Beyond NPS: Impactful Mobile Survey Questions and Use Cases

Surveys infamously have low reaction rates, particularly when utilizing a tradition channel such as e-mail. In-app studies provide a completely special chance to engage with clients and collect feedback in genuine time.

One of the most typical studies brand names release is the NPS study. We understand NPS can be an effective tool if utilized properly, and acknowledge the worth in having one metric to supply a holistic pulse on your consumer experience. The method it’’ s utilized today by lots of business can have flawed outcomes.

So, if NPS isn’’ t constantly the most reliable study, what are some other concerns you can ask your app clients? Well, we have the response. Here are a number of typical usage cases for studies within the mobile experience and after that concerns you can ask to support those.

.Roadmap prioritization and function adoption (or do not have thereof).

One of the more complicated predicaments item supervisors face is absence of consumer adoption after releasing a brand-new function or an app upgrade. Rather of scratching your head or making guesses about why consumers are not utilizing a specific function, go directly to the source and ask. These concerns can assist reveal bugs you may have missed out on in the QA procedure. It may expose that clients just did not understand about a brand-new function or upgrade, which can then notify your marketing and in-app onboarding.

Surveys can likewise be utilized to ask concerns about the app experience as an entire to much better notify your item roadmap and aid with prioritization.

.How simple was the brand-new function to utilize?Have you utilized this function?How was your experience with this function?How can we enhance?How typically do you utilize our app?What is your main factor for utilizing our app?What would your perfect function be?

 Mobile study, how would you rank this function

.Beta program involvement.

If you ask consumers if they’’d like to take part in your beta program and they address ““ yes, ” you wish to instantly collect details about them so you can follow up with them or retarget them properly. Rather of sending out a follow-up e-mail requesting more details (which the consumer might or might not even open), collect that info ideal then and there within the app. Studies do not constantly require to be about consumers providing feedback, they can be utilized as a tool to collect more fundamental info.

Once you’’ ve established your beta tester personality, discovered your beta testers, and dispersed the app with directions on what you anticipate, you need to ensure this procedure will provide the outcomes you require. Studies are a terrific method to ask beta testers for their input.

.In general, how would you rank the beta program?Did you discover it simple to understand your obligations as a tester?How simple was it to report concerns you experience?Do you have any comments/suggestions for the beta program?Client belief.

Understanding how your clients feel is the driver for all other interaction. Would your customer care group deal with an upset consumer the like they would deal with an elated client? Most likely not. Would you interact with clients without very first understanding how they feel about you? You could, however you most likely won’’ t get your message throughout extremely efficiently. Deal with digital interactions as you would in-person interactions—– with context in mind.

A basic tool we established here at Apptentive called the Love Dialog permits brand names to rapidly take a pulse from clients. We merely ask, ““ Do you enjoy [place your brand name here]” ” If a client responses “ no, ” we have a strong understanding of where they’’ re at in regards to consumer joy and can produce a strategy to move that response back to ““ yes ” the next time we check-in. This basic concern integrated with tactical targeting will enable you to benchmark belief from the exact same consumers with time.

NPS+ is a tool we advise also to assess feeling and belief. As we pointed out previously, NPS as it exists today and how it’’ s utilized by many brand names is ineffective. Just asking ““ why ” after the traditional NPS concern can open up a world of details and practical context.

.Do you enjoy our brand name?Do you enjoy our app?How most likely are you to advise our app and why?


.Perk mobile study suggestions and techniques.

Surveys can be utilized in a lot of various distinct methods. Here are a couple of extra techniques to take advantage of in-app studies.

.Micro-surveys: In the mobile world, performance is essential. Lowering friction and getting rid of actions your clients need to require to provide you feedback is crucial. By artistically utilizing micro-surveys, you can remove among those difficulties in between your consumers providing you feedback.Opt-in: Instead of simply releasing individuals into a study, very first ask if they can respond to a couple of fast concerns. In our 2021 Mobile App Engagement Report , we discovered that merely providing clients the option to choose into or out of studies led to study action rates of 60% (once again, market average for study action rates is 1%).Retargeting: One of the greatest defects of traditional study channels is that it’’ s beside difficult to retarget individuals and take the pulse of the very same client gradually. You can quickly follow up with the best individuals time and time once again if you utilize in-app retargeting the ideal method. This can assist you determine shifts in habits or consumer belief in genuine time and rapidly discover concerns within your mobile experience.Benchmarking: Whether you’’ re releasing a brand-new function or merely repairing a bug, it’’ s crucial to comprehend client belief and choices prior to and after a significant upgrade. Taking the pulse of your clients prior to and after a modification can assist you more precisely comprehend the efficiency of that modification and make changes rapidly.

Surveys make it possible for business to gather and evaluate both quantitative and qualitative feedback. Mobile studies are effective in comprehending belief, however just if they’’ re utilized properly. Brief studies with particular asks (like feedback on a brand-new function) are effective and efficient when it comes to mobile.

In addition to material, the timing of studies is important. A study that disrupts a consumer’’ s in-app experience will seldom be favored. The information in this post reveals us how winning brand names style in-app studies for fantastic consumer feedback streams.

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