Content Writing Blunders You Need to Avoid

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In this Google-focused age, it can be hard to understand what content will help a business become successful. If you run, market or write for a small or start-up stage business, this challenge can be even more frustrating and feel insurmountable. Fortunately, it can be simple to write solid, trustworthy content that your audience can appreciate and search engines will be more likely to trust. Avoiding the following mistakes is a great way to begin boosting your content writing, whether you are a business owner, a marketer or a content writer.

Keyword Stuffing

No one can deny that Search Engine Optimization is an important part of digital marketing for any business that wants to be as visible to current and potential customers as possible. SEO keyword placement only becomes an issue when a company website is spammed with numerous keywords, whether relevant or irrelevant to the topic on the page. Google sees through it, and so does your audience. It is not only a smarter and more intellectually pleasing strategy to include specific, relevant and logical keywords within your content – it is easier to implement, as well, as the focus moves from technical SEO mechanics to quality writing. While an individual business’s keyword strategy may vary, this simple yet vitally important piece of advice is universal.

Writing Fluff

Creating content for the purpose of having content is not a wise strategy to follow, no matter what stage your business is at or what your marketing goals are. While it may seem that filling your website or company blog with anything is better than nothing, a review of any high-performing website will tell you otherwise. It is wiser to take the time to create unique, interesting content than to write junk or “fluff” pieces that provide no real value to your audience and will not rank well in search engines.

Using Unoriginal Phrases

We’ve all fallen guilty to this mistake from time to time, but it is important as a general rule to avoid using generic or over-used phrases and sayings. Audiences are tired of hearing these repetitive adages, and you are probably tired of using them if you are honest with yourself. Try to come up with a new way to say an old truth to avoid seeming generic and unimaginative. Your audience will thank you.

Reusing Content

Evergreen content and information that is highly important can be useful as part of an overall content marketing strategy, but writing too many blogs or articles on the same topic with similar writing can put you in a bad light with readers and may negatively affect your SEO efforts. If you are truly struggling to find good content for your website and other content efforts, complete market research, use a keyword tool or even find a topic generator if you are truly desperate. The goal is to keep your site updated with fresh, new content to make Google and your readers happy.

After these issues are taken care of, you or whoever is responsible for writing for your company’s content can start focusing on creating original content that is SEO-friendly and audience-friendly. Understanding that every website page, article and blog post that you put on the internet is important to your business and customers in numerous ways can help you re-frame your thinking about content marketing and writing for the web.

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