Ace it with GIFs: Small Animations that Make a Big Impact

Our everyday lives are abuzz with calls, emails, pings, and rings. This fast-paced, digital world can make it difficult for anybody who’s trying to reach a distracted audience.

Going beyond the written word is an easy way to get your message across effectively and efficiently. (It can be pretty fun, too!) After all; rich media moments are the best way to engage audiences in today’s hyper-saturated landscape. Even in 2017, Hubspot found people pay more attention to video content and skim written content.

With Vyond Studio, you have the power of visual communication right at your fingertips. It’s easy to make media that moves, and even a GIF made in five minutes can have a long-lasting impact.

This year, we’re dealing you in to better ways of communication with a full deck of ideas for using Vyond. Here are four fun examples of how to make an animated GIF that can take your message to the next level:

Meeting Invitations
Automated Vacation Responder
Ambient Movement in Presentations
Marketing Your Training

4 ways to use GIFs in everyday communication
1. Meeting Invitations

Animated GIF, book club invitation featuring coworkers sitting on oversized books

Go beyond boring calendar notifications, and invite folks to your next meeting with a GIF!

By using Vyond’s Character Creator, you can personalize your invitation to show who’s invited, who’s coming, and who’s leading. You can also include other visual cues that are easy to digest at-a-glance.

You can send your invitation by email and share it across other platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and community groups. In this example, Vyond’s own Shari Bryant enticed her teammates to join a new company book club.

If you already have an account in Vyond, you can import this invite as a template and customize it!


2. Automated Vacation Responder

GIF of an employee on a fishing boat and text that says "Gone fishing! Catch you on 1/21 when I get back."

A text-based “Out of Office” message is a huge bummer. All it stands for is a slower response.

By animating your automatic reply, you can get closer to your contacts by showing what you’re up to. It’s also a more memorable way to update folks on when they can expect you to get their email.

Create your own vacation responder in Vyond Studio, starting with a generic GIF. You can then quickly customize it with new dates, scenes, and activities when you need it. They’re also a great way to send seasonal cheer during a regional holiday.

Sign into your Vyond account or free trial and click below to import this video template into your account.


3. Ambient Movement in Presentations

Presentation slide titled "Webinar Housekeeping" with mute, play, and other icons moving slowly in the background.

Static presentation slides can disengage audiences faster than you can launch PowerPoint. Adding GIFs to master slides is a superb way to draw viewers in.

Unlike the popular GIFs you see on social media, this animation features slow ambient movement that draws the eye to the most important information. By incorporating iconography, it also gets everybody on the same page—or slide—in a more accessible way.

In Vyond’s webinars, we apply this idea with scene templates like this one. By making the most of the enter effects and motion paths in Vyond Studio, we can engage audiences even while we’re still settling in.

Copy this scene template into your Vyond account by clicking the button below!


4. Marketing Your Training

GIF promoting training by showing coworkers dancing in sync, and then a clumsily dancing coworker who is out of alignment.

Your training might be fun, informative, and highly impactful, but that won’t matter if you can’t even engage your team to attend the session.

Apply a marketer’s mindset to “sell” your training! With something as quick and simple as a GIF, you can create a fun way for getting the word out.

Promote your courses with a GIF or animated marketing video that shows folks why they should attend rather than telling them. Make it fun, make ‘em laugh, and make it in minutes with Vyond Studio.

If you have a Vyond account, you can import this example as a video template and add your own custom characters.


Create your own GIFs with Vyond Studio.

When it comes to how you communicate, play with a full deck of cards. Vyond Studio gives you the power of video, GIFs, and more with animations that you create. It’s quick to make rich media that engages your audience and captures their attention. Our resource library and help center make it easy by showing you exactly how to create your own GIF. Give it a try with our 14-day free trial, no credit card required.


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