredibly essential for us: a quick packing speed. It’’ s the little things that make a substantial distinction.

We’re likewise checking out personalisation through vibrant innovative optimisation (DCO) . Embedding wise information into our possessions, such as live rates or rolling news feed in our live banner possessions, and targeting affinity audiences with tactical messages.

In my viewpoint, programmatic screen is an excellent chance to get value. Bannerflow decreases our production expenses considerably and since we are lean in the production part of the job, we have more time on innovative optimisation.

.How would you explain the cooperation in between you and your production firm?

Mads Cramer: It’s truly great. With Createch Garage, we have a relationship where we are incredibly effective, and still actually innovative –– most likely even a bit more imaginative due to the fact that we are now style led.

However, together we have actually discovered that imagination, like truly insane imagination is not constantly required. This is specifically real for low funnel, tactical components, where display screen is especially beneficial.

I heard an actually good quote from someone stating ““ that by the time that the imaginative format, or the imaginative idea reaches production, there is almost no cash left””. And I believe this is what companies and brand names frequently tend to forget.

The simpleness of utilizing Bannerflow, with our company is that we can simply state, ““ hi, recycle the very same idea as last time. Take the copy and this cta and let’’ s simply refocus it for a brand-new format. Let’s run it once again, see how, see how it carries out.””


What ’ s more, If we can increase the reuse of possessions, reduce our production optimise the activation and invest of possessions, this offers a much better return on advertisement invest. This type of style scalability is something I believe we’’ ll be talking more about going forward, specifically for international business, since Corona has actually made it so apparent.

.If you were to sum-up what Bannerflow indicates to Saxo Bank what would it be?

Mads Cramer: Today, when it pertains to show marketing, we are continuously increasing our click-through rates and our return on advertisement invest (ROAS) of display screen. Thanks to a mix people progressing at purchasing and optimising our purchasing of audiences, and structure projects in Bannerflow.

Bannerflow’s Creative Management Platform (CMP) has actually made it possible for us to deal with a not so distinguished advertisement area, display screen, and really optimise and use it successfully to generate customers effectively. Assisting us to fulfill our efficiency marketing and service efficiency objectives.

We are quite pleased with the option and eagerly anticipating going to the next level.

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