94 – Instagram Reels for Hotels

Join host Ryan Embree and newbie Suite Spot visitor Sammie Snapp, a social professional here at Travel Media Group, as they dive into the world of Instagram reels. Find out how hotels can utilize reels to broaden their reach and increase engagement, in addition to what sort of material hotels must be publishing in order to stick out. Discover actionable methods to raise your hotel’’ s social networks technique today!

Suite Spot Podcast · 94 – – Instagram Reels For Hotels .

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Ryan Embree:.Invite to Suite Spot where hoteliers check-in and we check-out what’s trending in hotel marketing. I’m your host, Ryan Embree.

Ryan Embree:.Hey there everybody, and welcome to another episode of the Suite Spot. This is your host, Ryan Embree. Thank you all for listening and joining me today, any place you are listening to us from. Now, normally on the Suite Spot, we are speaking about all the interesting updates and developments that we have at Travel Media Group, however as social networks specialists, we are likewise in the understand when it pertains to brand-new updates and functions that take place throughout digital marketing platforms. Which’s precisely what this episode is everything about. We are speaking about Instagram reels today. With me today to talk about this actually interesting brand-new function from Instagram, I wan na invite for the very first time, Sammie Snapp. Now, Sammie is a social professional on our social networks group. She’s a social networks material expert that works straight with our hotels, producing content and actually assisting our hotels efficiently run their social networks project. Sammie, without additional ado, let me invite you to the Suite Spot.

Sammie Snapp:.Hi, I’m so fired up to be here with you people today and I’m delighted to dive into it.

Ryan Embree:.Yeah. Therefore once again, we’re speaking about Instagram reels. Prior to we get off and running, due to the fact that there’s a lot to this upgrade, let’s very first simply address the standard concern? What are Instagram reels?

Sammie Snapp:.Instagram reels are a brand-new function that has actually simply been included to the platform quite just recently within the last year or so. And it’s essentially a tool to make use of approximately 60 2nd video material. Extremely, really comparable to the TikTok app that has actually exploded in the past, I think, 2 years considering that 2019-2020.

Ryan Embree:.Yeah, I believe the stat on that, the unbelievable stat that we heard at the end of 2021, was practically that, I think this is proper, where there were more individuals browsing on TikTok or utilizing TikTok than they were on Google. It went beyond Google as the most pre-owned website, which is simply definitely amazing to believe. It’s no marvel that Instagram kind of reached in and developed this due to the fact that of the appeal that TikTok has over the years.

Sammie Snapp:.Definitely.

Ryan Embree:.Yeah. What we’re here, undoubtedly Suite Spot is a hotel, digital marketing podcast, all about hotels, for hotels. Let’s talk about how Instagram reels healthy inside of our market.

Sammie Snapp:.Reels have a heap of advantages. The most significant advantage for the hotel market is gon na originate from the check out page and the check out page, if you wan na correspond it to TikTok, it’s extremely comparable to the For You page. It’s gon na reveal simply any random user on Instagram, things that they may like, things recommended to them. And for, for the hotel market, they’re gon na appear on these check out pages for individuals that may not always be following them. The most significant thing for the hotel market is that this is gon na bring in a lot more engagement and a lot more views. They may not otherwise have actually gotten to their hotel page from beyond simply their following.

Ryan Embree:.Yeah, that’s definitely crucial. I, I do not believe we can worry that enough? Due to the fact that today we deal with hotels to sort of develop their following, their social following and anything that they publish on Instagram, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, and on Twitter, usually that’s just going to reach your direct fans unless they share it or engage and connect with that post. With an Instagram reel that little bit 60 2nd, 30 to 60 2nd video that you were talking about, now, all of an unexpected it might fall on, not always a complete stranger, however someone else’s feed and they might end up being interested and possibly provide you the chance for a follow or a reference or something like that, a remark. This is a truly cool chance for hotels to actually broaden their audience. We’re constantly talking about with social media is what is our objective? What are our goals, whether it be for a post or our technique in basic. What goals or objectives should hoteliers keep in mind when they’re developing reels for their residential or commercial property?

Sammie Snapp:.The greatest goals, there’s gon na be a couple that hotels are gon na wan na keep in mind. The most crucial is going to be, firstly, displaying their home and their functions. You understand, this is things like revealing the bed rooms, the swimming pool, all of those parts of their residential or commercial property that make it special. They’re gon na wan na share pointers. Sharing pointers is truly crucial. This might be travel suggestions, ideas for the residential or commercial property itself. Authentically engaging with the customers is gon na be among the most important things here also, since this is going to drive that engagement like we discussed. The genuine engagement, it’s not simply always preference, however it’s taste and likewise commenting, like you stated, sharing, like you stated, advancing the discussion. I believe that’s extremely crucial for hoteliers. And last but not least, motivating travel. We’re coming to this duration of time where we’re in a rather post-COVID world where individuals are beginning to desire to take a trip once again and take a trip securely. And we wan na motivate that travel and reveal them something that, that they take a look at and state, Hey, I would like to go there. It’s that sort of sensation that I believe is actually important.

Ryan Embree:.Yeah. And actually when we’re speaking about that algorithm that Instagram’s creating to see what individuals have an interest in and what they’re gon na place on this Explore page, today at the leading edge of a great deal of individuals’s mind is returning out there and taking a trip once again and, and having those getaways that they have not had the ability to provide for a number of years. Producing content beyond simply a fixed photo, you believe about hotels, how numerous moving parts do we have in a hotel experience? Even from strolling into the door to the spaces, to the tourist attractions that are around us, our features, there’s a lot chance. What kind of material concepts could you share with some of our hotel listeners that you would recommend publishing for reels?

Sammie Snapp:.There’s a lot hoteliers can do for reels. And I believe that’s one of the coolest aspects of reels and video material in basic, is that it’s such an imaginative thing. Some of the tips that I have are user-generated material things coming from their visitors, you understand, like anything that a visitor may share with you, they had a remarkable journey and they wan na reveal it off. Getting consent and grant share that, that’s such a simple method to reveal best off the bat, look how remarkable our home is. Look how individuals are enjoying it, those sort of concepts, in addition to you had actually sort of discussed this, the panoramas of the location and those regional destinations, those things that make individuals wan na take a trip there. For us in Orlando, that might be Disney and style parks, or possibly you’re at the beach.

Sammie Snapp:.Individuals like, enjoy going to the beach. That’s a big location. Nature, wildlife, all of those examples. That’s a big one. Brief videos showcasing the home functions. I understand we spoke about that a bit. Another huge thing that hoteliers can utilize for reels is reformatting material. State that a hotelier has a business or an old advertisement or something on YouTube, a various platform. You can reformat that on reels really, extremely quickly and it’s sort of like a simple method to get more material. And it looks incredible too. You include some audio or some text or music and you have your material right there. A couple more concepts lag the scene videos. Individuals like behind the scene videos, getting like a taste of the hotel prior to it’s all set in the early morning. State for instance, possibly the breakfast spread at 6:00 AM prior to everybody’s concerned declare all the biscuits and whatever.

Sammie Snapp:.Little things like that I believe go a long method with reels. Dealing with influencers is another one, that a person’s a bit, not always harder, however not as discussed. I believe right now, I believe it’s something hotelers are simply now beginning to dive into, however that sharing material goes a long method. And last but not least, I believe one idea is simply sharing how-tos and ideas. There’s numerous individuals that enjoy getting those pointers and it simply, those life hacks in basic, individuals wan na have the ability to do things and do things quickly and feel safe about it. And I believe those suggestions will go a long method too on reels. I believe hotelers can actually use any type of pointers from check-in to check-out and will actually benefit their residential or commercial property.

Ryan Embree:.Yeah, definitely. I imply, I hope if you’re listening to this, you are composing some of those down, since Sammie simply quite much offered you a, most likely a quarter’s worth of social material there, however you’re, you’re absolutely. You understand, those life hacks, the one that protrudes to me is among those where you get the clothing hanger from the hotel, you make certain the drapes are, are totally closed so that bit of light that constantly appears to be an issue does not can be found in. That’s how quickly something can go viral. And speaking of going viral, another concept for material would possibly simply be looking at what’s trending right now? On TikTok or on reels, those appear to have sort of a, rather of a connection highway for patterns and, and things that are going viral.

Ryan Embree:.Whether it be, you understand, it does not always have to be any sort of dances, however patterns with, with music or, you understand, various setups at the home that can be quickly translatable to your hotel. This is all things that stands out. It captures attention. And with videos, you’re simply doing a much better task of doing that. One suggestion I would inform hoteliers on this call to perhaps take an appearance at, to see if video is taking off is the next time you’re on social media, scroll through your feed and begin to count how lots of videos there are versus simply fixed images or even simply text? Perhaps a years ago that feed had plenty of text and now it’s progressed into photo. And now that advancement is moving even further into video and music. Speaking of videos and music, these are all methods to get your hotel to stand out on a consumer’s feed. Let’s talk about how can hoteliers make their reels content special and stand out to tourists.

Sammie Snapp:.All of these were fantastic concepts, as you stated, particularly with the music and whatever. That’s those viral patterns, like you stated, are a substantial part of that. Integrating them with those parts of their residential or commercial property, truly in the concern, you type of nearly address it yourself. It’s displaying those distinct parts of their residential or commercial property that I believe are truly gon na make the home stand apart. We have a home in Costa Rica and of course they’ve got the tropical jungle and these remarkable animals and waterfalls, and we’ve reformatted some of their material as well that looks remarkable on social platforms. And it’s something as basic as including some music to it. And particularly like you stated, those trending tunes and possibly revealing the walk from the breakfast location to the waterfall location, things like that, that make you wan na take a trip and are unique to your hotel. And those things that make you stand out in basic will make you stand out on social media.

Ryan Embree:.Yeah, for each single hotelier on this call, they understand what makes their hotel unique. Whether it’s individuals, whether it’s the views, you do not always need to be that resort residential or commercial property in Costa Rica. It assists to be, certainly, for material concepts, however hotels are searching for a voice. They’re searching for a character and tourists wan na see that in your social networks to identify yourself from simply another home or a home down the roadway. We’re seeing that in some cases a social character is ending up being possibly the distinction in between a tourist choosing one location versus another. This is very crucial. You understand, we talk about individuality of posts, however we likewise look at patterns for material concepts. What are some examples of how hoteliers are utilizing reels in their social method today?

Sammie Snapp:.If you go onto various significant hotel brand names, you can kind of take a peek at what they’re doing. And when you are checking out their accounts, you can see all of these fantastic concepts that we’ve discussed that can truly influence imagination. One favorites, personally, is Marriott Bonvoy, and I think their user is @Marriot Bonvoy on Instagram. And if you go to their reels page, it’s these stunning, stunning videos of all over the world, simply various parts of their residential or commercial property. And it returns to that concept of motivating travel. And I believe something that they use actually well is asking concerns on their videos. Putting a little bit of text and possibly including a concern in there too, to drive engagement and to pull up that engagement. And that has actually been one of my preferred accounts that makes me actually wan na take a trip.

Ryan Embree:.Oh, I wager. Exists anything, Sammie, that hoteliers should be preventing publishing utilizing reels?

Sammie Snapp:.I would state as far as preventing, it’s not even preventing aside from following, you understand, neighborhood standards on social networks, however more so about the length of your videos. Individuals in basic tend to ignore after about 7 to 15 seconds. It’s nearly much better to have those much shorter videos. It is possible to have videos as much as 60 seconds now on, on reels, however those much shorter videos will keep their attention longer and will offer you much better lead to the long term.

Ryan Embree:.Yeah, I reconsider, if you’re a hotelier listening to this and you wish to see the length of time a tourist attention period is, specifically a more youthful one, look and believe at how rapidly individuals are now scrolling on their phones, just how much time they’re providing a post prior to swiping up. You certainly do not desire to have a long video with a lot of copy, requires to be really, kind of brief and to the point, however amusing. How can hotels preserve a stabilized social technique with reels?

Sammie Snapp:.It actually does depend upon the scale of the home and just how much time and resources they can take into it. My most significant recommendation in order to preserve a stabilized social media method is to begin little, perhaps attempting out one video per week, or possibly even biweekly in the start. Simply investing a couple of minutes on something that’s close-by, something that they can do right from the workplace, including a couple hashtags and simply seeing how it does from there. And each target audience and group and location is gon na react to reels a bit in a different way. One thing that may be amusing to one location may not to another location or one thing that may do actually well in particular locations may not in others. Simply kind of playing around with it and seeing what their audience likes and what does well for them. And the most crucial thing to do is to maintain these techniques alongside with what you’re doing, however utilizing those reformatted older material and producing along with without losing that balance and keeping an equivalent technique so you’re not putting all of your eggs into one basket at one time.

Ryan Embree:.Yeah, definitely. We do not wish to just concentrate on this extraordinary brand-new function, reels. We really wan na have rather a balance of those types of posts, however you’re. It’s about getting imaginative and we’ve shared this several times, whether it’s myself or Jason, it’s all about leveraging information? Your tourists and visitors are gon na inform you whether they like your material or not based upon engagement. It’s about tracking that to offer you ideas and a plan of what you’re doing right, and what you in some cases require to fine-tune. I’m delighted for this. This has actually type of been currently presented for a long time, however I’m delighted to see more hotels get in the Instagram reels video game. I’m sure TikTok will be on the minds of a great deal of hoteliers, too, about whether I must dive into developing that for my hotel, however with the possibility of brand-new tourists and brand-new eyes seeing your material, this need to be really, extremely interesting. And I understand often brand-new is frightening, however it must be amazing for a great deal of hoteliers listening to this today. Sammie, as we cover up, as we like to do constantly on the Suite Spot, any last ideas on today’s episode?

Sammie Snapp:.I believe at the end of the day, it’s sort of simply what you stated, simply having a good time with it and truly simply putting some imagination from it, however not stressing excessive about it. You understand, simply attempting things and seeing if it works. My greatest suggestion however, is to simply keep attempting and simply remain imaginative, have a good time. The algorithm nowadays, all over social networks, can be so difficult and you truly do not understand what’s gon na remove or what individuals will delight in, so truly my greatest pointer is simply do not quit and simply have a good time with it.

Ryan Embree:.Yeah. Who understands? We might have among the hotels listening to this go viral and explode on social networks thanks to a few of your suggestions, Sammie. Thank you so much for joining me on the Suite Spot. We’ll certainly need to have you back on.

Sammie Snapp:.Definitely. I’ll be eagerly anticipating it.

Ryan Embree:.Incredible. And for the hoteliers out there that are simply overwhelmed, by not only simply brand-new functions, however brand-new platforms nearly coming out. I indicate, a couple years earlier, TikTok wasn’t even on our wavelength. And now it’s one of the most significant social networks platforms out there. That’s why hoteliers pertain to us and Sammie and the social networks group here at Travel Media Group to assist them come and keep track of up with a social technique that will work and get material that’s promoting their hotel all the method from motivation to conversion. If you’re interested in finding out more about Travel Media Group’s customized social options for hotels, which we simply released social 2.0. If you have actually been listening to this podcast, you’ve become aware of previously, however we’re incredibly thrilled about that function. Connect to us, go to our site, to travelmediagroup.com.

Ryan Embree:.Email us, provide us a call. We enjoy speaking about this. Like I stated, we’ve got departments devoted to social networks, credibility management and evaluation action for hotels. That’s it for me. I wish to thank everybody for listening. Thanks, Sammie for beginning. And we’ll speak to you next time on the Suite Spot.

Ryan Embree:.To join our commitment program, make sure to subscribe and offer us a 5 star ranking on iTunes. Suite Spot is produced by Travel Media Group with cover art by Bary Gordon. I’m your host, Ryan Embree and we hope you enjoyed your stay.

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