Best Tools and Solutions for Organizing Perfect Hybrid Events

The disruption of the event industry since the turn of the decade due to COVID19 has led to a spurt in virtual gatherings globally. As models continue to evolve, hybrid events have emerged as a viable alternative, combining the robustness of face-to-face interaction with a virtual online audience. 

In the current scenario, travel restrictions have gradually loosened, but safety concerns remain. This model is a technically feasible, financially sustainable solution. It can be leveraged to create meaningful experiences for a diverse audience while generating new revenue streams. There are several other benefits to hosting one for your organization. 

A way to drive growth

A hybrid events solution in this time of crisis ensures your business stays agile, adapting to a new digital reality. You can maximize attendance by expanding your reach. By scaling, you can simultaneously, reduce costs. With concerns for the climate crisis mounting, this model is preferable. It significantly lessens the consequential environmental impact by reducing the carbon footprint. 

Offering greater flexibility in execution, it offers an increased return on investments plus improved sponsorship opportunities. With access to invaluable data and attendee insights in real-time, you can sharpen your strategy for the future.

How to execute a flawless hybrid event

Content is king. It is no different for a hybrid event. What’s fundamental is to create a clear distinction between the experiences delivered to a virtual audience and in-person attendees. A secure platform-built ground up, GEVME Live ties in the pre, post and the on-going event experience for all. Through dedicated coordinators, gamified app experiences, and on-demand content, virtual attendees can learn through engagement. 

Intelligent scheduling across time zones will recreate a distinct community experience for virtual attendees. With real-time data combined with instant feedback, you can enhance a participant’s experience. Top-notch technical support in addition to creating a fabulous visual experience for both the onsite and online viewing experience adds to its finesse.

Tapping into a global audience 

Security of personal data and a simple registration procedure are paramount. 

An efficient registration process with responsive mobile forms, a user-friendly interface and informative microsites have universal appeal. The registration process needs to be transparent.  It should be easy to navigate, offering clarity of access to sessions, any freebies and special sessions for ticket holders. 

How to use GEVME’s hybrid event platform for seamless registrations

GEVME Live’s simple hybrid event planning tools enable you to create an inviting landing page with mobile responsive forms, customizable templates and embedded apps. The dashboard and intuitive tools help plan your agenda right down to the minutest details for the purpose of registration. You can also access incomplete forms to increase conversions. 

Maximizing ROI through ticketing 

 As barriers to entry disappear, virtual or online ticketing systems can easily be automated. 

A well-designed ticketing strategy with a partner like GEVME Live amplifies your reach. Once the venue and dates are locked, you can identify your target audience and plan your digital marketing strategy to reach them through hybrid event software.

How to implement GEVME platform’s ticketing solutions

Competitively priced and easy to navigate, the flexible ticketing system helps you customize tickets. Run exciting early bird offers, promotional codes, offer special access and other complimentary benefits. In addition, the option of a waiting list permits maximizing conversions of undecided attendees.  

Adopting the right promotional strategy 

Creating pre-event hype and delivering the right information is crucial to the planning process. 

Through the right mix of content marketing tools, you can generate buzz. A robust social media strategy, top-notch videos, speaker podcasts, crisp mailers, teaser campaigns and user-generated content are a great way to promote it.

Platforms to stream your virtual event | GEVME Live

How to use GEVME Live’s hybrid event tools to promote your event successfully

Using GEVME Live’s comprehensive web-based platform you can create a beautiful multilingual website with a few clicks and customize it without advanced technical knowledge. The email marketing tool can be configured easily to schedule emailers. You can cross-promote it on various platforms to accelerate sales. 

Real-time event reporting and analysis

The biggest advantage of a hybrid event is the enhanced opportunity in data reporting. Raw information captured from different data touchpoints can be filtered and transformed into valuable insights.

How can GEVME’s hybrid event management software help you?

It helps you track activity through our powerful dashboard. The user-friendly interface helps you make improvements and measure the ROI through significant metrics. You can determine actionable insights through data collated from attendance and attendee behaviour. Measure the impact through cross-event reports. Use the hybrid event survey software to gather honest responses and intelligence. Adapt with agility.  

Building connections online and offline

A one-size-fits-all approach is unsuccessful for networking when applied to a hybrid event. A two-pronged approach is required. 

People attend conferences to build real connections through networking opportunities. Networking is straightforward for onsite events. A tried and tested mix of interactive sessions, cocktail nights and ice breakers create the human connection. But, what does it mean to ‘attend’ an event virtually? How does a company add value to a participant’s online experience? A virtual gathering is still a social business. It needs the support an in-person occasion receives.  

How can GEVME Live enhance networking opportunities?

For the virtual attendee, GEVME Live ensures that an event is not a one-way channel. 

By creating a digital profile and using the chat facility you can facilitate interactions. Appointments can be fixed using a scheduling tool. Through this platform, both in-person and virtual participants can establish invaluable connections. 

Controlling finances effectively 

A hybrid event is an opportunity to increase revenues while keeping costs manageable. 

Factor in its value and diverse offerings to bring in new income streams. While establishing your break-even price you need to consider various elements. Such as multi-tiered ticket pricing, sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities, digital production expenses, bundled packages and more. 

A hybrid event gives you an opportunity to get creative while keeping finances in check. 

How GEVME Live gives you complete financial control with flexibility

GEVME Live’s integrated toolkit streamlines revenue and expenses data. 

You have complete control of revenue right from configurable ticket pricing and merchandising to setting up fees with a tax component and offline and online payment methods. For invoicing, GEVME Live’s data-driven automated system enables you to process invoices, set payment reminders, and generate client reports effortlessly. 


In the prevailing scenario, a hybrid model has given planners an opportunity to reinvent the past. The hybrid route requires diligence, planning and execution, but also offers manifold opportunities to tap into new revenue streams, sponsorship opportunities and a diverse, global audience. 

The key to hosting a successful event is to strike the right balance between an offline and a completely virtual gathering. Choosing the right partner, such as GEVME Live, brings in security, structure and a seamless strategy to bridge this gap in the new normal.

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