How customer journey mapping can help you acquire and retain customers

Customers play all sorts of functions in company , so it'&#x 27; s not a surprise that companies are usually approaching a customer-centric design. As the co-founder of Digital Dot , a digital marketing firm, I'&#x 27; ve seen this shift up close. And with clients ending up being significantly tech-savvy, significantly engaged, and progressively requiring, services require to adjust—– therefore do online marketers.

This is where consumer journey mapping goes into the image. It can assist you get and maintain consumers in an always-changing landscape so you'&#x 27; re constantly one action ahead .

What is consumer journey mapping?

Customer journey mapping has to do with developing a visual map of clients' &#x 27; journey with your brand name, beginning with their really impression. A consumer journey map aesthetically highlights how your clients browse throughout your touchpoints: marketing product, social networks channels, your item itself—– you call it.

As an example, think about any current purchase you'&#x 27; ve made, and attempt to trace your journey back.

When and where was your very first contact with the services or product?

How numerous channels of interaction with the business did you have readily available?

How was the contact you had, if any? Was it formulaic or individual?

Were your issues, if any, fixed? If so, were they fixed in a prompt way?

What do you now understand about the brand name besides the product and services itself?

Obviously, every client is various. You can'&#x 27; t produce a consumer journey map for—every single one– and'you #x &wear 27; t requirement to. Rather, you can section your audience and after that develop consumer personalities . You just require to develop a map for each personality.

And making different maps for each personality is crucial. Among our customers was concentrated on 2 personalities that were formed from their 2 primary sectors: stay-at-home mommies and retired people. When they included a 3rd personality, university student, they didn'&#x 27; t develop a brand-new map. In doing so, they ignored to think about the function social networks played in university student' &#x 27; early stages. This produced a blind area, and when we recommended they develop another client journey map for this 3rd personality, all of it ended up being clear.

The advantages of client journey mapping

Purchases are no longer an easy procedure of seeing a services or product and purchasing it: there are limitless touchpoints a client has with your service or product. Which'&#x 27; s why you require to develop a client journey map– to be sure you &#x 27; ve represented all those touchpoints and how they impact your consumers. Here are the primary advantages you'&#x 27; ll obtain from your client journey map:

Touchpoint optimization. Through a clear understanding of how each of your touchpoints carries out, you can change them separately with more accuracy. Lots of issues put on'&#x 27; t requirement hyper-specific services however holistic techniques.

Pain point insights. Mentioning issues, discomfort points can likewise be repeating and particular. Mapping your clients' &#x 27; journey can assist highlight particular discomfort points for you to deal with.

Enhanced client experience insights. Through client profiling and a much better introduction of all the touchpoints that make a journey, you can obtain more actionable and exact client experience insights.

How to produce a consumer journey map

Once you have your personalities, your consumer journey map can take a range of types. It may be a fundamental table with a couple of columns , or it may be a flowchart revealing each action of the procedure —– or something in between . If you go the basic path, you'&#x 27; ll requirement to simply break the journey down into stages. Here are the typical stages discovered in a client journey map, however you can change as required, depending upon your company design.


Sometimes called “” discovery,” “this is when your clients discover who you are. It'&#x 27; s everything about how simple it is for a client to become aware of your company– after all, there'&#x 27; s little point in examining how consumers respond to your product prior to guaranteeing they get to see it. This is your brand name awareness action, and consists of whatever from paid marketing to SEO to push points out.

First impressions can make or break a journey, so you require to think of your clients' &#x 27; very first responses to your brand name in this phase.


Sometimes called “” research study,” “this is when your consumers find out more about your product and services to choose if it'&#x 27; s right for them.

Your leads have choices (your rivals), and they'&#x 27; re thinking about great deals of them. How you present yourself to possible clients—– consisting of highlighting your distinct selling point—– is a crucial touchpoint. If you find that lots of clients stop working to engage after the very first contact, that'&#x 27; s typically an indication that your discussion is doing not have.

Also associated with the factor to consider stage are all of your marketing channels . Think about how you provide both your product and services and your brand name—– consumers need to know the brand name they'&#x 27; re purchasing from, not simply what they'&#x 27; re purchasing.


Sometimes called the “” choice” phase, this is when your clients suck it up and sign or make a purchase up. Do you make it simple to do so? Do individuals desert their carts or stop reacting to e-mails after making a preliminary questions?

Post- sale

What occurs after somebody ends up being a consumer? You wish to maintain consumers, so make sure you wear'&#x 27; t stop at the conversion stage. Think of whatever post-sale, consisting of onboarding brand-new consumers , using excellent client service, and even getting them to end up being brand name supporters .

You can develop consumer journey maps from scratch, however there are lots of design templates and tools readily available to utilize. Here are a couple of tools our customers have actually discovered useful:

HubSpot'&#x 27; s design templates deal differences amongst various journey phases and explore psychographics by thinking about the personality'&#x 27; s ideas and sensations throughout the journey.

Lucidchart'&#x 27; s design templates likewise divide the journey into unique stages, broadening them to onboarding and advocacy after the purchase. The map concentrates on personality feelings driven by discomfort points, and possible services are recommended beneath, for a more combined graph.

Mailchimp'&#x 27; s client journey home builder is far more adjustable, however naturally concentrates on the e-mail marketing side of things—– if that'&#x 27; s your main mode of interaction with clients, it'&#x 27; s a terrific starting point.

It'&#x 27; s not one and done

Customers are constantly altering. That'&#x 27; s why continuous consumer analysis , through studies, engagement, and gathered information, will require to notify your client maps gradually. New information on consumers' &#x 27; costs routines, interests, and other patterns will require to factor into your method, and your consumer journey maps will alter as your consumers alter.

Your consumer journey maps will be tactical possessions towards a customer-centric method to service, so make sure they'&#x 27; re simply that– tactical. Your entire business requires to be lined up on these maps. Consistency is essential.


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