Best display advertising campaign: ATG

We are pleased to award the very first winner of Bannerflow’s quarterly finest display screen project competitors for 2020. Commemorating the best in display screen marketing, whether that is through the application of innovation or impactful style.

And after much consideration, the winner of the very best screen ad campaign of winter season went to Swedish wagering business ATG.

Designed in our innovative management platform (CMP), ATG’s smooth and emotive display screen project utilizes video to reveal a various angle to the world of horse racing. We talked to Graphic Designer, Frida Bergsten, and ATG’s Senior Designer/Creative Lead Mattias Hallbom about their winner project and how they develop display screen projects internal.

 ATG 2

.Inform us about the winning project style. What was the function of this project and how did this equate into style difficulties?

Mattias Hallbom, Senior Designer/Creative Lead, ATG: I would state the function of the project was to do something various with our interaction. At ATG we tend to be really concentrated on power, excitement and speed. Our typical images is the race course –– frequently with a huge vibrant message and a great deal of selling, prizes, and so on

In this project we wished to do something various, reveal another side of horse racing: the develop prior to the race, the horse in the steady, the interaction in between chauffeur and horse –– develop something with more sensation.

Therefore, we intended to produce something straightforward and tidy, with easy copy that intended to improve expectations prior to the race day. And at the very same time reinforced ATG’’ s brand name worths.

. Can you explain a few of the technical information of this specific screen advertisement?

Frida Bergsten, Graphic Designer, ATG: We used the video widget for the background, which is among the primary style components. We likewise utilized a brand-specific logo design widget, and some other HTML5 widgets that we contribute to every set that we do.

.Was the video possession made particularly for this project?

Frida Bergsten: The video footage originates from a business shoot that was done in 2015 for another project. The part we chose hadn’’ t been utilized prior to.


Mattias Hallbom: We thought that there was more material from the shoot, such as horses in the steady prior to the race. We asked for a difficult drive from the firm that makes our bigger movie productions. Frida then discovered a great deal of emotive product that nobody had actually ever utilized prior to, which we then contributed to digital banners.

.It’s fascinating that you take properties and recycle them in a more imaginative style…….

Mattias Hallbom: Yes, it is isn’’ t it? Once again, the area of video was just utilized for a 2nd in our larger industrial so I think we were fortunate in this case. I believe this is among the strengths of being an inhouse firm –– we have a great introduction of the productions, both external an internal.

.Working internal you have the ability to be more imaginative with the possessions that you had?

Mattias Hallbom: Yes, and operate in a more proactive method.

.Do you ever believe: “I require to produce this advertisement in a particular method so it fits a particular location”?

Frida Bergsten: Yes, this advertisement is for the expert race gamers, so it’s not for everybody. The banners for this project are on pages where the expert gamers look.

.Particularly individuals who understand horse racing and the context behind it?

Frida Bergsten: Yes.

Mattias Hallbom: That’’ s why it was possible for us to be so tidy and not so ““ offering ” in this specific project. We understood the audience we were speaking with –– they are ATG’’ s core gamers. They currently understand the item so this is more of a reward; ““ here you go, this is something else from ATG””. It reveals another side people as a brand name.

.How do you take on the style procedure of producing projects? Is it something you do alone? In a group?

Frida Bergsten: Firstly, we took a seat with our horse group and developed ideas as a group.

Mattias Hallbom: We then did a conceptualizing session and discussed how we can utilize the product efficiently in our marketing. What is the finest message and target audience for the project.

For this job there were 5 individuals in the group: a job leader, me as the innovative lead, 2 designers (Frida being one), and a copywriter. After the preliminary principle and the copy was produced, Frida then went into the product and operated in After Effects to produce the primary video.

.The length of time did it take you to go from idea to end up project?

Mattias Hallbom: We dealt with and off with it for a number of weeks, so not full-time. We had other jobs running productions together with it. We set an objective to have it prepared in under 3 weeks.

.When dealing with the style procedure which other tools, beyond Bannerflow, do you utilize?

Frida Bergsten: Mostly After Effects and Photoshop, Illustrator often. Not a lot pen and paper for me. I do not have time for it.

Mattias Hallbom: Sometimes we make storyboards –– and thenI still utilize pen and paper. In Bannerflow, it’’ s quicker to simply principle.

.What is it about Bannerflow that makes creating advertisements much easier?

Frida Bergsten: It’s really reliable, as we can produce a lot of various formats. You can quickly make a brand-new format based upon a master innovative which’s truly helpful. It’’ s extremely basic to develop animated banners.

. Given that you utilizing Bannerflow, where have you seen the most extreme shifts in how you work?

Frida Bergsten: We utilized to utilize Photoshop –– now I work basically in Bannerflow. It was more difficult without Bannerflow, we had a lot of various formats to do. It’’ s much less difficult now.

Mattias Hallbom: I dealt with Flash back then and it’’ s a big distinction. When you have lots of formats and sizes to style, simply like Frida explained– it was time consuming.

I have not personally operated in Bannerflow that much however it’s relatively simple to operate in , specifically the timeline. It’’ s not that made complex to utilize which’’ s a strength, as you can make some quite cool things in HTML5.

. Does Bannerflow assist you to work from another location?

Mattias Hallbom: Yes. We are all working from house with it at the minute.

.Exist any specific preferred functions?

Frida Bergsten: The HTML5 video widget in the advertisement developer. We deal with that a lot today.

.What is it about utilizing video that improves your advertisements?

Frida Bergsten: It’s easy to make banners look excellent when they have a video in the background.

Mattias Hallbom: It’s the magic of motion! It’’ s how we’are as people– we ’ re drawn to something that’s moving. At the exact same time it puts need on us not to overload it with copy or animations. We attempt to discover a balance when we utilize video.

.What are the advantages of operating in an internal firm at ATG?

Frida Bergsten: We have great deals of understanding internal , both within the internal company and at ATG. It’s simple to ask coworkers concerns about horse racing and other business particular locations.

Mattias Hallbom: The primary strength is that we are close to our consumers and can be proactive. Like this project –– we developed the idea from scratch.

But there are constantly 2 sides to a story. I operated at an external firm prior to and I believe the difficult part for internal companies is that we do a great deal of production. It’’ s often constantly quick quick, prior to quality. External firms can have more time to be innovative.

However, my individual view is that internal firms are moving towards embracing more innovative propensities. They are ending up being less production focused and more concentrated on principle and concept generation.

.As a designer, how do you continue to discover motivation for your work?

Frida Bergsten: I can discover motivation online, throughout pages and channels. I can likewise get motivated by my associates at ATG, who are proficient at various locations of style.

Mattias Hallbom: Good concern. We discuss it a lot in our group. We attempt to take a look at other projects, from other business, and determine how they work.

Also we take a look at things that is not market interaction. Art exhibits. We attempt to draw Inspiration from a series of various locations of style.

.How we chose the winning project.

Bannerflow’’ s Customer Success, Operations and Marketing Team took a seat together to select the very best screen ad campaign for Winter 2020. Each group thought about the style, efficiency, intricacy, functions, and formats for each project sent.

Selected projects were then provided to a panel of judges who ranked them from 1 to 10. The project with the greatest overall won display screen advertisement of the season!

.Need to know more about Bannerflow?

Want to discover more about how you can utilize Bannerflow and Creative Studio to create impressive screen marketing? Get in contact with us , or request a demonstration now!

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