How AWS helps application security company Indusface deliver on its promise of near-zero downtime to 1,000+ customers

According to Gartner, by 2023, more than 30 percent of public-facing web applications will be secured by cloud web applications and API security (WAAP) services that integrate dispersed rejection of service (DDoS) security, bot mitigation, API defense, &#xA 0; and WAFs. At present, this number is less than 10 percent.

With the increasing concentrate on online and digital, in the last couple of years, cybersecurity has actually ended up being exceptionally essential for organisations. The Government of India, in July 2018, informed a Preferred Market Access order to support made-in-India cybersecurity items.

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Vadodara-based Indusface is a popular name in this area. Introduced in 2004, the business is stated to be among the only application security service providers in the market with an incorporated option that supplies total danger detection, security and management as part of a single offering.

The early days in the application security area

Their journey started in 2008 with the launch of IndusGuard, a web application firewall software. This ended up being international and extremely popular security software application huge Trend Micro got business in 2012, a first-of-its-kind circumstances of an Indian item business &#x 2019; s providing being purchased out by a worldwide details security significant. Buoyed by this success, they chose to endeavor deeper into other application security items, seeking to supply clients with a single item that might look after all their application security requirements. Venkatesh Sundar, Co-founder and CMO, Indusface, describes why they wished to construct an incorporated item platform. &#x 201C; Even if we recognized a problem for our clients, it would take them a long period of time to repair it, leaving them more susceptible, which is what we wished to alter, &#x 201D; he states.

They introduced their flagship &#xA 0; item AppTrana in October 2017, which incorporates the 3 functions of finding vulnerabilities, security from destructive cyber-attacks, and keeping an eye on traffic in a single application security platform. It likewise assists safeguard versus DDoS attacks, which struck services hard. Today, they have more than 1,000 clients around the world, and daily, their service assists safeguard more than 400 websites and deals with roughly 4TB of information each day.

The obstacles presented by an on-premise service

Initially, they supplied an on-premise option for their consumers. This led to a number of difficulties, specifically for the consumers, who had to bear the capex and likewise deal with the obligation of handling the on-premise facilities. Not just was this troublesome, it was likewise lengthy given that it took months for the option to be released from the time the consumer chose to come on board.

When Indusface chose to develop their SaaS offering on the cloud, Venkatesh states that AWS was the most apparent option. &#x 201C; The option was to construct our SaaS facilities on other public clouds. Provided the dependability and spread of work that AWS supplied, it was an automated option. &#x 201D;

How AWS generated dependability, stability and provided immediate security

Indusface &#x 2019; s SaaS offering utilizes security centres constructed ground-up on AWS. These security centres are produced in numerous areas which function as reverse proxies that keep track of the traffic and safeguard the site from damaging demands or attacks. &#x 201C; One of the crucial metrics that enter play is downtime, as consumers &#x 2019; live traffic travels through our website, and we require to guarantee that there is no downtime. We take additional safety measures on the type of work we utilize and continuously keep an eye on the SLAs of each of these services as we ensure our consumers 99.99 percent uptime. We lean on AWS to construct a trusted facilities so that we can supply trusted service to our clients. All the consumer needs to do is reroute the traffic to our website. They are secured versus attacks immediately with no downtimes. If a client is under attack, they can begin our membership right away and get onboarded within 10 minutes. Onboarding takes place effortlessly with absolutely no downtime and within minutes, &#x 201D; states Venkatesh.

Venkatesh includes that it is this sort of dependability that has actually assisted persuade consumers who are normally averse to relocating to the cloud, particularly those from standard sectors like banking and insurance coverage, to select Indusface &#x 2019; s services. In addition, he states they choose to opt for AWS since of its capability to host a scalable SaaS facilities, and a much shorter time to market. The smooth onboarding procedure which included mapping the ideal services/stack to utilize from AWS likewise assisted. &#x 201C; The greatest advantage is that we do not need to fret about the facilities &#x 2019; s stability and accessibility as the AWS stack is fully grown and really robust with barely any technical concerns. This allows us to concentrate on our core i.e. application security and innovate faster to serve our consumers. &#x 201D; They utilize several services throughout AWS, consisting of Route53, NLB, S3, EC2, NAT Gateways, Elasticsearch Service and RDS.

Not just technical assistance, making it possible for organisation development too

Since Indusface is bootstrapped, margins are extremely crucial, and AWS assisted them scale without jeopardizing on their margins. Due to the versatile prices, they paid just for what they utilized, allowing them to construct a facilities which is economical. &#x 201C; Launching brand-new devices or scaling in the nick of time has actually ended up being really simple and it is very reliable both in regards to the expense and the ease, &#x 201D; states the CMO and Co-founder.

Apart from the innovation, AWS likewise provides access to a broader community– assisting them grow their company in the type of potential client links by means of their partner environment, particularly when constructing the item, in addition to joint GTM strategies with webinars, sponsored material and list building companies. &#x 201C; The AWS organisation advancement and marketing group work as a prolonged arm to our own sales and marketing group and assist us get brand-new clients we otherwise might not get on our own in an economical method. The AWS groups have actually noticeably shown that they have the very same objective as us, to see our service be successful, &#x 201D; states Venkatesh.

Continuing to provide on their pledge of near-zero downtime

The internal group at Indusface itself has a crucial function to play in the business &#x 2019; s success and Venkatesh states that developing the preliminary core group of hands-on leaders was what assisted them get them off the ground. &#x 201C; There is obvious formula here and having actually remained in the market for a years, the preliminary core group was constructed through our own connections and capability to persuade them to join us. Our CTO joined us after having actually led big engineering groups at Symantec. Our Chief Architect joined us from McAfee. Our Product Manager joined us after having actually assisted effectively scale another security item. As creators, more than anything else, we were mainly focused on sales, attempting to take our story to potential consumers to get them to attempt us out and likewise pay for it. We likewise constructed a strong sales group when we got the very first couple of clients. &#x 201D;

The association with AWS has likewise assisted them obtain significant clients like TCS. &#x 201C; When they picked our application security SaaS offering, the reality that we were hosted on AWS was among the consider their choice requirements, &#x 201D; he states.

Talking about prepare for the future, Venkatesh states they prepare to focus on reinforcing their existing offering, while likewise broadening its scope by integrating Machine Learning and AI. &#x 201C; This will allow automatic knowing that will assist our handled service group to take prompt restorative actions. Our crucial USP is to offer a handled service advantage to our clients as a core part of our item offering and as we scale, we will need to keep enhancing that part to offer extra worth to our consumers. &#x 201D;

For Indusface, it is vital to make sure that their facilities is steady, never ever decreases, and in the unusual circumstances that there is a concern, they need to have the ability to recuperate from it in minutes, if not seconds. That is the most essential element of their pledge to their clients, states Venkatesh. &#x 201C; And we can not discover a much better partner than AWS to meet that pledge to our clients and keep innovating, &#x 201D; he sums up.


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