Austria’s first digital wine atlas released

All the origins of Austrian red wine have actually been catalogued in a brand-new site , an initially a wine-producing nation. No other wine-producing nation has actually ever catalogued all the origins of its white wines and provided them in such a comprehensive method. Together with the digital variation, brand-new single vineyard maps of all winegrowing areas are now offered in printed type, revealing all single vineyards that have actually been lawfully specified. The level of information and cartographic requirements likewise represent a turning point for the Austrian white wine market.

The Austrian Wine Marketing Board (Austrian Wine) introduced the digital atlas on 17 June after 3 years of foundation.

This website combines all of Austria’’ s lawfully specified red wine origins on a single interactive map –– from the bottom level, where a white wine’’ s origin is just specified as being Austrian, through to the next levels of the nation’’ s 27 winegrowing areas and 458 winegrowing towns, to the leading level of origin , where red wines stem from among the extremely revered single vineyards( Rieden), of which there are more than 4,300 in Austria.

. offers descriptions and information about all levels of origin — and the smaller sized the designated origin , the more in-depth the info. Each and every single vineyard( Ried) description consists of info about the location under vine , elevation, slope, orientation, typical temperature level Precipitation, sunlight and #aeeee hours, for instance, which are crucial specifications for identifying the quality and particular flavour of a white wine. The Steiermark( Styria) single vineyards are still in the procedure of being formally specified, however they ought to be all set to be contributed to the platform by the end of the year. will be constantly upgraded to show the current legal advancements within the white wine market.


The red wine origins atlas at, in addition to the printed maps, are the outcome of 3 years of extreme cooperation with the Department of Geography and Regional Research at the University of Vienna and the company strategy+ land. The Austrian red wine market now has innovative, first-rate tools for assisting them to protect the success of their origin marketing.


Chris Yorke, CEO of Austrian Wine stated “ Right from the start, our objective was to supply our winegrowers with the very best tool to drive their marketing forwards, whether this be to promote ex- cellar sales, white wine tastings or exports. White wine merchants, sommeliers and reporters from all corners of the world can now acquire unmatched insights into the wine-producing nation of Austria, too. The task makes&us global leaders. ”


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